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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 25 Recap

Liu Haitang also publicly expressed his support for Sun Guangming’s decision to merge the village. I hope that the villagers will also agree. Feng Jinbao asked the villagers to show their hands to vote. The villagers raised their hands to express their approval, and the village’s proposal was passed smoothly.

Li Jianan called Zhang Zihao, but couldn’t reach him. Li Jianan came to Yue Lan to find out, and learned that Zhang Zihao had gone to Europe for an inspection. Yue Lan pushed Zhang Zihao’s WeChat account to Li Jianan. Liu Fugui urged Zhao Yuxi to propose to Xichun as soon as possible. Zhao Yuxi once asked Xichun, but was interrupted by Zhao Yushan. Zhao Yuxi encouraged Liu Fugui to pursue Xichun boldly. Osmanthus hid aside and heard clearly.

Liu Fugui didn’t know how to start. He came to Xu Youyou for advice. Xu Youyou opened his mouth and asked for a consultation fee of 500 yuan. Liu Fugui paid on the spot, and Xu Youyou gave him a good idea. Liu Fugui plucked up the courage to find Xichun, Xichun went to Li Jian’an’s home to cook, Liu Fugui followed her closely, and sweet-scented osmanthus secretly followed Liu Fugui to Li Jian’an’s home. Liu Fugui leaned forward to please Xichun. Xichun was so frightened that he sprinkled Liu Fugui with powder in his hand. Liu Fugui gave Xichun a new mobile phone, but Xichun politely declined.

Osmanthus sent a message to Li Jianan to report that Liu Fugui was playing a gangster with Xichun. Li Jianan rushed home in time. Seeing Liu Fugui so embarrassed, he believed that he was plotting against Xichun. Liu Fugui repeatedly explained that he came to see Xichun, and Xichun admitted. Liu Fugui just wanted to give her a mobile phone, and Li Jianan forced Liu Fugui away. Liu Fugui went out full of flour, and was ridiculed by Zhao Meifeng and others who were in the shade on the street. He was frightened and fled.

Li Jianan asked Xichun what he thought of Liu Fugui, Xichun admitted that he had someone he liked, and then left. Osmanthus took the initiative to help Liu Fugui wash the flour off her face, and she knew everything about Liu Fugui’s pursuit of Xichun. Liu Fugui was puzzled. Osmanthus loved the phone so much that Liu Fugui agreed to give it to her as an excuse to change her phone. Card, I found out the message Osmanthus sent to Li Jian’an, Liu Fugui immediately understood everything, and was angry to drive Osmanthus away.

Liu Fugui came to Xu Youyou again for advice, and Xu Youyou asked him for 500 yuan again. Osmanthus came to Sun Guangming and cried and complained. She was wholeheartedly at Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui was unmoved and wanted to drive her away. Sun Guangming felt that there was a hidden feeling in it. Osmanthus told the cause and effect of the incident.

Sun Guangming just complained about her. Shouldn’t complain to Li Jianan, but don’t know how to help her, Osmanthus begged Sun Guangming for help, Sun Guangming promised to help her find a way, but persuaded her to leave. When Xu Youyou saw Osmanthus leaving in tears, he couldn’t help but speak for Liu Fugui in front of Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming reminded her not to mix with other people’s feelings, and Xu Youyou had to shut up. Sun Guangming called the old people of Haiqing Village to the barn.

He personally cooks a lot of dishes. Mayor Zhao publicly announced that Houshigou Village and Haiqing Village will be officially merged, and wish the two villages will be better and better. Sun Guangming gave a brief speech. Uncle Gu insisted on waiting for Aunt Mei to come. Sun Guangming promised to call everyone in next time. Uncle Gu had a glass of wine for Aunt Mei.

After the meal, Sun Guangming and Mayor Zhao took the old people to take pictures under the big locust tree. Zhao Yushan saw this scene from a distance, and then quietly left. Sun Guangming asked Liu Haitang to select 15 people to study tea-making techniques in Haiqing Village. Liu Haitang was ashamed. She used to fight against Sun Guangming everywhere and never supported his work. Unexpectedly, Sun Guangming would reuse her regardless of previous complaints. Liu Haitang took out samples of pancakes of various flavors and asked Sun Guangming to help promote sales.

Sun Guangming personally took Liu Haitang’s carefully selected young women to Haiqing Village, and Aunt Mei warmly welcomed them. Li Qinghe quietly called Sun Guangming aside. She couldn’t worry about Zhao Xinlong’s illness. She asked Sun Guangming to help Zhao Xinlong get up again. Sun Guangming promised to give it a try and learned in detail about Zhao Xinlong’s illness and abnormal behavior.

Zhang Zihao came back from a study tour in Europe. He benefited a lot. He couldn’t wait to report to his grandfather on the gains of this European trip. He wanted to invite an expert group from Europe to engage in modern agriculture in Houshigou Village. Grandpa raised different opinions. Li Jianan came to see Zhang Zihao when he heard the news, and Zhang Zihao felt that he was coming at the right time, so that Li Jianan and grandpa could have a good chat.

Li Jianan tried his best to say something good for Zhang Zihao, but his grandfather was still not at ease. Zhang Zihao decided to visit Houshigou Village and make a detailed plan for his grandfather. Li Jianan was happy. Sun Guangming learned from Li Qinghe that Zhao Xinlong liked carpentry. He brought a broken old-fashioned chair. He saw that Zhao Xinlong was sculpting his head. Sun Guangming asked Zhao Xinlong to fix the chair and promised to give him 200 yuan for hard work.

Xichun came to Li Jianan’s house to help wash the clothes. Zhao Yuxi came to her to inquire about Li Jianan’s whereabouts. He suspected that Li Jianan had run away. Xichun repeatedly explained that Li Jianan had gone to work in the city. Zhao Yuxi took the opportunity to match Xichun and Liu Fugui. At this moment, Li Jianan drove home and brought a lot of gifts. Xichun hurried out to help with the move. Zhao Yuxi ridiculed Li Jianan. Li Jianan asked him to take some gifts back to Guilan. Zhao Yuxi was angry. He left without returning.

Zhang Zihao invited Yue Lan to dinner and thanked her for giving her grandpa’s address to Li Jian’an, so that Li Jian’an could come to the rescue in time. Zhang Zihao wanted to cooperate with Li Jian’an. Yue Lan persuaded Zhang Zihao to find Sun Guangming. Zhang Zihao decided. Refused, and clearly stated that it was jealous. Sun Guangming came to Zhao Xinlong. He saw that he had repaired the old chair intact. Sun Guangming praised his craftsmanship. He gave out a 200 yuan reward on the spot.

Zhao Xinlong refused to accept it. Sun Guangming put it on the table and ask Zhao Xinlong to go to the valley. Cang helped repair an old table and promised to give him 400 yuan after it was done. Zhao Yushan went home and saw Zhao Xinlong repairing an old table in the yard. He was stunned. Zhao Yushan learned that it was sent by Sun Guangming sent to Xichun. He saw Zhao Xinlong focusing on his work and was very excited. Weeping.

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