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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 26 Recap

When Li Jianan came back from the city, he took the initiative to admit his mistakes to Sun Guangming, Yimin, Liu Haitang and others. Unfortunately, he missed the village merger ceremony and agreed to make a public review. Sun Guangming no longer pursued it. Li Jian’an couldn’t restrain the impulse in his heart and wanted to do a big job in the merger of the village. Sun Guangming promised to fully support his work.

Sun Guangming came to Zhao Xinlong and saw that he had repaired the table. He paid him 400 yuan on the spot and asked Zhao Xinlong to come back to the barn two days later. He still had bigger old furniture to be repaired. Xu Youyou wrote a love letter for Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui couldn’t tell the hot words in it. Xu Youyou encouraged him to bravely pursue his own happiness.

Zhao Xinlong opened the door with woodworking tools in the early morning. He took the first step with difficulty, and then went straight to the barn. Sun Guangming asked him to renovate some old furniture and deliberately picked up faults, which caused Zhao Xinlong to speak. Sun Guangming was deeply gratified. That night, Xichun delivered vegetables to the barn for Guilan. Liu Fugui begged Xichun to stay and have dinner together. Xu Youyi also helped. Xichun had no choice but to agree. Liu Fugui asked Xu Youyou to take the most expensive.

The dishes are served. Liu Fugui apologized to Xichun. He wanted to confess to Xichun, but he couldn’t speak. He just kept drinking and courage. Xu Youyou cheered Liu Fugui on the occasion of serving dishes. Liu Fugui secretly took out the only love letter written by Xu and read it word by word to Xichun to show her love. Xichun didn’t know how to answer for a while. Osmanthus suddenly broke into the barn and cursed Liu Fugui, reminding Xichun not to go. Liu Fugui’s pawn, she wholeheartedly served Liu Fugui, but he didn’t appreciate it.

He recruited bees and butterflies outside. Liu Fugui was so scared that he dodged from the left and right. Xu Youyou hurried over to persuade him to prevent the sweet-scented osmanthus from interfering with Liu Fugui’s emotional life. Gritting her teeth, rushing to theorize with Xu Youyi, Xichun clung to her, and made it clear that she did not like Liu Fugui.

Sun Guangming came and persuaded Xichun to leave. Liu Fugui followed him out. Osmanthus spit out bitterness to Sun Guangming. He kept claiming that Xichun seduce Liu Fugui, and Xu Youwei came forward to confirm that Liu Fugui first pursued Xichun and Osmanthus. Reluctant and unforgiving, it was revealed that Xu had only received Liu Fugui’s benefits, so he could speak for him everywhere. Sun Guangming promised to find out the matter as soon as possible, and persuaded Osmanthus away.

Sun Guangming complained that Xu was the only one who should not collect Liu Fugui’s money. Xu Youyou felt that it was natural for her to charge consulting fees, and that Liu Fugui and Xichun matched well. Sun Guangming gave her a severe lesson and was not allowed to mix it up. Otherwise, she would be dismissed. Xu Yiyi was not convinced. She had already found a job with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. She wanted to leave here soon, and Sun Guangming was immediately dumbfounded.

Osmanthus headed down and went home, and saw Liu Fugui sitting on the table feeling sad. Osmanthus mistakenly thought that Liu Fugui wanted to drive her away. But Liu Fugui was worried about Xichun’s rejection of him. Osmanthus repeatedly confessed to Liu Fugui and wanted to make peace. He lived with him. Liu Fugui flatly refused and did not want to take her in. He asked her to pack up and leave overnight. Osmanthus had nowhere to go. Liu Fugui asked her to live in a guest house. Osmanthus resolutely refused to do it. He threatened to fight Liu Fugui to the end. To sleep in his bed, Liu Fugui complained endlessly.

Liu Fugui came to Sun Guangming to complain early in the morning. Sun Guangming persuaded him to bear with him for a while. The poverty alleviation fund applied by the village for Osmanthus fragrans has been approved, and she will be allowed to leave when Osmanthus’s house is built. Liu Fugui has taken in Osmanthus for more than half a year. Thinking of the sweet-scented osmanthus, she wanted to enter the room and pulled out Xu Youyou to testify. Xu Youyou didn’t want to go to the muddy water. He wanted to return the consultation fee to Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui refused to charge, and he had to consult Xu Youyou about his relationship.

Liu Fugui begged Sun Guangming to chase the osmanthus away. Sun Guangming was forced to persuade the osmanthus. Osmanthus was determined not to go. She still lay on the table to play tricks. Sun Guangming’s hard persuasion was of no avail. Osmanthus insisted on staying at Liu Fugui’s house I have become accustomed to living with Liu Fugui.

Sun Guangming explained her interest and persuaded her to be independent before she could win Liu Fugui’s love. Sun Guangming asked Osmanthus to use poverty alleviation funds to build a house. Osmanthus asked Sun Guangming to build a homestay for her. Sun Guangming Responding to her one-to-one help, Osmanthus naturally couldn’t help but want to talk to Liu Fugui one last time.

Osmanthus invited Liu Fugui to the barn, and frankly negotiated with him for the last time. Osmanthus decided to accept Sun Guangming’s help. Since then, Liu Fugui broke up with Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui happily closed her mouth, Osmanthus tearfully returned to his house to pack her things. Sun Guangming wanted to know Liu Fugui’s views on Osmanthus, Liu Fugui had bothered her a long time ago, and wished she left early, Sun Guangming didn’t say anything.

Liu Fugui finally drove the sweet-scented osmanthus away. He felt more relaxed than ever. Liu Fugui invited Zhao Yuxi to drink that night and vowed to continue pursuing Xichun from now on, but Zhao Yuxi saw that he was lonely.

Sun Guangming asked Osmanthus to stay in the barn to help temporarily, and promised to give her a salary. Osmanthus was grateful to him. Sun Guangming asked Osmanthus to lead the formation of the Yangko team. Next month, he will participate in the Yangko competition jointly organized by 18 villages. He closed his mouth happily from ear to ear.

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