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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 8 Recap

Qu Xiaotan thought of Liu Qianshui, and hurriedly went out of the city to find someone. Qu Xiaotan went to Liu Qianshui’s address as he remembered, but he didn’t expect him to become black hair. Qu Xiaotan asked Jing Xin to go out and wait for him, and then mysteriously asked Liu Qianshui that Liu Qianshui had come, but Liu Qianshui didn’t seem to know her. Qu Xiaotan said that this time it was because of the change of the Soul Calming Orb, but the other party completely I don’t remember, because the person in front of me is not a thousand waters, but a hundred waters.

Qu Xiaotan talked about the matter with Liu Baishui from beginning to end, but Liu Baishui felt that Qu Xiaotan was crazy and decided to make a good deal of it. Liu Baishui said that he needed some money to buy medicine, Qu Xiaotan cruelly gave him all the money, Liu Baishui hurriedly said that he must have a lot of pain. But Liu Baishui said that it would take a month to find the medicine, and Qu Xiaotan was a little anxious, so he could only tell him as soon as possible. Qu Xiaotan left, making a lot of money by running hundreds of water, still feeling the misfortune of the country.

Back in the mansion, Qu Xiaotan found that Su Yuela had brought people, and Su Yuela had come to pass on the decree, saying that he would test Qu Xiaotan’s talents and learning, and set aside three days of preparation time. Qu Tan’er in Mo Yanchen’s impression has been reading poetry and books since childhood. Of course, there is no need to worry, Qu Xiaotan really needs to go back and calm down. Qu Meier invited Su Yuela to inquire about Mo Yanchen.

Qu Meier felt that Mo Yanchen was wronged by Qu Xiaotan and must support him. Qu Meier felt that whether Qu Xiaotan could pass the examination or not, it would be of no use to her. If she passed the emperor successfully, she would be even more jealous, and if she failed Qu Xiaotan would not be the candidate for the crown prince.

Qu Xiaotan was caught off guard by the test and was anxious, so he could only decide to pretend to be sick, but he didn’t expect to be seen by Jing Xin at a glance. As soon as Qu Xiaotan wanted to run out to hide, Mo Liancheng came and said that he had a way to help her cross the sea. Mo Liancheng took Qu Xiaotan to the study, took out Qu Tan’er’s letter and calligraphy to Qu Xiaotan, and asked her to focus on imitating Qu Tan’er’s handwriting, and only practice one Yongzi, which contains all the strokes. .

Qu Xiaotan wanted Mo Liancheng to accompany him, but Mo Liancheng said that she would not expose the fact that she was not Qu Tan’er without telling others, so she had to retreat these days. Mo Liancheng held a pen to teach Qu Xiaotan to write, and the two approached unconsciously. After Mo Liancheng reacted and ran away, Qu Xiaotan smiled happily looking at his back.

Qu Xiaotan began to practice the calligraphy continuously, and Jing Xin was responsible for sending the calligraphy to Mo Liancheng’s room to correct it. This time Qu Xiaotan crookedly wrote a few Yongaichengcheng words on the paper, and Mo Liancheng wrote the Yongzi to make it. I wish her all the best tomorrow. The next day, Qu Xiaotan entered the palace to take an exam, but he did not expect that the emperor arranged a martial arts exam instead of a literary exam.

Xiao Zhen was in charge of Qu Xiaotan’s exam. Qu Xiaotan felt it was a piece of cake, after all, Mo Liancheng had taught her. However, Qu Xiaotan turned to think of Qu Tan’er and couldn’t help being weak. If she did these things too well, wouldn’t her design collapse. As a result, Qu Xiaotan was fishing in troubled waters for the entire exam, but the emperor asked Qu Xiaotan to go to the palace every day to study and re-examine after ten days. Qu Xiaotan was depressed.

Back in the mansion, Qu Xiaotan said that the emperor was taking the martial arts test. Mo Liancheng had seen her over the wall, but now why she pretended to be gentle, because she was stronger than the real Qu Tan’er. Mo Liancheng quickly realized that why the emperor wanted to test Qu Xiaotan’s physical fitness? Isn’t it strange that it took so much time. Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng why he cared so much about her, and Mo Liancheng replied that she thought too much, he was not that Mo Liancheng.

Qu Meier heard that Qu Xiaotan was called by the emperor to practice in the palace, and felt that this was to train the prince, and decided that he could no longer stand still. The emperor’s body is deteriorating, hope Qu Xiaotan will be more vigorous, and when she needs her succession, the Manchu civil and military will have no objection.

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