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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 27 Recap

When Sun Guangming and Xu Youwei came back from morning exercises, they saw Zhang Zihao’s RV camping next to the big locust tree. The assistant was cooking by the side. Zhang Zihao was drinking tea while enjoying the shade. Sun Guangming hurried over to ask Ming why, Zhang Zihao Claiming to come to Shigou Village to investigate the investment environment, Sun Guangming was at a loss.

Sun Guangming convened a meeting of the two village committees. Li Jianan admitted that he agreed to Zhang Zihao’s investment in the village and asked Sun Guangming to be the leader of the project. Sun Guangming flatly refused and reminded Li Jianan to think twice, Ke Yimin, Feng Jinbao and Liu Haitang and others thought this was a good thing, and Sun Guangming had reservations. Li Jianan immediately decided that he would be the team leader, and Yimin would be the deputy team leader. Sun Guangming had to leave first because it was inconvenient to participate.

Sun Guangming came to Zhang Zihao for the theory and asked him to drive away the RV, so as not to affect the village’s homestay and tourism. Unexpectedly, some tourists recognized Zhang Zihao and took the initiative to take a photo with him, and asked Sun Guangming to take pictures with him. Sun Guangming had to be hard. Scalp to do so, he forced Zhang Zihao to remove the RV.

Zhang Zihao kept saying that he was also a tourist. He was worried about the drinking water and food in the village, so he asked the team to help him prepare. Sun Guangming asked him to eat and drink with Lazarus in the car. solve.

Li Jianan took Zhang Zihao to visit the village, and the assistant followed him to take pictures. Zhang Zihao walked along the way, absent-mindedly. Li Jianan called Feng Jinbao, Yimin and Liu Haitang had a meeting. They introduced the situation in Houshigou Village one by one. Before they could finish talking, Zhang Zihao sat in a chair and fell asleep. The assistant asked Li Jianan to continue the introduction. .

Sun Guangming deliberately held a crayfish dinner in the barn. He personally cooked crayfish of various flavors. The tourists feasted on it. Zhang Zihao smelled the scent of crayfish from a distance. He salivated, Zhang Zihao is a small crayfish. Lobster control, two villagers were carrying crayfish and tasting under the big locust tree. Zhang Zihao couldn’t bear the temptation of this delicious food. He sent an assistant to Sun Guangming to buy it. Sun Guangming refused to take it out. Zhang Zihao guessed it was. Sun Guangming did it deliberately, so he took his assistant to the barn to taste and ordered crayfish of all flavors.

Sun Guangming refused to provide Zhang Zihao with crayfish and moved out of what he said. Zhang Zihao was already drooling. Sun Guangming offered to let him drive away in the RV. From today onwards, he will live in a homestay and eat what the homestay provides. Zhang Zihao promised the meal, and sent someone to drive the RV away overnight. Sun Guangming served him crayfish of various flavors, Zhang Zihao feasted, and ate many dishes in one breath.

After eating and drinking, Zhang Zihao wanted to live in the barn. Sun Guangming excused that there was only one room and let him go to another homestay. Zhang Zihao came to Zhao Liying’s homestay, and Zhao Liying made arrangements for him. Zhang Zihao was very satisfied and promised to give her double the cost. Early in the morning, Sun Guangming and Xu Youyi went to the morning exercise and saw that Zhao Liying had prepared a lot of ingredients. They had to entertain Zhang Zihao, and Sun Guangming asked Zhao Liying to watch Nervous Zihao’s every move.

Zhang Zihao sent an assistant to the investment conference. Liu Haitang, Yimin, and Feng Jinbao all felt that Zhang Zihao was not concerned about the matter. The assistant plenipotentiary represented Zhang Zihao, and Li Jianan had to bite the bullet and continue the meeting. At the same time, Zhang Zihao was tasting the wine made by Zhao Liying and was full of praise for her craftsmanship. Zhao Liying took the opportunity to take Zhang Zihao to take pictures and send it to the circle of friends to show off.

Liu Haitang saw the photos of Zhao Liying’s circle of friends and secretly showed them to Yimin. Yimin made an excuse to go home, and Feng Jinbao and Liu Haitang also left. When the villagers saw Zhao Liying’s circle of friends, they discussed it in private. Zhao Liying accompanies Zhang Zihao to drink, and asks about the projects he is investing in. Zhang Zihao asks her to secretly call Xu Youyi, so she must hide from Sun Guangming, and Zhao Liying has to do it.

Xu Youyou came to see Zhang Zihao punctually. Zhang Zihao pointed out Xu’s only financial embarrassment for a while. He hired her as a guide and wanted to see the real Houshigou village. Xu Youyou wanted to refuse, but Zhang Zihao drove out. With a generous reward of 20,000 yuan a day, Xu Youyi was immediately moved. Worried that Zhang Zihao wanted to pursue her, Zhang Zihao admitted that only Yue Lan was in his heart, and Xu Youyou signed the contract on the spot.

Zhao Liying suspected that Zhang Zihao wanted to poach Xu Youyi. She reported to Sun Guangming, but Sun Guangming disapproved. Xu Youyou only returned to the barn very late. She tried to hide from Sun Guangming, but she was caught upright. Sun Guangming was curious about Zhang Zihao’s purpose. Xu Youyou answered truthfully and asked Sun Guangming for a day off. He wanted to take Zhang Zihao to the village for a better turn. Sun Guangming promised and asked Xu You to observe Zhang Zihao more to find out his true purpose.

Zhang Zihao and his assistant came to see Li Jianan in person. Li Jianan directly expressed his doubts, worried that Zhang Zihao would not invest, and Zhang Zihao wanted to engage in a beauty climbing competition. Li Jianan suggested changing it to “first.” “Housigou Village Beauty Climbing Competition”, Zhang Zihao readily agreed.

On the day of the competition, Houshigou Village attracted many beautiful women to participate in the competition. The villagers all came to watch the excitement. Yue Lan brought a team to interview. Sun Guangming drove back to the village and saw the excitement in the village. Only then did he know that Li Jian’an and Zhang Zihao hosted the event. The rock climbing competition.

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