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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 28 Recap

Li Jianan reported to Sun Guangming the specific situation of the rock climbing competition. Sun Guangming couldn’t wait to ask Zhang Zihao about the investment, but he could not be seen everywhere. At this time, Xu Youyou followed Zhang Zihao to the vegetable base and saw that the agricultural experts Zhang Zihao had invited from Europe were surveying the land. Xu Youyou asked the reason for it. Zhang Zihao forbid her to inquire about it, and asked her to follow the contract. Work, Xu Youyi filmed this scene.

Guilan worked as a waiter at Sun Guangming’s barn homestay. She was serious and responsible. Sun Guangming returned to the barn and saw that it was full of customers. Yue Lan and his assistant Zhou Ke could only sit outside to eat. Sun Guangming asked Yue Lan about Zhang Zi. Yue Lan hadn’t seen Zhang Zihao’s whereabouts early in the morning, and even Xu Youyi hadn’t seen anyone.

Sun Guangming was murmured in his heart, and he pushed Zhou Ke away. At a glance, Sun Guangming recognized that Yue Lan was still wearing the outer cover he bought, and Yue Lan also recognized that the windbreaker on Sun Guangming was bought by her, and both of them made the excuse that the clothes were durable.

Zhang Zihao took two foreign experts around in Houshigou Village. The experts surveyed and collected samples of land and lake water. Xu Youyou was curious about Zhang Zihao’s next plan. Zhang Zihao kept silent, let alone didn’t want to talk about it. Let Sun Guangming know about this. Zhang Zihao claimed that he would completely change the status quo in Houshigou Village.

Xu Youyi was going to report to Sun Guangming. Zhang Zihao took out the contract he had originally signed, which stated that once Xu Youyou had leaked his work. , It was necessary to compensate three times the salary and to pursue legal responsibility. Xu Youyi realized that she had fallen into a trap carefully designed by Zhang Zihao. She complained repeatedly, but Zhang Zihao was plausible.

Zhang Zihao took foreign experts to the Haiqing Village tea plantation, thinking about building a Junzilan Tourist Hotel in the tea plantation. Xu Yiyi was not interested and urged him to leave as soon as possible. The European experts finally completed the measurement, and Zhang Zihao gave the information given to him by Li Jian’an to the female assistant so that she could get it back to the company for evaluation as soon as possible. Xu Youyou urged Zhang Zihao to end today’s work quickly. Zhang Zihao wanted to see the night view of Haiqing Village. Xu Youyou could only be patient and accompany him.

The sky was getting dark. Xu Youyou sat with Zhang Zihao on a stone bench. She looked up at the sky. She didn’t see a star, but heard the thunder. Xu Youyou worried that there would be mountain torrents, so Zhang Zihao had to take her. Down the mountain. At the same time, Sun Guangming personally cooked a few dishes. He invited Yue Lan to have a meal. Yue Lan felt that the food he cooked was more smoky and more flavorful than before, and the two of them exchanged cups.

Sun Guangming asked about Yue Lan and Zhang Zihao’s relationship development through Jiu Jin. Yue Lan felt that she and Zhang Zihao were inappropriate. Sun Guangming opened up to Yue Lan and felt that the reason for their failure in their relationship was that they both cared too much about their careers. Unwilling to share the hardship and tiredness of work with each other, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings. Sun Guangming feels that Zhang Zihao has money and time, so he can express his feelings without any scruples and enjoy the beauty of love. Yue Lan asked Sun Guangming what he said. The only feeling of Xu, Sun Guangming claimed to have no feeling for Xu Only.

Zhang Zihao led Xu Youyou down the mountain and quickly lost his way. Xu Youyou complained about him. There was a sudden lightning and thunder in the sky, and it was about to rain. Zhang Zihao had to take Xu Youyou to the cave to shelter from the rain. Sun Guangming was worried about Xu Youyi, so he hurried to call Aunt Mei. He learned that Xu Youyou and Zhang Zihao were together. Yue Lan and Sun Guangming called them separately, but they couldn’t get through with their phones. They went out to find someone in the rain. .

Zhang Zihao spent a lot of effort to light a pile of firewood to keep warm. Xu Youyou wanted to call for help, but found that the phone had no signal. Zhang Zihao’s phone was at the assistant Liangzi’s. He couldn’t help but joke about Xu’s only phone too. Broke, Xu Youyi asked Zhang Zihao to pay her for a high-end mobile phone. Zhang Zihao took the opportunity to joking and frightened Xu Youyou. Xu Youyi took the bricks on the ground and threatened. Zhang Zihao had to admit that he was joking. The only one eager to try, play games with him.

Sun Guangming and Yue Lan called on the villagers to brave the rain to search for Xu Youyi and Zhang Zihao. They searched separately but found nothing. In the end, Sun Guangming brought Yue Lan and others to the entrance of Haiqing Village. Feng Jinbao heard Xu Youyou from afar. The voice, they immediately followed the voice to look for it, Xu Youyi and Zhang Zihao were playing righteously, she heard Sun Guangming’s shout, rushed out to join them, crying and complaining that Sun Guangming was too late.

Zhang Zihao came out to see Yue Lan and Liangzi, and Sun Guangming saw that they were both safe and sound, and hurriedly greeted everyone to go down the mountain together. The rain finally stopped, and Zhang Zihao took Yue Lan to take pictures as he walked. Sun Guangming took Xu Youyi back to the barn and personally boiled her with ginger sugar water to warm her. Sun Guangming couldn’t wait to know what she and Zhang Zihao were up to.

Xu Youyi asked three questions. She was cold and hungry. Sun Guangming hurriedly took it. The windbreaker took off for her, and wanted to cook a bowl of noodles for her, but Xu only ordered to eat the pork with Mei Cai, claiming that when he was a child, he had to eat this dish to get rid of it. Sun Guangming had to do it.

Yue Lan came to give Zhang Zihao cold medicine, Zhang Zihao asked her to appreciate the photos she took, Zhao Liying suddenly came to give Zhang Zihao wine, Zhang Zihao invited Yue Lan to taste together, and took the opportunity to express her wish to Yue Lan, Yue Lan Remind him not to mention this matter in the future to avoid shock, Zhang Zihao was willing to be shocked by her.

Zhang Zihao left without saying goodbye early in the morning. Both Yimin and Feng Jinbao felt that he was too rude. Li Jianan tried his best to defend Zhang Zihao and wanted to fight for his investment in Shigou Village after he came. Sun Guangming felt that the work should be focused on existing industries. Feng Jinbao fully supported him. The sweet-scented osmanthus was dancing lightly under the big locust tree, and Liu Fugui hid secretly and watched.

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