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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 18 Recap

An Xin practiced her speech over and over again, and even used Ling Yue’s facial cleanser as toothpaste when she was washing herself. Sure enough, although the reassuring speech on the board of directors went smoothly, the design image was rejected by the directors. Ling Yue just apologized for losing his temper, and promised that there will be a plan that is satisfactory to both parties next time. At the end of the meeting, Ling Yue left An Xin to comfort her, and wanted to give her some targeted solutions, but An Xin refused. Just as Ling Yue was about to embrace An Xin, an employee came in and An Xin bounced away quickly.

After An Xin went home, she was infatuated with creation but couldn’t draw it. Ling Yue thoughtfully cut the fruit and sent it to him. An Xin saw Ling Yue and he was inspired by it. When Ling Yue was filled with stickers to facilitate his creation, he would be more inspired.

Tomorrow morning, I will go to the company for a site visit, so the design will be more convenient. An Xin found that the male employees of the company admired Ling Yue very much. They were covered with all kinds of Ling Yue’s posters. They also explained to An Xin that Ling is always a charming person. After talking, he was called to the pantry and went in to take a look. It turned out that Ling Yue was too jealous to see An Xin chatting with other men, but An Xin said that he was worried that those people liked Ling Yue, and when the two people were kissing, suddenly another employee came in. They panicked and walked away. However, the employee thought that Ling Yue was training An Xin, which really made An Xin a guilty surprise.

An Xin was designing at home and fell asleep. She woke up in a daze in the middle of the night to drink water. Suddenly he shouted and was scalded. Ling Yue hurriedly got up and went to see. In the end, I went to bed with Anxin. I slept until midnight, got up and went to design again. It turned out to have new inspiration.

The next day, in the studio, Yoyo was quarreling with Zhao Lei, and An Xin said that there was good news to tell everyone that the design draft was completed. An Sheng went to the company to find Chairman Gu to prepare to inherit the Gu Group, take back all that he had lost, and rebuild the glory of the Gu family. An Xin Youyou and Zhao Lei decorated this doll together at Ling Yue’s house, and put it on Ling Yue to make You You feel envious. After talking, they stuck with Zhao Lei’s hand, and the two of them had a little trouble. Also very happy.

An Xin spoke out her design ideas very fluently at the meeting and won the unanimous support of the board of directors. Ling Yue understands the idea of ​​peace of mind. Now that she has been recognized by her own efforts, she can openly disclose the relationship between the two. Ling Yue also informs everyone that her girlfriend, Miss Gu Anxin, invites the whole company to drink milk tea, and she treats her guests. , Ling Yue paid.

An Xin returned to the studio to celebrate her work, and found that Yoyo and Zhao Lei had some little affection, so he proposed a new celebration ceremony. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Lei confessed to Yoyo, pushing Yoyo’s favorite idol and holding the rose. Yoyo also gave Zhao Lei glasses that can treat color weakness, and the two of them got together naturally.

Mr. Liu found Ling Yue and wanted to preemptively develop the Ling Xiao plan, but was turned away by Ling Yue. He believed that the Ling Xiao plan was not ready yet and needed a long-term vision for development. Mr. Liu went to Gu Ansheng just after being rejected by Ling Yue. The Gu Group also has its own Anxing plan, but Ansheng apparently agreed to cooperate with Mr. Liu.

Xin’er recalled at home that Ling Yue was in a bad mood when she refused her. It happened that Ling Sheng came to pick up Xin’er. The two of them went to drink together while chatting. Although Ling Sheng had been expressing his love, But Xiner has always been silent, saying that she didn’t think about anything tonight, and the two drank a lot of wine together.

Tomorrow morning, Xin’er opened her eyes and found that she was wearing pajamas in the hotel. Ling Sheng just wanted to say something, but she was rejected by Xin’er. Everyone is an adult and does not need Ling Sheng to be responsible. Ling Sheng is very sad, regardless of him. No matter how to persuade Xin’er to change Xin’er’s obsession with Lingyue and her unwillingness to him. Ling Sheng had to go back.

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