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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 5 Recap

Mo Liancheng said that whenever and wherever they become, they will find Qu Xiaotan, and Qu Xiaotan is very happy to fall in love with her. When the two kissed again, Mo Liancheng switched again and learned that the emperor had given them a marriage. Mo Liancheng didn’t know whether it was a disaster or a blessing.

Mo Yanchen thought that Mo Liancheng was blaming Qu Xiaotan, and quickly persuaded Qu Xiaotan not to get angry and drag him away. Mo Yanchen married Mo Liancheng as he wished, and Father Mo was very happy. Mo Yanchen thought that Mo Liancheng still had no feelings for the emperor. Mo Liancheng said that he and Qu Xiaotan had no love between men and women, and Mo Yanchen quickly said that he knew all about it.

The marriage has been settled and the virginity test is imminent. Mo Yanchen is worried that Mo Liancheng is often summoned into the palace by the emperor late at night. Mo Fengyang said that if Mo Liancheng didn’t want to marry, she could still find a way to let Mo Yanchen marry alone, reminding him that it would be better to plan early if he knew something would happen.

Qu Xiaotan listened to Jingxin and said that Mo Yanchen and Mo Liancheng were interested in verifying their virginity. He heard that verifying virginity was a secret technique. If they could not pass this level they would be killed. Qu Xiao worried that if Mo Liancheng really had something with the emperor, wouldn’t Mo Liancheng be over? He quickly wrote a letter to Jing Xin to send it to Mo Liancheng, saying that she will stay outside tomorrow, no matter what he is his own city. In the city, Mo Liancheng sighed that she was very touched even though she was in the middle of the night, and Qu Xiaotan’s words made Mo Liancheng a pain in his heart.

The next day, Qu Xiaotan waited for the result with Jingxin outside the door, but for most of the day he rushed in without any result. Mo Liancheng had already changed. When the two were close, Mo Fengyang suddenly broke in and said that Qu Xiaotan should not see the bridegroom before marriage, otherwise he had committed a big taboo, and the Mo family could not bear such a crime. Mo Liancheng wanted to see Qu Xiaotan before he lost his memory, otherwise I don’t know when and when we meet next time.

Father Mo came suddenly, and Mo Liancheng was very happy to see his father again, and almost called him his father. When Father Mo heard about Zhenzhen, he thought that there should be no more troubles before the big marriage, so he locked the door and asked him to reflect on it. Even though Father Mo was still trapped by power in another time and space, Mo Liancheng worried that the tragedy would repeat itself.

Qu Xiaotan ran to see Mo Lian’s city gate locked, and tried every means to open the door. This time, Mo Lian city had maintained it for such a long time, Qu Xiaotan praised him for his promise. The two could not restrain themselves and kissed again, but did not expect Mo Liancheng to switch again. Mo Liancheng felt that every time she saw her, she always made some over-the-counter behaviors, it must have been some kind of magic.

Qu Xiaotan complained that their children had kisses, and also said that there was a mole on Mo Liancheng’s thigh, and Mo Liancheng ran away angrily. Qu Xiaotan’s face is always depressed because of Mo Liancheng, Jing Xin said that the man’s heart is a needle in the sea. Qu Xiaotan designed his own backyard and planned to change its name to Xueyuan to live in for the two horsemen. It was exactly the same as the yard where she and Mo Liancheng lived. Thinking of the happy life of the two before, Qu Xiaotan felt bitter.

Mo Liancheng’s guard heard that Qu Xiaotan had arranged the yard as a snow courtyard, and felt that this meant to neglect him, but Mo Liancheng suddenly felt a little heartache. Mo Yanchen and Mo Liancheng’s phoenix crown dress arrived, but Mo Yanchen was not as good as Mo Liancheng, but Mo Yanchen felt that as long as he could marry his loved one, he would not ask for anything else. Qu Meier came and gave Mo Yanchen a better wedding gown. Mo Yanchen said that he had found his own happiness, and the world’s men let her choose why waste time on him. Qu Meier had a special liking for Mo Yanchen, and when Qu Meier saw a poem written by Mo Yanchen, he couldn’t control it.

On the day of his wedding, Mo Liancheng was wearing a wedding dress, but he felt that the situation was very familiar. Could it be that what happened to him and Qu Xiaotan?

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