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The Good Times (2021) 美好的日子

The Good Times (2021)
Other Title: 美好的日子, Mei Hao De Ri Zi , 与共和国同行的日子 , Yu Gong He Guo Tong Hang De Ri Zi , The Train Life, Good day

Genres: drama, Historical
Yu Ding
Hu Chuange
Release Date: 
June 3, 2021 – Jul 1, 2021
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  • Wang Qian Yuan as Qi Xiang Qian
  • Tong Lei as Bai Ruo Xue
  • Zhang Duo as Qiu Shi
  • Yu Ming Jia as Sheng Jian
  • Zhang Feng Yi as Yu De Shui
  • Zhang Duo as Qiu Shi

Qi Qianqin, who returned from the North Korean battlefield, determined to build the first steam locomotive in New China and voluntarily gave up his cadre status to become a worker. His persevering spirit of struggle not only won his career success but also won the favor of the theater troupe Bai Ruoxue. Intellectual Qiu Shi, who is also an enemy and a friend, made suggestions for the construction of the Dabei plant. They learned from the old workers represented by Yu Deshui.

Under the leadership of the factory director He Feng, he created the new China with the other workers. A steam locomotive. Somerset, Liu Guiqin, Cao De, and the women as Dabei Factory made the hot life more icing on the cake and took root in this land. Many years later, their children Kong Weixin, Struggle, and others took the long-cherished wishes of their fathers and opened up a new era of high-speed rail in China with new vitality.

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