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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 4 Recap

Mo Yanchen was very sad because Mo Liancheng was close to Qu Xiaotan. Mo Liancheng said yesterday that Qu Xiaotan’s words are not unreasonable. Men should not be attached to women and should live for themselves. He also advised Mo Yanchen to beware of Qu Xiaotan. , She is so different from the past. The emperor told Mo Liancheng to enter the palace, and Mo Fengyang asked him to be cautious in his words and deeds not to drag down the Mo family.

Qu Meier invited Qu Xiaotan to the mansion to narrate the past. Qu Xiaotan didn’t plan to go at first, and Jing Xin didn’t know if she had fallen into the water and hurt her to become like this. Qu Xiaotan really couldn’t explain, but no matter what time and space she was in, she was her best sister, and asked Jing Xin to call her Xiaotan as before.

Three days later, the Noble Boys College was opened, and Mo Liancheng, Mo Yanchen, and Mo Jingxuan were all going to study. After Father Mo instructed the three of them to stay behind Mo Liancheng, Mo Liancheng said that the emperor was testing him, perhaps he had never trusted him, and Mo Liancheng would do his best to move Xiaotan’s move.

When the aristocratic men’s academy opened, Mo Liancheng was thinking about how to force Qu Xiaotan to take the initiative to marry him. Su Yuela deliberately looked for faults when he saw him looking unconscious, but Mo Liancheng did not leak. Su Yuela took a nap while reading, and asked them to study carefully and ran out.

Mo Yanchen came to give a lecture to Mo Jingxuan, and Mo Jingxuan curiously grabbed the things Mo Liancheng had written, which included a lot of attention for giving things to strange men. Qu Xiaotan came to Mo Liancheng with great momentum and said that she had waited for Mo Liancheng specially all afternoon. Mo Liancheng said that Qu Xiaotan had done many things to destroy his reputation, and asked her to make up for him. Is it possible that Qu Xiaotan teased that she should marry him? Although Mo Liancheng did not change, Qu Xiaotan still felt that he should marry first. Qu Xiaotan said that as long as Mo Liancheng was willing to marry him, he would be willing to do anything, and he threw a wink to make him wait for the sedan chair to be honestly.

In the evening, Qu Xiaotan saw Jing Xin’s guards dressing up, and decided to help her dress up. Mo Liancheng suddenly appeared Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin jumped, and Jing Xin quickly retreated. Today, after school, the emperor summoned Mo Liancheng for questioning, and was curious about Qu Xiaotan’s changes, but Qu Xiaotan complained that Mo Liancheng’s blue-faced evil water brought her peach blossoms. Mo Liancheng thought that the emperor was suspicious of Qu Xiaotan and suggested that it would not be good to marry him, so he hoped that Qu Xiaotan would cooperate with him in a play. The next day, Mo Liancheng ran to accuse Qu Xiaotan of trampling on his reputation.

The two performed a play in front of the emperor, and Qu Xiaotan simply asked the emperor to give him a marriage. The emperor asked if Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng had a skin relationship, Qu Xiaotan didn’t know how to answer, and Mo Liancheng quickly committed suicide to prove his innocence. The emperor decided to order Qu Xiaotan to marry him on his own. Qu Xiaotan understood that this was a pit, and if he chose Mo Liancheng, the scene would be performed in vain. The emperor wanted to see how Qu Xiaotan would choose.

Mo Yanchen was very sad to hear about this. Mo Liancheng thought that Qu Xiaotan was not a good match for Mo Yanchen. Father Mo said that the two of them were childhood sweethearts, and if they could not marry Qu Xiaotan, they would have to be with the ancient Buddha of the blue lantern Accompanied, Mo Liancheng said that he would not embarrass Mo Yanchen.

Qu Xiaotan was determined to choose Mo Liancheng. Mo Liancheng felt that there would be more trouble in the future, so he asked Qu Xiaotan to marry him and Mo Yanchen. Qu Xiaotan was stupid, and if Mo Liancheng awoke and couldn’t regret his death, Qu Xiaotan reluctantly agreed to Mo Liancheng’s request.

The empress gave Mo Yanchen the marriage to Qu Xiaotan, and Mo Liancheng married him together. Mo Yanchen felt that the emperor’s move was to make Mo Liancheng stop thinking about her. Qu Xiaotan hugged left and right, feeling like he was at the pinnacle of his life. This familiar plot once again stimulated Mo Liancheng. After Mo Liancheng converted, he hurriedly persuaded Qu Xiaotan and the emperor to think twice, but he also had to use his plan and propose to let Mo When Yanchen was in the main house, Qu Xiaotan felt very emotional and agreed. Mo Yanchen mistakenly thought that Qu Xiaotan still had feelings for him. As soon as he attacked, Mo Liancheng pulled Qu Xiaotan aside, Qu Xiaotan had not realized that he had already switched.

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