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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 16 Recap

Ling Li’s conversation with Xiao’s mother broke up. After Xiao’s mother got home, she packed up and prepared to go home. After Xiao Mo sent Wu Di home, he saw his mother packing her things. After asking, he knew that Wu Di’s mother Ling Li had met with her mother today. Their conversation was not pleasant, and Xiao’s mother also told Xiao Mo to separate from Wu Di as soon as possible.

Wu Di and his parents said that he would bring a friend to introduce them to them. He had helped him a lot. Perhaps Ling Li guessed that the person Wu Di was going to bring was Xiao Mo, so he deliberately called Xia Yu to eat together. Seeing Xia Yu present, Wu Di and Xiao Mo were a little surprised. Ling Li said that Xia Yu was a guest he invited.

Wu Di hopes that her mother will tell her when she brings guests to her in the future, but Wu Di’s mother said that she came to discuss cooperation with Midsummer Airlines this time, and Xia Yu has always been working with herself. Upon seeing this, Xiao Mo gave an excuse to leave after giving his gift. In Ling Li’s eyes, Xiao Mo was not polite. There was an earthquake in Nirm and a large number of tourists were stranded at the airport. Midsummer Airlines needed to transport supplies and bring the tourists back there. Xia Hang had a meeting with everyone because of this matter. He wanted the students of the aviation school to participate in this large-scale rescue operation. He Jun and Mr. Cai couldn’t help but think of the rescue operation in Libya that year.

Those tourists who were rescued at the time were wearing national flags and singing in the cabin, with tears in their eyes to express their gratitude to the captain. There were also several aviation school students and volunteers who went with them. They all became sensible a lot after returning from that trip. Therefore, Mr. He and Mr. Cai both agreed to let the students go together, and in the end everyone agreed to let the students from the aviation school voluntarily sign up for this rescue activity. Hua Hin made an appointment with Wu Di and told her about Ling Li’s visit to Xiao Mo’s mother. Wu Di was surprised. She didn’t expect her mother would go to Xiao Mo’s mother. While expressing regret, Wu Di said that she would go home and talk to Xiao Mo’s mother. Mom has a good chat.

Wu Di went home and asked her mother if she had gone to Xiao Mo’s mother. Ling Li admitted frankly that she thought Wu Di and Xiao Mo were inappropriate, so she tried to get involved in the relationship between them. This time Wu Di was also angry and said bluntly that she should not control herself. Wu Di put it a little harder, and Ling Li even strongly asked her to go back to Macau with herself. Wu Di definitely disagreed. The mother and daughter were froze again. Father Wu persuaded his wife not to always be so strong. It would be bad if something happened. Tao Shan and Lu Qiwen, who were on vacation, were urgently recalled, and they were both willing to participate in this rescue activity. Here, He Jun also told all the students about Nirm’s situation and encouraged everyone to sign up.

Xia Yu raised her hand to sign up, followed by Wu Di. Ren Yuan had just returned from a flight and saw Lu Qiwen’s face full of sadness. He learned that he was pregnant because of his wife, but he had to fly Nielm to rescue as required by the company. Ren Yuan waved his hand and said that he would help him fly. Xia Yu saw that Wu Di was not in a good mood, and chatted with her a few words, and the two agreed to go to Nirm together. Going home at night, Xia Yu thought about telling Xia Hang that he was going to Nirm to participate in the rescue. He didn’t expect that Xia Hang was not surprised at all, and he did not object to Xia Yu going there, and even expressed support for it.

Not long after Xiao Mo got off the plane, he received a text message from Wu Di. He called Wu Di but she did not answer it. Hua Hin found out that Ren Yuan wanted to fly to Nirm, but Ren Yuan did not discuss with her in advance. Ren Yuan apologized for this matter and promised to discuss everything with her as soon as possible, but Hua Hin still felt a little angry.

Under Xia Hang’s eager anticipation, the personnel flying to Nirm were ready. Xiao Mo talked with Wu Di on the phone before she boarded the plane, hoping that she could return safely and don’t panic. After Ren Yuan’s plane took off, Hua Hin and Xiao Mo watched in the waiting room, and her heart was full of worries about Ren Yuan.

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