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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 4 Recap

When Migu came home, I felt that this fact was too bloody. On the other side, Xia Chu realized that she had left Mi Gu. She quickly sent a message to Mi Gu and apologized. Mi Gu comforted Xia Chu a few words, and then remembered that Zhuo Ran gave me something. She got a business card for herself and asked her to tell herself about Xia Chu’s news. Migu was so angry that she tore the business card into the toilet and wanted to wash it away, but she picked it up regretfully.

Xia Chu was unsure about Zhuo Ran’s affairs. In Luo Xiaojun’s preoperative meeting, Zhang Yichi saw that Xia Chu was absent and was very disappointed in her, so he chose Xiao Xiao to perform surgery with him. Xia Chu was a little unwilling, but Zhang Yichi taught her a lesson, and Xia Chu also realized her mistake. When I went home at night, Xia Chu was upset. Xia Chu’s mother suddenly called to greet him. When she learned that Xia Chu was still going to move out, she called Liang Muze’s mother Mu Min, and Mu Min called Liang Muze as soon as he heard about it. , Liang Muze wanted to trick Mu Min into getting along well with Xia Chu, but seeing that Mu Min already knew that he was rushing, he pretended to have a bad signal and hung up the phone.

After Liang Muze led the team back from training, the brigade commander Dong Zhigang found Liang Muze. Liang Muze originally wanted to ask Dong Zhigang for leave, but Dong Zhigang said that the higher-level unit will come tomorrow and will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Thunder Commando. Tian Yong comes on. Liang Muze respected Tian Yong’s opinions. Tian Yong hoped to participate in the assessment, but he was worried that it would drag the team back. Liang Muze assured Tian Yong that they are comrades who share life and death, and the results are nothing.

Tian Yong decided to participate in the assessment. Before Liang Muze and the others went on a mission, although they did not catch the terrorists behind the terrorist pirates, they discovered Kunsang who was killed by the T4 leader. The domestic police received the corpse and started investigation from the corpse. Rao Feng was listening to the forensic report. After receiving a call from a colleague, Rao Feng hurriedly led someone to check it.

Early the next morning, the Thunder Commando began to participate in the assessment, and Luo Xiaojun entered the operating room to prepare for the operation. At first, the Thunder Commando went well, but in the final project, Tian Yong’s leg suddenly cramped and he fell to the ground. Unable to move, Liang Muze took Tian Yong up without saying anything, and took him through the final distance, successfully passed the assessment, and refreshed the best results of the Thunder Commando.

However, Luo Xiaojun’s operation did not go smoothly. The original surgical plan was not successful, so Luo Xiaojun could only rest for a while before proceeding with other surgical plans. Early Xia was a little hard to accept, but Zhang Yichi said that medicine is like that. Doctors are not gods, he has tried his best. Liang Muze learned that Luo Xiaojun’s operation had failed.

He was a little afraid to call Xia Chu to ask about Luo Xiaojun’s specific situation, but he remembered Luo Liang and thought about what he would do if Luo Liang was there. After some hesitation, he still gave Xia After making a phone call to inquire, Liang Muze comforted Xia Chu in a rare and gentle way, saying that the hospital was the battlefield of Xia Chu. He asked Xia Chu not to give up Luo Xiaojun anyway. Xia Chu said that he understood, and after cheering up, he started looking again. Data, trying to find a new way to perform surgery on Luo Xiaojun.

After a busy night at the beginning of Xia, I went to Migu’s house to rest for a while. I accidentally found the business card that Zhuo Ran gave to Migu. Migu was a little worried that Xia Chu was angry, but Xia Chu was surprised when she looked at the 3D printing on the business card. She suddenly thought of one. method.

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