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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Mengzhen took Luo Xiaojun to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said Luo Xiaojun’s heart had a lack of atrial septum. He wanted Luo Xiaojun to be hospitalized first. In early Xia, he read the examination report and asked Chen Mengzhen to be hospitalized first. After he was finished, he went to the ward to look for them. He resisted, and was unwilling to be hospitalized, and said that it was because of the beginning of Xia, Liang Muze did not want them. Chen Mengzhen quickly apologized and took Luo Xiaojun to go through the hospitalization procedures, but Luo Xiaojun sneaked out by himself when Chen Mengzhen didn’t pay attention.

Early Xia found Zhang Yichi and said that Dr. Li Juan who had seen Luo Xiaojun did not perform further examinations on Luo Xiaojun. Luo Xiaojun was probably not a simple atrial septal defect. Early Xia wanted to ask Zhang Yichi to show Luo Xiaojun a look, but Zhang Yichi said about cardiology. He did not request an extra-cardiac consultation. This was not in line with the hospital’s regulations and told Xia Chu not to follow her anymore. Xiao Xiao, who was next to him, also blamed Xia Chu, saying that if it weren’t for her, he would have the opportunity to persuade Zhang Yichi to participate in the operation.

At the beginning of Xia, I was a little disappointed and learned that Luo Xiaojun was missing, so he asked Tian Yong, who was going to return to the army to recuperate, to go back and tell Liang Muze to pay attention to Luo Xiaojun’s whereabouts. He also said that Luo Xiaojun suffered from congenital heart disease. If he was not admitted to the hospital in time, his life might be in danger. ,

Liang Muze is training the Thunder team. The failure of the last mission made him very anxious, his insomnia worsened, and he began to give special training to the players frantically. Brigadier Dong Zhigang wanted to persuade him that Tian Yong returned to the team and Luo Xiaojun was missing. After telling Liang Muze, Liang Muze hurriedly went back to find someone with Chen Mengzhen, and finally found Luo Xiaojun in the closet, but Luo Xiaojun was in a very bad condition, and Liang Muze rushed him to the hospital.

Xia Chu was still trying to find evidence that Luo Xiaojun was misdiagnosed, but Li Juan was dissatisfied with Xia Chu’s doubts about herself. She felt that Xia Chu was trying to grab the patient, so she drove Xia Chu away, and Xia Chu wanted to go to Zhang Yichi to explain Circumstances, but Zhang Yichi had just finished three emergency surgeries and was exhausted physically and mentally, but Xia Chu said that it was their doctor’s responsibility to treat and save people. Early Xia rushed to see Xiaojun. Chen Mengzhen said that the doctor had arranged the operation tomorrow. The person in early Xia was light-hearted, and she didn’t know if she should tell her own guesses. Seeing her hesitated, Liang Muze said that she would let her determine the situation of Luo Xiaojun.

Otherwise, he would not be worthy to be a doctor. In the early summer, he was stimulated and accused Liang Muze of making Luo Xiaojun insecure. Liang Muze is also responsible for the development of Luo Xiaojun’s disease to this day. After Xia Chu calmed down, she told Chen Mengzhen of her guess, but Li Juan thought that Xia Chu was questioning her medical skills. Zhang Yichi came and said frankly that it was his own judgment. He asked Li Juan to ask for an extra-cardiac consultation and gave Luo Xiaojun another one. CTA inspection.

Zoran came to China to perform his mission, and deliberately approached Mi Gu, trying to capture Mi Gu. Zoran settled in a newly opened creative park, opened a company to hide his identity, and arranged a secret room in the company. However, the leadership of T4 did not fully trust Zoran, and sent his confidant Longyi and Zoran to perform tasks together, and monitor Zoran by the way.

The results of the out-of-heart consultation showed that Xia Chu’s judgment was correct, but Zhang Yichi told Xia Chu not to contact the patient’s family in private or cause trouble for herself. Early Xia met Chen Mengzhen again, Chen Mengzhen thanked Xia Chu, and apologized for Liang Muze, saying that Liang Muze’s encounter with Luo Xiaojun was less human, and explained that Liang Muze was not Luo Xiaojun’s biological father, but a comrade-in-arms of Luo Xiaojun’s father. Luo Xiaojun was not born when Liang died, so Liang Muze and his comrades in arms were always taking care of Luo Xiaojun. Early Xia learned that Liang Muze had been insomnia since the mission failed, so he persuaded Liang Muze to see a psychiatrist, but Liang Muze was very resistant and urged Xia Chu to move out.

As soon as Liang Muze left, Xia Chu met Zhuo Ran who came to see him. Xia Chu and Zhuo Ran were at the same table in high school, and they were also Xia Chu’s first love. At the beginning, Zhuo Ran disappeared without saying goodbye. It made Xia Chu very painful, but now Zhuo Ran suddenly appeared, she didn’t know. How to face it, I had to turn my head and ran away. At the beginning of summer, I accompanied Migu out to drink and relax. Migu was complaining that she had no charm. Suddenly someone stepped forward to harass Xia Chu and Migu. Zoran appeared to relieve them. Migu was surprised and reconciled. When Zhuo Ran met, she learned that the person she met at the airport was the first love of Xia Chuan, Zoran. Xia Chu escaped from Zoran again, took Migu and left.

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