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Stray Birds (2021) 飞鸟集

Stray Birds (2021)
Other Title: 飞鸟集, Fei Niao Ji, 飛鳥集
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
 Zhou Kan Fu Xiaoyi
Fu Xiaoyi Xi Ning Zhou Kan
Tencent Video, Mango TV
Release Date: 
Jun 3, 2021 – Jul 9, 2021
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  • Gao Zhi Ting as Wu Yue
  • Lulu Xu as Su Xiao Man
  • Anson Qiu as Lin Shao Ting
  • Yu Chen as Chai Qing
  • Wen Sheng as Zhang Jiang
  • Huai Wen as Ren Qian Qiu

A youth inspirational drama about the struggles, love, life, and friendship among a group of rich and passionate young adults who try their best to change the pejorative label they’ve been given by China’s society (rich second generation) into a positive one (new second generation). Graduate student Wu Yue, rich second-generation Lin Shaoting and Su Xiao Man participated in a large scale job fair and won NBI (IT company)’s internship qualification. Entering workplace, they face many challenges in a competitive environment and complex interpersonal relationships. As they work to prove their abilities, they also face pressure and test of love and friendship.

“Flying Birds” is a youth reality drama directed by Zhou Kan and Fu Xiaoyi, starring Xu Lu, Gao Zhiting, Qiu Henan, Yuchen, Wen Sheng, Xiao Haoran, Xu Weiluo and others. The play tells a story about “Homecoming and Lost”, “Wandering and Dependence”

The world’s top 500 and well-known IT company NBI held a large-scale job fair in a university. The graduate student Wu Yue, whose parents died and his younger brother, the rich second-generation Lin Shaoting who was forced to return to China due to drag racing, the student Su Xiaoman from a Kochi family and others , Brought together here, under the attention of industry elites and well-known professors, participated in this unique collective interview. Wu, Lin, Su and others have obtained the half-year internship qualification for NBI. This group of young IT people who have just entered the workplace have experienced challenging internships under the competition and complicated interpersonal relationships. They have moved towards entrepreneurship, faced the test of love, affection, and friendship. They have transformed, grown, and become new in the experience life.

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