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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 5 Recap

Early Xia found Zhang Yichi and said that Luo Xiaojun’s housing shortage could be blocked by intervention, but they needed a more intuitive way to understand his housing shortage, that is, the 3D printed heart. Early Xia showed Zhang Yichi again. After reading the previous successful case, Zhang Yichi felt that Xia Chu’s idea was good, so he asked her to do it. Early Xia contacted Zhuoran, hoping that his company could make Luo Xiaojun’s heart model.

Zhuo Ran agreed, but he did not forget to get close to Xia Chu, and wanted to get closer to Xia Chu, but Xia Chu didn’t want to talk to Zhuo Ran about anything that had nothing to do with the case. Zhuo Ran asked if Xia Chu was still angry with him. , Xia Chu denied it, but said that what he cared most was the patient’s safety, and didn’t want to waste time on these things, so he left. Zhuo Ran was not discouraged. He believed that he could awaken Xia Chu’s feelings for himself.

Rao Feng convened a meeting with the members of the task force. No one could find out Kun Sang’s identity. Rao Feng asked about the murder again. A police officer reported that the deceased was named Zhou Lan. He used to work in a nightclub and was later called by someone. Brother Xiong’s man took care of him. Later, after breaking up, Brother Xiong gave Zhou Lan a house, and Zhou Lan’s death was caused by an overdose of drugs and hallucinations. He drowned in the bathtub. They also found Zhou Lan in the City of Desire to post a request. Rao Feng is a little puzzled about how a girl in her twenties came into contact with the dark web, and what is the origin of this brother Xiong.

Before Liang Muze perfunctory Mu Min’s phone call, Mu Min sent a bunch of girls’ photos and identity information to the army, and gave Liang Muze a photo on a blind date. Liang Muze was very troubled. Liang Muze and Tian Yong went to the hospital for a review, and took a look at Luo Xiaojun. At this time, early Xia had obtained Luo Xiaojun’s heart model and reported his surgical plan at the preoperative meeting. Zhang Yichi was very satisfied with the report of Xia Chu and asked Xia Chu to go. To prepare for the operation, Xia Chu presented the surgical drape to Chen Mengzhen and explained the new surgical plan to her. Chen Mengzhen hesitated and worried that the interventional operation would be too difficult. It happened that Liang Muze came. He chose to believe that in the early Xia, Chen Mengzhen was on the surgical drape. Signed.

Li Juan and Zhang Yichi used to be boyfriends and girlfriends. Li Juan wanted to ask herself to perform Luo Xiaojun’s surgery, but Zhang Yichi said that Li Juan had failed last time. This time she will do it by herself. Li Juan thinks this operation is very possible. To create a new dimension of clinical medicine, and even proposed to get back together with Zhang Yichi. To get this opportunity, Zhang Yichi was a little unwilling. Li Juan asked him if he had something to do with Xia Chu. Zhang Yichi quickly denied, saying that he had just broken up with Li Juan. Keep away from all colleagues. At the beginning of the operation, Zhang Yichi encountered a little trouble, but with Xia Chu’s insistence, Zhang Yichi tried again and finally succeeded.

After the operation was successful, Xiao Xiao had some opinions on Xia Chu. She felt that she had taken her opportunity away. Xia Chu was very angry and secretly scolded Xiao Xiao Yitong in her heart. When she was in a daze, Zhuo Ran came to give Xia Chu food and left. Shi passed by Liang Muze in the corridor. Liang Muze went to Xia Chu’s office and saw that Xia Chu fell asleep holding the takeaway, so he put the takeaway in her hand on the table. Xia Chu woke up, Liang Muze was uncharacteristically gentle towards Xia Chu, saying that his house was OK.

Continue to live, but the condition is that Xia Chu will pretend to fall in love with him to deal with Mu Min, and Xia Chu is a little bit resistant and unwilling to accept this condition. While arguing, Xia Chu suddenly received a call and learned that Professor Zhao of her Military Medical University had died of a heart attack. She was going to return to her hometown to express condolences. Liang Muze drove Xia Chu to the airport. Before leaving, Xia Chu relaxed and said that if Liang Muze really needed to pretend to be his girlfriend, he could agree to it, but Liang Muze said that he would wait until Xia Chu came back.

Migu’s unit held a meeting to discuss the theme of the next issue. Migu had a brainstorm and said that he wanted to do 3D printing. The boss was very interested in it, so he handed the matter to Migu. Migu intends to take the opportunity to get close to Zoran, but Zoran is now Tracking the beginning of summer, there is no reply to Migu. After Xia Chu returned to his hometown, he sent a message to Liang Muze that he was safe, but Tian Yong saw that Liang Muze was special to Xia Chu and teased him.

At the beginning of Xia, she returned home after seeing her mother. Xia’s mother thought it was her husband Xia Guangyuan who was back. She was overjoyed when she saw her daughter suddenly returning home. She slept with her mother at the beginning of Xia’s evening and said that when Xia Guangyuan retires, they must Go for a tour. Seeing that Xia Chu was in a bad mood, Xia’s mother asked a few words. Xia Chu just said that she was homesick and did not say about the death of Professor Zhao. But when Xia Chu left the next day, Xia’s mother had already seen Zhao on the news. The news of the professor’s death.

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