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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 7 Recap

Qu Xiaotan understood that only pretending to be stupid and taking the emperor’s order is the best choice, because there was a person who used the emperor’s order to test him before, and that person was close to him but could not see him. Qu Xiaotan sighed that she and Mo Liancheng had been entangled for a few time and space from the Profound Spirit Continent, and they had fallen in love again and again, but Mo Liancheng thought she was telling a lie.

Qu Xiaotan said that she was not Qu Tan’er, but Qu Xiaotan from another Dongyue, and the person she loved was in Mo Liancheng’s body. She insisted on marrying Mo Liancheng not for him, but to stay in love. Of people around. Hearing that Qu Xiaotan had taken the emperor’s order, the emperor was a little surprised. Perhaps Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan were really just false feelings. The secret of heaven was still three months away, and the emperor decided to try to get Qu Xiaotan to prepare for his great cause.

Mo Liancheng realized that the intimate behavior with Qu Xiaotan in the past was a different self in his body, and everything Qu Xiaotan did was for him. Qu Xiaotan was sad, and he always made himself understand that she is the person who understands best. , But Mo Liancheng didn’t care at all. Whether the Mo family rebels or not, Xiao Tan doesn’t care at all.

She will always remember that Mo Lian City in front of her is not the real Mo Lian City. When they are separated, even if Mo Lian City is in the sky, she does not care, but now she does not allow Mo Lian City to make anything Put him in a dangerous move. Qu Xiaotan understood that in Mo Liancheng’s view, they were just using each other’s relationship.

Back in the mansion, Qu Xiaotan ran into Mo Yanchen, thinking that he had never had a close relationship with Mo Yanchen, and decided to have a picnic together. After all, he is now in the same situation as himself. Mo Yanchen said that he loves her instinctively, and he has never forgotten the feelings between the two. Mo Liancheng changed again and was very angry when he saw Mo Yanchen holding Qu Xiaotan in his arms, and hurriedly walked forward, unexpectedly the two kissed in front of Mo Yanchen.

Mo Liancheng couldn’t say anything after seeing such an embarrassing scene. Qu Xiaotan quickly said that the family feels really good to support each other. Thinking of Mo Liancheng’s absence of memory loss, Qu Xiaotan really didn’t understand why, Jing Xin thought it might be like amnesia, Qu Xiaotan immediately understood, maybe there is no one dual soul, just suffering from intermittent amnesia. That’s it. In order to cure Mo Liancheng, Qu Xiaotan asked Jing Xin to help prepare something.

Qu Xiaotan made a lot of hard work in artistic creation, compiling the love story between her and Mo Liancheng into a book, and speaking in front of Jing Xin, Yu Hao, and Mo Jingxuan. The three cried when they heard such a touching love story, Qu Xiaotan decided to let Jingxin and Mo Jingxuan play the leading roles together, and asked them to act according to the script. Qu Xiaotan wrote the famous scene of their encounter in the script without a word, and Mo Liancheng will definitely remember it after reading it. Qu Xiaotan compiled a love story with cherry blossom trees, Jing Xin played Romeo and Mo Jingxuan played Juliet.

Qu Xiaotan had been observing Mo Liancheng’s reaction, but he didn’t expect that Mo Liancheng would have no response except for smiling. Seeing Jing Xin forcing Mo Jingxuan to the corner, Mo Liancheng turned his head to look at Qu Xiaotan, and suddenly the two of them were together. Mo Liancheng was fascinated, Qu Xiaotan asked him if he had a familiar feeling, Mo Liancheng left four unsightly and left.

Qu Meier heard that Qu Xiaotan’s temperament changed drastically, thought it was a fake, and decided to see Qu Xiaotan tomorrow. Jing Xin felt that it was not good for Qu Xiaotan to be so active, and Qu Xiaotan said that everything was under control. Qu Xiaotan wrote a book to Mo Liancheng, but Mo Liancheng refused to see her, so Qu Xiaotan had to block the door early in the morning.

Qu Xiaotan asked Jing Xin and Yu Hao to say that they were spending their days in Mo Yanchen’s room, while she was here to wait and see. After Yu Hao heard about it, he hurried to talk to Mo Liancheng. He didn’t expect Mo Liancheng to tell him that Qu Xiaotan was happy. Yu Hao got it wrong and changed the meaning of what he said. On the contrary, Qu Xiaotan was so angry. Angrily, Qu Xiaotan decided to knock the door open.

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