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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 8 Recap

At the end of the secret road, there is a stone cellar of about dozens of square meters, surrounded by wooden boxes, and in the center is a bundle of coins half-adult height. According to the drug Harrier’s words, he has prepared the money for the brothers to disperse, and even the brothers and family members have taken care of it in place. If it is seen by others, it can be called affection and righteousness.

Wei Jiang was accustomed to the drug Harrier’s methods, but Huafanzi and the fox were again deceived by him, and they almost wanted to kill the police. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Qin Chuan broke into the secret road alone and turned out explosives from the entrance of the secret road. It was obvious that the poison harrier had been deployed in advance. Seeing that the plan was exposed, Batu urged the Harrier to leave quickly. He tried his best to pull the switch and finally detonated the explosives placed in other places.

Huafanzi chased the poison harrier, Qin Chuan was pushed aside by Wei Jiang, and then the entrance of the cave collapsed, and the flames spread, almost submerging Batu. The fox regained his consciousness for a while, but fell into the desire for money again. He didn’t think much about it, and ran towards the exit with a few bundles of RMB.

However, the entrance to the cave was blocked by the six sons, and the fox scolded in despair, and unexpectedly discovered that the banknotes were all covered with coins except for a layer of real banknotes. The frustrated fox couldn’t help shouting desperately. The fire light took the lead to ignite the remaining explosives, and he and Mingbi were blown to pieces.

Originally, the six sons were about to drive away, but Senna rushed directly, and the police cars arrived one after another, so he had to be arrested. Huafanzi fell into the car from horseback and snatched the steering wheel with the drug Harrier, forcing the car to crash into the mountain road and burn it. The poison harrier became angry, and even shot a few shots and was evaded by Huafan. Because she had no bullets, she could only attack with a weapon, and was shot in the abdomen.

Sun Haiyang and the others rushed there, and the poison harrier had an arrow in his waist, so he could only escape into the forest injured. Qin Chuan was not an opponent after winning the chase. The drug Harrier took advantage of its geographical advantages and long-term experience in snowy fog to knock down Qinchuan with a single shot. Wei Jiang appeared in time and saw that Qin Chuan was not injured, so he climbed to the top of Wusong Mountain.

As the altitude of the mountains gets higher and higher, the temperature drops, and the air becomes thinner, the poison harrier hides in the snow, taking advantage of Wei Jiang not paying attention, shoots at him. The two snatched the pistols in the snow and fought a ball. Although Wei Jiang broke the poison harrier’s right hand, he was seriously injured by the poison harrier.

Qin Chuan raised his gun and hid behind the stone, and the bullet penetrated the poison harrier’s arm. When Wei Jiang saw him distracted, he took the shotgun and hit the opponent’s heart until he fell to the ground. Little did he know that the drug harrier pretended to be dead, and Wei Jiang was shot and seriously injured as soon as he got close. He could only use the last bit of strength to grab the backpack, take out the clip and bury it in the snow, and lure the drug harrier to come over.

It was the steep mountain, covered with snow, which became Zhao Cheng’s last support. Wei Jiang lay down in the same posture, watching the poison harrier standing in front of him, silently rolling up a dry smoke. Seeing that the outcome was determined, the drug harrier was naturally unscrupulous. He arrogantly pulled open his jacket to reveal the vest marked with the police badge. It was the bulletproof vest that he took off from Zhao Cheng after he killed Zhao Cheng.

Five years ago, Zhao Cheng was not afraid when faced with dozens of guns aimed at him. He even refused the temptation of the drug harrier and ended up miserably. Now the drug Harrier follows the example of the past and wants to use money to buy Wei Jiang, but this pair of good partners has the same arrogance and would rather die than surrender.

Wei Jiang designed the poison harrier to step on the beast clip, because he reformed it, no one could break it. A scream of screams from near to far alarmed the police who came here. Wei Jiang tried his best to pull the iron cable connecting the beast clamp, lying on his back on the snow, laughing sadly, and suddenly saw Zhao Cheng Standing in front of Shirayuki, waving at the dawn, telling him to live well.

After a period of recuperation, Qin Chuan has made a decision to stay. He drove to visit Daozi’s mother and conveyed Daozi’s last wish. Senna took her niece around to take care of her. In addition to picking up and going to school, she also taught her to practice riding and shooting that the children of the grassland are good at, and she became the eldest sister Rena.

Chengzi Noodle House did not pay, but opened as usual, and the business is booming. To this day, the customer with special taste finally appeared as promised. Ding Jie was excited when he saw that, especially when Wei Jiang took out Zhao Cheng’s chest badge, she was very happy. Since then, the 928 house Matsuyama poaching case was completely solved. The police not only seized a large amount of stolen money, but also deterred many criminals. They are like snowflakes in the sky, infiltrating every piece of land, protecting the peace and purity of the border area.

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