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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 38 Recap

Dong Biwu’s work in Chongqing is very effective. Zhou Enlai can stay in Yan’an with confidence. The Kuomintang has a large number of politicians, but the Communist Party has only Dong Biwu. Even if the conference was besieged, Dong Biwu still decided to participate. In Chongqing, the Kuomintang held a meeting to attack the Communist Party.

Dong Biwu objected to their voices. The Communist Party’s achievements in fighting against the Japanese Army are well known and explained the friction incident. Second, Dong Biwu asked President He why he did not pay his military salary on time. What else would he have if he had no right to promise Qualified to accuse them. Dong Biwu has reason and evidence, but the Kuomintang die-hards are clamoring for interference. Dong Biwu said that the original intention of the conference has been undermined and declared that he would withdraw from this political meeting.

Xinjiang. Chen Tanqiu suddenly woke up Comrade and asked him something, and then Sheng Shicai’s people came and said that they would be arraigned. Chen Tanqiu knew that Sheng Shicai was going to commit a murder. Chen Tanqiu, Mao Zemin and Lin Jilu were not afraid. They were ready long ago. The three were secretly killed by Sheng Shicai. Because the news was isolated, the Party Central Committee did not know that they had been killed and were still preparing for rescue. All the communists detained in 1946 were released. Wang Yunxue and Chen Tanqiu’s children returned to Yan’an.

Zhou Fohai’s nature of speculation and fickleness is undoubtedly revealed in order to leave a way for him to contact people from all walks of life. Zhou Fohai believed that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party issue was the fundamental issue in the future. During this time, he provided a lot of information about the New Fourth Army to Chiang Kai-shek, and told Chiang Kai-shek that he should not fight head-on with the Japanese army now, and should save his strength to fight the Communist Party after the Sino-Japanese issue is resolved.

Dong Biwu was watched more and more closely by the secret agents, and he did not go to see Mr. Huang Yanpei because he was worried about his safety. The Kuomintang spies became more and more unscrupulous, and Dong Biwu tried to find a way to maintain contact with the democrats as well as maintain their safety issues. For this reason, the office has decided to hold Dong Biwu’s 60th birthday, and democrats will not be attacked by secret agents.

On Dong Biwu’s 60th birthday, Dong Biwu talked with democrats about the end of the war. Liu Renjing went to meet his old classmate Wang Youzhi. Jiang Jingguo was also their classmate when he was studying in the Soviet Union. Jiang Jingguo also met Liu Renjing when he was in Wuhan, but Liu Renjing didn’t want to take refuge. The Kuomintang has its own principles. Wang Youzhi and Liu Renjing are the same. Although they have joined the Kuomintang, they are never anti-communist. The two talked about their experiences over the years. Liu Renjing hoped that he would help him find an errand in the Education Bureau, and he could not get through most of China. Wang You directly helped him arrange an editor position.

For the coordination between Chongqing and Yan’an, the U.S. military observation team arrived in Yan’an. Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai often talked with them and arranged for them to inspect. They observed a lot in Yan’an. The people here are very good and happy. They also recognized the false propaganda of the Kuomintang. The Kuomintang hoarded a large amount of aid to China in preparation for a civil war, and it was far from victory in the War of Resistance. The Kuomintang army continued to retreat, Guilin fell, and Guiyang was in desperation. Guizhou University had to evacuate urgently, and Zhaofang had to leave in a few days. Wang Huiwu gave her a copy of Li Da’s book as a souvenir. Wang Huiwu also plans to take Li Xinyi to Chongqing, but they don’t have enough money on hand, and they can’t leave yet.

At this time, Wang Huiwu received a telegram from Mao Zedong. He inquired about their news and worried about their comfort, so he sent a sum of money to help them escape the danger. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for 17 years. Mao Zedong still remembered his old friends, and Wang Huiwu was very moved. Li Da returned to Lingling, Hunan, but the Japanese invaders broke Li Da’s peaceful life. The Japanese army wanted Li Da to be the chairman of the maintenance committee. In order to avoid threats, Li Da took his family and relatives to leave Lingling and fled.

Nanjing. Just after Wang Jingwei passed away, Chen Gongbo did not want to prepare auspicious clothes for the inauguration ceremony of the president of the national government. He also said that he was inaugurated as the acting president of the national government. Because Wang Jingwei is gone, the play he performed should be over. He inherited this mess is not to start anew, and It was a decent end. He got on the line with Chongqing two years ago.

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