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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 6 Recap

Liang Muze’s army organizes training for officers and cadres. It lasts for 20 days. You can go home and live on weekends. After cooking in early summer, he casually asked Liang Muze if he would like to eat. Liang Muze was also welcome and asked early Xia to do this and that, and send someone under the fence in early summer.

I can only swallow Liang Muze, but in order to retaliate against Liang Muze, he deliberately ate durian in front of Liang Muze and made a fuss. At the beginning of summer, Liang Muze asked Liang Muze to drink tea. Liang Muze remembered that his grandmother also loved tea, and at the beginning of Xia he enthusiastically asked Liang Muze to drink tea. Bring something back to give grandma a tasting. Liang Muze said that his grandma had passed away.

Early Xia was a little sorry, Liang Muze said that he didn’t have any sheets on his bed. If Xia Chu felt sorry, he would lend him a set of sheets to cover it. Early Xia recovered and felt that he was not wrong. In order to make Liang Muze uncomfortable, he deliberately gave it to Liang Muze. Prepared a set of cartoon Shui Bingyue girl sheets. Liang Muze collapsed a bit. He couldn’t sleep with such a girl’s sheets, and he couldn’t sleep well even if the sheets were removed.

The next morning, early summer was going to work, but when he got up to wash, he went to the wrong bathroom. Looking at Liang Muze’s naked upper body, early Xia was a little shy. Before leaving, Liang Muze handed Xia Chu a cup of cream. Xia Chu thought it was. She took a sip of the milk and was very angry when she learned the truth, but she was almost late for work and didn’t want to continue arguing with Liang Muze.

As a result, the car from the beginning of Xia couldn’t come, so I had to take Liang Muze’s car to go to work. All the way in the beginning of Xia, he always wanted to vomit because of the cup of cream. Liang Muze deliberately drove the fast train to make Xia Chu even more uncomfortable. After finally getting to the hospital, Zhuo Ran was already waiting for the beginning of Xia at the entrance of the hospital. When Zhuo Ran saw Liang Muze sitting in the car, he called Long Yi to check Liang Muze’s identity. In order to get closer to the beginning of Xia, Zhuo Ran also discussed cooperation with the hospital in the beginning of Xia.

During the early Xia ward round, he saw Luo Xiaojun taking a sip of milk and thought of the cup of cream he drank this morning. He couldn’t help but retching. Luo Xiaojun thought that Xia Chu was pregnant, and shouted, Xia Chu was very embarrassed. After checking the house, early Xia had to go to the medical security unit of the brother’s unit to do temporary work. The place where Liang Muze’s task was performed was the unit where Liang Muze was.

Early Xia observed Liang Muze’s training. After training, Liang Muze went straight to the beginning of Xia, saying that he was injured, and asked Xia Chu to show him. Early Xia treated Liang Muze’s wounds while complaining that Liang Muze’s training methods were not useful in actual combat. In order to show his point of view, Liang Muze made up a story to bluff Xia Chu, but Xia Chu was speechless.

I went to the supermarket to buy groceries after get off work in early Xia. I remembered that Liang Muze was injured today. He also bought a piece of black fish to make soup for Liang Muze. However, Liang Muze disliked that the fish soup had no taste and wanted to add salt to the soup. No, let Liang Muze return the fish soup to himself. During the dispute, the two accidentally dropped the bowl. At the beginning of Xia Xia, I went to buy new tableware with Migu, and while spitting out the worries of living with Liang Muze, Migu listened for a while and asked if Liang Muze had any advantages.

Early Xia recalled it. In fact, Liang Muze still has advantages. Yes, I love to be clean, I will send myself to work, and will accompany her who is afraid of thunder during a thunderstorm. After listening to this, Migu felt that what Xia Chu said was like a young couple living together in the running-in phase. Xia Chu was a little embarrassed. .

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