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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 9 Recap

Qu Xiaotan entered the palace to train, Mo Liancheng accompanied him from time to time to wipe sweat and send water. Xiao Zhen couldn’t stand it and decided to let Mo Liancheng return to his home. Qu Xiaotan’s entire face collapsed. The emperor gave Qu Xiaotan a bowl of tonic. Qu Xiaotan looked at the black and black thing in front of him and began to wonder what it was.

Xiao Zhen advised her not to let her down, and told the emperor that if she didn’t pass this time, she would have it. With heavy punishment, Qu Xiaotan was extremely depressed. Qu Jiang came to give Qu Xiaotan a tonic to assist her in pregnancy. She had been married for a long time but her stomach did not respond.

Qu Xiaotan said that she did not want to be pregnant. Qu Jianglin persuaded her not to ignore Mo Liancheng, Qu Xiaotan quickly agreed. , If it weren’t for Mo Liancheng’s willingness to agree to her, she wouldn’t have to drag it until now. Qu Jianglin gave a lot of words, and Qu Xiaotan’s ears became cocooned.

At lunch, Qu Xiaotan proposed to take turns to wait for the bed. This was the result of her long thoughts. Of course, Mo Yanchen agreed, but Mo Liancheng said that if he broke his promise, he would not do it. Qu Xiaotan heard Mo Liancheng threatening her, but didn’t say anything. Mo Yanchen picked food for Qu Xiaotan, Qu Xiaotan picked food for Mo Liancheng, and Mo Liancheng quickly picked it up for Mo Yanchen, and the meal was not good. Qu Xiaotan decided to let Mo Liancheng stay in bed tonight, Mo Liancheng and Mo Yanchen turned aside, and decided to act according to the circumstances.

At night, Mo Liancheng didn’t wait for Xiaotan to come, but Mo Yanchen was worried that he would be nervous to accompany him to drink. Qu Xiaotan refused to round the house for a long time, and Mo Yanchen felt that she had her own considerations, and she didn’t need to worry about it in vain. Mo Liancheng thinks that it is not good for men in marriage to give in and tolerate, but Mo Yanchen doesn’t care.

Qu Xiaotan dressed up and prepared to go to consummation, Jing Xin said that men who are pleasing to themselves do not allow women to do so. Qu Xiaotan didn’t listen, and hurried to find Mo Liancheng. However, Mo Liancheng and Mo Yanchen were drunk. Qu Xiaotan rushed into Mo Liancheng’s arms, she really missed him, she wanted to hear him call Tan’er again, she missed their Yu’er, she just thought he could just remember himself. Qu Xiaotan did not continue to disturb Mo Liancheng. He left after seeing him fall asleep. He didn’t know that Mo Liancheng was awake long ago, but he was daring and abiding by the gentleman’s gift at critical moments. He was really the city she missed. .

Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin came to Liu Baishui with a lot of gifts, and asked him how the medicine for amnesia had progressed. Liu Baishui said that he had practiced it. Qu Xiaotan took it happily, and Liu Baishui wanted to make a fortune It’s too late. Mo Liancheng was suspicious, and he would definitely refuse to let him take the medicine directly.

Qu Xiaotan specially cooked the glutinous rice balls and wrapped the medicine in, and invited Mo Yanchen and Mo Liancheng to taste it. Mo Liancheng looked at it but didn’t eat it. He didn’t like hot food, so Mo Yanchen changed it with him, and Qu Xiaotan was too late to stop it. Mo Yanchen tasted his own taste like a depilatory pill, and after a sip of Mo Liancheng’s, he realized that the taste was different. Qu Xiaotan hurriedly pretended to be a fool and ran to question the dining room.

Mo Yanchen mistakenly thought that Qu Xiaotan used this strategy when he discovered that Mo Liancheng had no hair removal, and he gave both copies to Mo Liancheng thoughtfully. Thinking of the words of Li Fei, Mo Liancheng couldn’t help but look at the hair on his legs. He pulled it out cruelly. Qu Xiaotan was shocked when she saw it, how did she force Mo Liancheng to be like this. Mo Liancheng was shocked when he found Qu Xiaotan came in, Qu Xiaotan quickly explained that she wanted to help Mo Liancheng treat amnesia, and said that she likes hairy hair that is full of hormones.

In order to shut up those people, Qu Xiaotan decided to stay here, and Mo Liancheng agreed to restore his reputation. Qu Xiaotan thought that Mo Liancheng had the meaning of attending the bed, but after thinking about it, he felt it was fine. On the contrary, Mo Liancheng was a little bit lost when he thought carefully. Qu Xiaotan fell asleep, and Mo Liancheng was ecstatic when he saw such a well-behaved her.

Qu Xiaotan stayed in the snow courtyard, and the mansion immediately spread, and Mo Yanchen immediately reprimanded them for arguing behind their backs. Qu Xiaotan remembered Mo Liancheng kissed her last night, and happily came to Mo Liancheng for a kiss the next day, but Mo Liancheng ran away. Mo Yanchen made a tonic soup for Mo Liancheng again, and Mo Liancheng quickly said that nothing happened yesterday.

Mo Yanchen felt disappointed when he saw his tone, and the bowl in his hand was also broken. Today, it was Mo Yanchen’s turn to attend the bed. Qu Xiaotan had no thoughts at all, but thought that he was also very pitiful and could only go to his room, but he didn’t dress up tonight. Mo Yanchen was very happy to see Qu Xiaotan coming, after all, she gave it to herself for the first time.

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