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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 6 Recap

On the day of the wedding, Mo Yanchen did not expect that his life’s wish would be realized. Although Mo Liancheng suffered, but for him and Qu Xiaotan, he and Qu Xiaotan must have no sleep tonight. Qu Xiaotan went to Mo Liancheng’s room, but he didn’t expect Mo Liancheng to hide from her and refused to see him. Qu Xiaotan was so angry that people filled the yard looking for people. Mo Liancheng ran to Mo Yanchen’s room. He felt that even if Qu Xiaotan found Mo Yanchen, he would not dare to do anything, so he sat down and chatted with Mo Yanchen.

Mo Yanchen persuaded Mo Liancheng to be relieved, anyway, he won’t have his turn tonight. Mo Yanchen asked Mo Liancheng to leave soon, but he didn’t expect to sit on his lap. Qu Xiaotan came in and was shocked when he saw this exciting scene. Mo Yanchen hurriedly urged Mo Liancheng to go back first, Qu Xiaotan said to let them have fun. The familiar sight once again stimulated Mo Liancheng’s conversion. Seeing the current scene Mo Liancheng gradually collapsed, he pulled Qu Xiaotan and left, leaving Mo Yanchen with a dazed expression.

Mo Liancheng knew that Qu Xiaotan had just made up a big drama, and Qu Xiaotan realized that he had switched and just wanted to kiss him, as if they would change back as soon as they kissed him. Mo Liancheng will definitely take Qu Xiaotan back, but he has no memory of what he is like now. Qu Xiaotan is a bit lost, and Mo Liancheng doesn’t know how to coax her.

Qu Xiaotan should be fine if he wants to block it with a handkerchief, and is still thinking about whether he should call him his wife or husband. Mo Liancheng threw the red handkerchief on his head, and the two kissed between the handkerchiefs. The emperor’s old illness relapsed. Xiao Zhen thought she was sad seeing Mo Liancheng’s wedding, but the emperor said that the person who could make her emotional was not there, but he would inevitably think of him today. Xiao Zhen played Lihunxiao, and the emperor felt relieved.

After Mo Liancheng changed his mind again, he was worried about what happened last night. Mo Yanchen prepared a soup for him. Mo Liancheng heard that he had pulled Qu Xiaotan away from Mo Yanchen’s room last night, and he was immediately stunned. Jing Xin was eating melon beside him, and Mo Jingxuan and others also ran to join in the fun.

Qu Xiaotan complained about her backache early in the morning. He remembered that Mo Liancheng changed back when he met Mo Yanchen last night, thinking that the switching agency was Mo Yanchen. Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng to bring the nourishing soup to Mo Yanchen, and then tripped Mo Yanchen, causing Mo Yanchen to lie on Mo Liancheng accidentally. Mo Liancheng still didn’t change back, Qu Xiaotan was even more depressed. Today, Mo Liancheng and Mo Yanchen are going back. Qu Xiaotan is very familiar with the process, and he persuades Mo Liancheng to be careful.

When Father Mo saw Qu Xiaotan flashed his waist, he complained that Mo Yancheng shouldn’t, but he didn’t expect it to be Mo Liancheng. Mo Fengyang felt that Qu Xiaotan was not in the main room on the wedding day. Qu Xiaotan angered her too broadly, saying that she had never shared a room with the two of them when she slept alone last night. It turned out that even after kissing through the handkerchief last night, Mo Liancheng changed back, and accused Qu Xiaotan of misbehaving until she pushed her back.

Qu Xiaotan said that her husband did not need to be disciplined by the two. He gave Mo Fengyang a vicious look and then took Mo Yanchen and Mo Liancheng back. The two wanted to help Qu Xiaotan get on the carriage at the same time, giving Qu Xiaotan a sense of pride. , I didn’t expect Qu Xiaotan to withdraw his hand before he could go up to Mo Liancheng. Hearing that Qu Xiaotan had a fight for Mo Liancheng and Mo Fengyang, he decided to give Qu Xiaotan a big gift.

The emperor gave Qu Xiaotan a lot of gifts, and there was a special gift for her to open in person. After Qu Xiaotan opened it, he discovered that the emperor quickly hid it secretly. Mo Liancheng thanked Qu Xiaotan for helping him speak, and Qu Xiaotan shamelessly asked him to send himself back to the room. Mo Liancheng obediently did so, Qu Xiaotan took the opportunity to wipe the oil. Qu Xiaotan accidentally dropped the emperor’s order on his body, Mo Liancheng saw it clearly, and then proposed to go out to the lake tomorrow, and also bring Mo Yanchen with him.

The next day, Qu Xiaotan was waiting for Mo Lian City in the outskirts early in the morning, but Mo Yanchen did not expect the visitor was very disappointed. Qu Xiaotan didn’t want to make Mo Yanchen feel uncomfortable. After all, he was not wrong, so he decided to take him to play happily. Mo Liancheng quietly entered Qu Xiaotan’s room. Emperor Ling could help them dispatch the army. He could only apologize to Qu Xiaotan, but he didn’t expect that Emperor Ling was not in Qu Xiaotan’s room.

Mo Yanchen danced his sword to Qu Xiaotan. She was very happy every time she saw him dance the sword. Mo Yanchen looked at Qu Xiaotan worried and wanted to take her to vent together. At this moment, Mo Liancheng suddenly came and said that he had to talk to Qu Xiaotan alone. Mo Yanchen and Jing Xin got into the carriage and waited, and Mo Liancheng asked where Emperor Qu Xiaotan was, and Qu Xiaotan said in anger.

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