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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 9 Recap

Qu Xiaotan asked if Mo Yanchen was sleepy when he came up, and then he took Mo Yanchen out to practice the sword. Mo Yanchen was a little lost, and Mo Liancheng was very surprised when he saw it. The next night, Mo Liancheng specially prepared a new sword for Qu Xiaotan, and also took him to the yard to practice swords.

Qu Xiaotan said that she did not want to practice swords today, but instead leaned on the waist of Mo Liancheng and practiced lying on her back. Sit up, and come to an inadvertent kiss from time to time. The exam is about to take place tomorrow. Qu Xiaotan couldn’t help but fell asleep in Mo Liancheng’s arms after practicing for a long time. When Mo Liancheng saw it, the corners of her mouth rose, and she looked really cute when she fell asleep.

Father Mo had assembled his soldiers and horses, waiting for the emperor’s order. After Mo Liancheng heard this, he quickly persuaded Father Mo not to be anxious and not to act recklessly, but Father Mo asked Mo Liancheng to prove his desire to serve the country with actions. Qu Xiaotan had to beat General Lu, so he was a little worried, and Mo Liancheng decided to accompany Qu Xiaotan in the palace. Qu Xiaotan and General Lu won the sword match.

Both General Lu and Xiao Zhen praised her, but Qu Xiaotan found Mo Liancheng was missing in a blink of an eye. Mo Liancheng ran to steal the emperor’s order, Qu Xiaotan hurriedly stopped after finding out, the emperor’s order could not be touched! When Qu Xiaotan was about to leave with Mo Liancheng, Xiao Zhen brought people here.

Qu Xiaotan quickly made up a nonsense saying that she just wanted to steal the prescription. Xiao Zhen asked them to wait outside the Imperial Study Room to send out. It was Mo Liancheng because of Qu Xiaotan. Tan was moved for his sin. The emperor knew that the Mo family couldn’t make a name for a while, so he decided to wait and see the changes.

Qu Xiaotan knelt outside the imperial study room for a long time and almost fainted. Mo Liancheng quickly expressed his willingness to be punished on behalf of Qu Xiaotan, but the emperor fined Qu Xiaotan ten whips. Mo Liancheng returned home with Qu Xiaotan on his back, and Qu Xiaotan did not forget to take the opportunity to wipe the oil.

Mo Liancheng said that today the grace of the crime will be doubled and Qu Xiaotan asked her to attend the bed, but tonight it is Mo Yanchen’s turn to attend the bed. Mo Liancheng applied medicine to Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan said that fighting for the rights of men is not only the imperial order, but also that his ideal is their ideal. Qu Xiaotan leaned against Mo Liancheng’s arms, and she left before Mo Liancheng stretched her hand over, asking him to find herself in a moment.

Qu Xiaotan had been waiting for Mo Liancheng in the room, and let Jing Xin go back to rest early. Mo Liancheng lingered for a long time to find Qu Xiaotan, but still didn’t know if he should take this step. Qu Xiaotan was depressed. He didn’t wait for Mo Lian City to come, but only waited for a bottle of ointment from him. Qu Xiaotan was a little touched. Although he didn’t remember himself, he still felt sorry for her, right. Qu Xiaotan secretly made up his mind to help Mo Liancheng retrieve his memory.

Qu Meier was angry because of Qu Xiaotan’s scenery, but she was very happy when she heard that she stole the pharmacy and got a whip. Qu Xiaotan began to think about the scenes where Mo Liancheng recovered his memory every time, and found that he seemed to be angry every time. Does it mean that every time Mo Liancheng gets angry, he will recover his memory? Qu Xiaotan began to find faults deliberately to make Mo Liancheng angry.

Unexpectedly, Mo Liancheng was not angry at all, Qu Xiaotan was even more angry. Qu Xiaotan could only decide to look for Xiaosan to see Mo Liancheng’s reaction. In the evening, he invited Mo Yanchen to eat alone and feed him intimately, deliberately showing it to Yu Hao outside the door. Yu Hao added the scene he saw to Mo Liancheng, who was very disappointed, but didn’t say anything. Jing Xin said that Mo Liancheng did not respond, and Qu Xiaotan was so angry that he immediately went to look for him.

Qu Xiaotan knew Mo Liancheng’s plan and wanted to be with him, but Mo Liancheng didn’t want her to participate in it, saying that she would become his own drag. Qu Xiaotan saw Mo Liancheng holding his little notebook and said that he was stiff, but Mo Liancheng threw the notebook on the ground, saying that Yu Hao had forgotten to throw it. Qu Xiaotan left in a huff, but Mo Liancheng carefully picked up the notebook after she left. He couldn’t let Qu Xiaotan get into trouble. She should have lived happily with Mo Yanchen and hoped that Qu Xiaotan could forget. Up him.

Qu Xiaotan kept comforting herself that Mo Liancheng had only lost her memory. She couldn’t compete with the patient. Although Jing Xin could not understand what she said, she was still willing to believe her.

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