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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 1 Recap

An old man Qi Qianqian with gray hair, accompanied by his two sons to the high-speed rail station, sat on the fast high-speed rail, feeling melancholy. Recalling the beginning, Qi Xiangqian had just returned from the Korean battlefield and sneaked up to the locomotive. He wanted to see what could pull such a long train away, and said with emotion that it turned out that the big iron cow was like this. The driver felt that being able to drive a locomotive made by the Chinese himself in this life was not a waste of work, so Qi forward patted his chest, and he made a locomotive! Qi Qiang went straight forward.

Although not vigorous in his life, it was still wonderful, a little dazzling, and some aftertaste. After getting off the train at Dabei Station, Qi Xiangqian met his comrades in the Korean battlefield, Shengjie and Qiushi, who were all assigned to Dabei Factory. Somerset and Qi Xiangqian just had a fight when they met again, and the three of them went to the Dabei Factory with their luggage. In Dabei Factory, Yu Deshui received his wife and children, and the family was happy.

Qi Xiangqian, Somerset and Qiushi met a truck on the road. The truck broke down. Qiushi enthusiastically went to help repair it. The owners of the car, Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe, are also going to the Dabei Factory. They are doing business. Kong Shiju seems to be easy-going, and he took them to the Dabei Factory together. When he came to the Dabei Factory to report, Qi Xiangqian met his captain He Feng when he was in the army. The two were very happy and hugged and hugged. He Feng led Qi Xiangqian to introduce him to Dabei Factory engineer Zhou Xuecheng and Soviet-aided expert Comrade Morosov. He Feng was the director of the Dabei factory, and Somerset and Qiushi quickly introduced themselves.

Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe said that they wanted to devote themselves to revolutionary work and the leaders to help find a job, but Dabei Factory is a unit directly under the state and cannot arbitrarily transfer personnel. The Finance Department was having a headache due to the accounting matters. Cao Dehe offered to let Kong Shiju try.

He had been rolled out of the abacus beads since he was a child. Somerset had beaten chicken blood at the Dabei factory. She was assigned to the health care station, Qiushi went to the technical department, and Qi Xiangqian went to the materials department. I heard that the materials department did not participate in the construction of locomotives. Qi Xiangqian was a little unhappy. He just came. The locomotive!

Kong Shiju planned to stun the comrades in the finance department. He soon finished the account, and the total number was exactly the same. The section chief hurriedly said to report to the factory director. Qi Xiangqian ran to He Feng and said that he didn’t want to go to the materials department and wanted to go to the workshop to build a locomotive. He Feng couldn’t help but pick up his things and chase him. Qi forward hid on the ladder and played with him. Qiushi is a man who has been unsuccessful in his life, but he has never complained. His inner firmness and bookish appearance seem to be unfavorable. Bai Ruoxue is the undefeated white lotus in this story, and the witness and creator of this story.

Yu Deshui and his family were cleaning the new house. Liu Guiqin did not expect that although he left the Northeast, he lived in such a good house. Qi Xiangqian was attracted by the smell of baked buns. He Feng told him that the army had the discipline of the army and the factory had the rules of the factory. He Feng asked Qi Xiangqian why he wanted to be a worker without cadres, but Qi Xiangqian didn’t care. He was trying to cover Ronaldinho who was blown to death. Before he died, he was thinking of the big iron bull. Qi Xiangqian had it in his heart. An obsession wants to build a locomotive. He Feng was silent for a long while, but could only agree, and found him a master.

Qiushi went to the theater to meet Bai Ruoxue, and Bai Ruoxue was very surprised to see him. Qi Xiangqian went to the workshop to find his master Yu Deshui, and he made a fuss about Yu Deshui. He came up and asked what was going on with the master. Yu Deshui was the master He Feng found for Qi Xiangqian, but he disliked Qi Xiangqian very much. He looked at his old face and said that he was unfamiliar at this age and told him to go back and hold the child.

Qi Qiangqian didn’t give up. Yu Deshui was only a little bit interesting with his rhetoric, but Yu Deshui didn’t expect that he could not even use a file, so he was almost anxious. Qiushi has been looking for Bai Ruoxue. After the outbreak of the Battle of Pingjin, she stabilized here with the theater. Qiushi met Bai Ruoxue at the train station that day, so she called the theater. Qiushi needed Bai Ruoxue’s help to prove his identity, and the two chatted about the family. There is no news from Bai Ruoxue’s brother. He was very kind to hear that he went to Taiwan with the KMT.

Qi Xiangqian made ink in Deshui for a long time, because he was disgusted by Yu Deshui because he went straight and had no foundation. After Master He pointed, Qi Xiangqian hurriedly ran to apologize and stalked again. Yu Deshui asked Qi Qiangqian to cut things off within ten times before accepting him as an apprentice.

Qi Qiangqian was full of confidence but never thought he could not do it. After getting off work with his injured hand, Somerset came to greet him enthusiastically, but Qi Qiqiang made a bad face. Liu Guiqin saw that it was interesting that Somerset align forward, but Somerset insisted that he was stubborn and didn’t think he was good. Qi Xiangqian found that the clothes in his room had been washed, and hurried to ask Somerset.

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