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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 39 Recap

Chen Gongbo thought out a slogan, the party is inseparable, the country must be unified, and he hopes to reach cooperation with Chiang Kai-shek. The new year will usher in a bright year. Mao Zedong believes that China is about to face a struggle between two destinies, and sufficient preparations must be made for the upcoming Seventh National Congress. Bao Huiseng’s career is getting better and better. He read a poem at the birthday banquet. He was worried and worried about the country and drank a lot of wine. This birthday banquet was not what he wanted to do.

Bao Huiseng used to be a soldier on the battlefield and exposed the darkness of the world. Once he was the Communist Party, before he was completely another person, but what has become of him now? Bao Huiseng hates himself, he used to His comrades-in-arms Zhou Enlai and Dong Biwu were in Chongqing, but he did not dare to meet them and was ashamed to see them. At the beginning, they had a common ideal. They persisted through the ordeal all the way, but Bao Huiseng gave up halfway. He felt depressed that he was just a waste. Over the years, Bao Huiseng has been thinking about why he became like this. The life force has become an excuse for him.

But don’t the thousands of revolutionaries who have fought until now have no homes? The more Bao Huiseng thought about it, the more painful he became. He always thought that as long as these words were blocked, he could feel at ease. Now Bao Huiseng really understands that the word belief is not just talking about it. Belief is a lifelong pursuit and a whole-hearted dedication to endure. After the founding of New China, Bao Huiseng wrote to the central government to repent, requesting to return to Beijing, and the central government agreed.

The Chongqing side announced the list of delegates going to the San Francisco meeting. Among them, the Communist Party only had Dong Biwu, but Mao Zedong believed that the overall situation should be the focus of the meeting and did not do much entanglement. The task of Dong Biwu going to the meeting alone was arduous. Mao Zedong hoped that he would make good use of every opportunity to break the Kuomintang’s blockade of public opinion.

Dong Biwu said that his trip to San Francisco would certainly not humiliate his mission. Wang Youzhi saw that Liu Renjing came before get off work, and Liu Renjing was writing an article. The two were moved by Chiang Kai-shek’s ambitions. Liu Renjing was still straightforward. He lamented that when he was young, he was the youngest and the youngest wherever he went, so he was always taken care of. The First National Congress of the Communist Party of China was even the smallest representative.

Earlier, Chen Duxiu reminded Liu Renjing not to be awkward with comrades in the party, but in a blink of an eye, the people have already passed away. Wang Youzhi told Liu Renjing that Zhou Enlai visited him through Xi’an a few years ago, hoping that he could work for the Communist Party. Although Wang Youzhi did not reply, they have been inclined to the Communist Party since then. They have taken a wrong path in the choice of belief.

It may not be too late for Wang Youzhi to return to the ideal path. Liu Renjing did not speak, saying that these words would not be said to others today. Wang Youzhi made the right choice, and Liu Renjing wrote four anti-communist articles under the influence of the Kuomintang reactionaries, and then publicly published the newspaper for reflection.

The office prepared a farewell party for Dong Biwu. Dong Biwu said that the name of the delegation was unreasonable, but it was for unity and determination to fight for international peace. Soon after the farewell meeting, Dong Biwu arrived in the United States and participated in the United Nations Constitutional Conference as scheduled and signed the United Nations Charter on behalf of the Communist Party of China. Zhang Guotao came back late these few days. Yang Zilie was worried that he might be bothering to pick him up. He heard that Zhang Guotao was walking around recently and wanted to use the Sixth Congress to seek power. Yang Zilie worried that Zhang Guotao’s efforts might not be good.

Zhang Guotao was furious, he didn’t need Yang Zilie to remind him. The Kuomintang’s opponent in the future is the Communist Party, and who knows the Communist Party better than Zhang Guotao, he has been appointed to establish an anti-communist system. Yang Zilie didn’t want him to be a high-ranking official, but only wanted the safety of his family, but Zhang Guotao was not reconciled, even if Chiang Kai-shek did not use him sincerely. Chen Gongbo met the contact person sent by Chiang Kai-shek.

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