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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 12 Recap

Ning Chengming guessed the wrong coin three times in a row. At first, Li Qian was scamming. He had to grab the other hand to see if there was a coin in it. As a result, he immediately pressed Li Qian on the sofa and made a close contact. , Both of them were a little flustered at once, Li Qian hurriedly stretched out his hand but found that there was nothing inside, so Ning Chengming had to take medicine obediently and hid in the kitchen in a hurry.

Li Qian took out the coins from the gap in the sofa and put them back in the drawer, feeling that Ning Chengming would need to fight his wits and courage to take medicine, but he still needs to take medicine next time, he can’t do it every time. Li Qian’s inspiration remembered that when she was a child, she also didn’t like taking medicine, so her mother prepared a baby box with a lot of small grids containing various snacks that Li Qian liked to eat. Every time Li Qian needed to complete her mother’s One wish can take out the food in a small grid, and her mother’s wish is to hope that Li Qian’s illness will get better soon after taking the medicine. Naturally, Li Qian took the medicine obediently in order to get those gifts.

Li Qian took out the baby box and gave it to Ning Chengming, and said that as long as Ning Chengming took medicine, he would give a gift, but the gifts were all in small boxes and could not be opened in advance. Ning Chengming wanted to get Li Shallow gifts also obediently take medicine. When Ning Chengming saw Li Qian’s dark circles under her eyes was moved, she guessed that Li Qian made this small box overnight, which made her sleep deprived. Ning Chengming couldn’t help reaching out to brush off those dark circles, which scared Li. Qian hastened to find a reason to go around. Recently, as long as she gets close to Ning Chengming, her heartbeat speeds up, for fear of making mistakes to like Ning Chengming.

After Qi Wei was captured by a mysterious man, he tied his hands and wore a blindfold to ask about Ning Chengming’s whereabouts. Qi Wei had to truthfully tell the truth that he followed Ning Chengming’s tips when he was abroad. After returning, he couldn’t get in touch. Ning Chengming didn’t do anything. In fact, the person who captured Qi Wei was Ning Chengming’s cousin. The cousin tore off Qi Wei’s blindfold, mocking Qi Wei’s lack of ability, and didn’t understand why Ning Chengming gave such an important thing to a fool to do. .

A female employee in Yu Qingqing’s company was fired because she did not perform well, and she always complained about the low salary. After the dismissal, the employee yelled at Yu Qingqing, but Yu Qingqing thought she should be fired. If it is true If you have any dissatisfaction, you can go to the court to talk to the judge. Li Qian also caught up and reminded the female staff that she was always dragging her feet, but everyone took care of her. Those who took care of her and those who tolerated her were truly kind. In the world, it’s not that she will be recognized if she works hard, she shouldn’t continue to drag others down, this is not authentic.

The female clerk was so angry that Li Qian stood in the posture of a superior person to speak, because the previous dispute between the female clerk and Yu Qingqing was pushed to Li Qian, and Li Qian almost fell when he turned around and walked back. Fortunately, Ning Chengming gave it to him. Li Qian sent the papers that had fallen at home, held Li Qian in one hand, and helped Li Qian to sit down in a chair. Ning Chengming understood Li Qian and thought that Li Qian just pointed out the problems of the female employee in a way that outsiders could not accept, so that she could face things positively and truly grow.

Li Qian suddenly wanted to embrace Ning Chengming, and seemed to understand the harshness of Ning Chengming before. It was precisely because of Ning Chengming’s almost abnormal harshness that he became the outstanding Li Qian now. Li Qian opened her arms and hugged Ning Chengming. At this time, her heart was warm, and Ning Chengming’s heart was also touched. The private detective who had been secretly following them took pictures and sent them to Li Jingfan. Li Jingfan was so embarrassed that she wanted to quarrel. Ning Chengming thought that Ning Chengming’s approach to Li Qian was premeditated.

Yu Qingqing saw the embrace of Ning Chengming and Li Qian, and saw that Li Qian liked Ning Chengming and worried that one day Ning Chengming would recover his memory, but Li Qian stiffly said that he didn’t like Ning Chengming, if it was true. It doesn’t matter if the truth is known. But when he saw Ning Chengming standing at the door nodding to them, Li Qian’s eyes were clearly full of love.

Since the absence of Ning Chengming, the company seems to have been running poorly, and Ma Hao was reminded by Cao Mei who approached Gu’s enterprise, don’t forget the relationship between Gu and Li Jingfan, if one day Li Jingfan knows that it’s not so easy to deal with of. Ma Hao thought that he could do well without Ning Chengming, but in the eyes of Cao Mei, Ma Hao was a clown who had nothing to do with success.

Cao Mei’s memory goes back to the past. At that time, his father was seriously ill and Ning Chengming came to visit. The thing that his father was most worried about was Cao Mei. Therefore, he entrusted her to Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming has been taking care of Cao Mei. Now Ning Cheng Ming disappeared. Cao Mei’s heart was in pain. Cao Mei didn’t believe that Ning Chengming had died like this, so he asked him to check Ning Chengming’s whereabouts.

Worried about being seen through, Yu Qingqing asked Li Qian and her to practice how to kiss Ning Chengming. Gu Zhe went in. Gu Zhe mistakenly thought that the two were gay, so scared to quit quickly. Let Yu Qingqing and Li Qian talk about it.

Li Chen is not assured that Li Qian deliberately went to her, hoping that Li Qian and Ning Chengming would end this fake relationship, and worried that his father would not end well after knowing it, especially for fear that Li Qian really fell in love with Ning Chengming and could not extricate himself.

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