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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 8 Recap

Liang Muze went to visit Luo Xiaojun. After Xia Chu followed Zhang Yichi to check the room, he continued to persuade Liang Muze to see a psychologist. Liang Muze was unwilling to go. Xia Chu wanted to change Luo Xiaojun’s gauze, but Luo Xiaojun thought that Liang Muze liked Xia Chu and worried that Liang Muze would abandon them. , He was hostile to Xia Chu, and refused to let Xia Chu change her gauze. Liang Muze still said in a sideline that Xia Chu respected the patient’s wishes.

At the beginning of Xia, on the condition of helping Xiao Xiao write medical records, he asked Xiao Xiao to help Luo Xiaojun to change the gauze. Xiao Xiao asked with some gossip why Luo Xiaojun did not let Xia Chu change the gauze. Liang Muze said that it had nothing to do with Xiao Xiao, but Luo Xiaojun asked Liang Muze if he would take care of it. Chen Mengzhen’s whole life, after getting a positive answer, Luo Xiaojun became happy and asked Liang Muze and Chen Mengzhen to buy lunch together.

At the beginning of Xia Xia came to the ward again to check Luo Xiaojun’s situation. She guessed why Luo Xiaojun hated him, so she said that she was Luo Xiaojun’s doctor, and she only cared about his recovery. If Luo Xiaojun did not follow the doctor’s instructions because of Liang Muze’s failure to follow the doctor’s instructions, she would most likely be injured in the end. he himself. Luo Xiaojun asked Xia Chu to give Chen Mengzhen a bunch of flowers in the name of Liang Muze, so that he would obediently cooperate with the treatment, and Xia Chu agreed. After Luo Xiaojun got the flowers, he went to Chen Mengzhen and said that Liang Muze asked to get married.

Both knew that Luo Xiaojun was lying. Liang Muze also said that he would take care of their mother and son but would not marry Chen Mengzhen. Chen Mengzhen also patiently explained to Luo Xiaojun. However, Luo Xiaojun couldn’t accept it, and couldn’t help crying. Just as early Xia passed by, Liang Muze blamed Xia Chu, who angrily threw the flower away, and just walked a few steps and accidentally fell over and twisted his foot. The doctor told Xia Early to recuperate, otherwise there will be sequelae, Liang Muze directly took Xia Chu, ready to take Xia Chu back to the army to recuperate.

Liang Muze returned to the army with Xia Chu. The team members all yelled Xia Chu’s sister-in-law. Dong Zhigang happened to be passing by and was asking Liang Muze for being late. Xia Chu got out of the car to relieve Liang Muze, saying that he was late when he was watching his legs with him. Dong Zhigang was originally to Xia. Chu was very cold, but I heard that Xia Chu was Tian Yong’s life-saving doctor. He suddenly changed his face and became very enthusiastic about Xia Chu.

He asked Liang Muze to send Xia Chu to the guest house to stay in, so that Xia Chu could rest for a few days. Xia Chu gave Liang Muze face in front of Dong Zhigang, but she still wanted to go home. Liang Muze very strongly asked Xia Chu to leave his wounds. When he arrived at the guest house, Xia Chu couldn’t help crying. Liang Muze was helpless and called Zhang Yichi. , Zhang Yichi asked Liang Muze if he bullied Xia Chu, so that Liang Muze was better towards Xia Chu.

In the evening, Luo Xiaojun asked Chen Mengzhen if Liang Muze was scared away by him. Chen Mengzhen said that Liang Muze was scared away so easily. Luo Xiaojun said that he almost died when he was sick. He was worried that he would leave Chen Mengzhen like his father Luo Liang in the future. I want to bring Liang Muze and Chen Mengzhen together, and if he leaves, Liang Muze can accompany her. Chen Mengzhen was both distressed and moved. She couldn’t help crying when she was washing clothes. Zhang Yichi passed by and saw it and chatted with Chen Mengzhen. After learning that the incident had happened, she comforted her again. Chen Mengzhen said that she saw Liang Muze. Wearing a military uniform, you can’t help but see Luo Liang’s shadow, so it is impossible for her and Liang Muze.

Taking advantage of Liang Muze and Xia Chu’s absence, Zhuo Ran sneaked into Liang Muze’s house under the pretence of a maintenance worker. Long Yize watched the wind at the gate of the community, and Zoran took a detective novel from the beginning of Xia and prepared to steal the bow tie on the cat in the beginning of Xia. After installing surveillance, Long Yi lowered his head to pick up his mobile phone and missed Liang Muze’s car and drove into the community. When he found Liang Muze, Liang Muze had already reached the door of his house. Zhuo Ran quickly jumped out of the window and escaped. Liang Muze found the window opened when he returned home.

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