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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 7 Recap

Zhuo Ran invited Mi Gu to have dinner together. Mi Gu and Zhuo Ran talked about the recording of the show, but Zhuo Ran didn’t want to talk about the show. He just asked Mi Gu how she and Xia Chu met. Mi Gu said that he and Xia Chu were originally netizens. I met Xia Chu because of a post about first love written by Xia Chu. Later, Xia Chu also fell in love, but had already broken up. The two chatted, and Zhuo Ran received a call from Long Yi.

Long Yi investigated the identity of Liang Muze and told Zhuo Ran that Liang Muze and Xia Chu should have lived together. After Zhuo Ran hung up the phone, it seemed that something suddenly occurred to him. It seemed to be with Liang Muze. During the festive season, Zhuo Ran thought about being excited for a while, and fell to the ground due to a heart attack. Migu hurriedly called an ambulance and took Zhuo Ran to the hospital.

Migu ran into Zhang Yichi while waiting for Zhuoran in the hospital. Zhang Yichi heard that Zhuoran was in the emergency department. He remembered that Zhuoran and the hospital were still talking about projects, so he took the initiative to go to the emergency department to see the situation of Zhuoran. Added Migu’s WeChat. With Zhuoran’s illness, Migu’s plan was ruined again.

The last item of officer training is to let everyone tolerate tear gas in a house. The longer they persist, the higher the score. Liang Muze persisted in the room until the end. He thought of Luo Liang again. He and himself had tried this before. Project, and today, is Luo Liang’s death day. Eight years later, Liang Muze still failed to let go of Luo Liang’s death. After returning home, he opened up to Xia Chu and told her about his past with Luo Liang. He and Luo Liang are both students of the military academy, and they are also a unit that entered together.

Both are very good and sharp. They are not surprisingly rivals. They are both rivals in every project. , And also a deep-hearted comrade in arms. The troops formed the Thunder team. The two passed the assessments. Although Liang Muze’s score was higher, the superior still chose Luo Liang as the team leader of the Thunder team and Liang Muze as the deputy captain. Liang Muze was a little unconvinced, even resisting to go to training, Luo Liang went to enlighten him, the two had a fight, Liang Muze got out of breath before returning to the team for training.

Eight years ago, the Thunder team had a mission and everyone returned. Only Luo Liang had an accident. At that time, Chen Mengzhen had been pregnant for nine months. After Luo Liang died, Luo Liang’s teammates took care of Luo Liang’s widow. , Liang Muze was talking, thinking of Luo Liang’s happy look when he knew that Chen Mengzhen was pregnant, and the instructions to them to train well and return safely, Liang Muze was very uncomfortable. Liang Muze was drunk, early Xia helped Liang Muze back to the room and secretly took photos of Liang Muze sleeping.

Liang Muze woke up, sober up and regretted that he had talked too much with Xia Chu last night. Xia Chu had already prepared breakfast, and he threatened Liang Muze to see a psychologist with last night’s photos. Migu stayed in the hospital all night, but when Zhuo Ran woke up, she only asked about Xia Chu’s whereabouts. Migu said that he hadn’t contacted Xia Chu and was planning to buy breakfast for Zhuo Ran. When Xia Chu was on the way, she told her that Zhuo Ran was there. In the rescue room, Xia Chu hurried to the rescue room. She couldn’t believe it.

Zhuo Ran was in good health. She was even preparing to enter the military academy. How could there be a heart attack? Zhuo Ran asked to talk to Xia Chu alone, so Zhuo Ran took the opportunity to pretend to be miserable. Xia Chu was not allowed to be with Liang Muze, but Xia Chu said that he would not be able to listen to the words Special Soldier for a long time, let alone fall in love. Anyone can misunderstand her and Liang Muze, but Zhuo Ran can’t. Liang Muze is back. Sending a mobile phone to Xia Chu just happened to see this scene. He was a little upset and said he would go to see a psychiatrist.

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