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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 36 End Recap

The pill Xu Rugui swallowed was nothing more than a gluten-like thing, mixed with castor bean poison on the outside, and mercury refined with vinegrass inside. Chu Chu noticed that Xiao Jinyu looked strange and couldn’t help but ask curiously, but Xiao Jinyu quickly concealed his emotions and asked Leng Yue to send Chu Chu into the palace to prepare for the marriage.

However, when Chu Chu had just left, Xiao Jinyu could no longer control his temper. Although he had guessed that Xue Rucheng would have a conspiracy, he did not expect that he wanted to attack Chu Chu. Because Xue Rucheng knew well that if Xu Rugui died in the Three Laws Division, Chu Chu would definitely have an autopsy for Xu Rugui. By then, the poisonous gas would be filled, not only Chu Chu was poisoned, but Xiao Jinyu and others would also die here.

Thinking that two days later would be the day of the big wedding, Xiao Jinyu could no longer sit and wait for death. He took Wu Jiang to catch Zhou Han, forced the other party to become an internal correspondent, and lurked next to Xue Rucheng. Xue Rucheng learned that the plan had failed again, and became furious, so he decided to give a gift in person as he wished.

After receiving news from Xiao Jinyu, Xiao Jinli led some people to Chang’an overnight and waited for the next arrangements. Xiao Jinyu found that Xiao Jinli had Luo Yan’s sign hanging around her waist, so she thought that the two of them were close, and couldn’t help but tease him.

Compared with the tense atmosphere of the Xiao family, Mrs. Jing was very happy. She had no daughters to marry, so she wanted to prepare a dowry for Chu Chu. Seeing that the younger son is about to get married, Princess Xiping urges the elder son to put on the agenda quickly, intending to introduce him to the famous ladies in the city.

At this time, Leng Yue came in from outside, and Princess Xiping took out a pair of family jade bracelets. One of them was handed over to Leng Yue, who would give it to Chu Chu, and the other was waiting for Xiao Jinli to marry a wife. Chu Chu was worried that Princess Xiping would dislike her identity, but when she saw the jade bracelet, she finally fell into a deep heart.

On the day of the wedding, the city of Chang’an was very grand, and the streets on both sides were full of onlookers. Seeing dozens of palace attendants carrying their sedan chairs, they stopped in front of the Anjun Palace. Zhou Han led people to squat in the pavilion not far away, and ordered his men to go back and report to Xue Rucheng. Only the treasurer of Boguzhai believed that something was abnormal and was afraid of fraud.

Just as Xue Rucheng was about to watch the changes again, he didn’t expect Leng Yue and Jing Yi to suddenly rush in. They wanted to take this opportunity to destroy the nest of the fake “King Chang”, but they were surrounded by each other. Because there were already vital hostages in his hands, Xue Rucheng didn’t have to worry about Xiao Jinyu’s plot, and rushed into the Anjun Prince’s Mansion.

In the past, the master and disciples were deeply affectionate, but now they turn against each other. Xiao Jinyu publicly exposed Xue Rucheng’s identity and angrily accused him of using the name of King Chang to make trouble. Leng Yue and Jing Yi would rather die than surrender, and would never become his bargaining chip to contain Xiao Jinyu. In fact, as early as the eve of the wedding, Xiao Jinyu had contacted Jing Ge’s family of three, as well as Leng Yue and others, and everyone seriously discussed countermeasures.

According to Xiao Jinyu’s plan, Leng Yue and Jing Yi had to pretend to be defeated and become Xue Rucheng’s prisoners. Only when he feels that they are the first to win will they use all their strength and fall into the trap set by Chang’an City. Because Zhou Han will do hands and feet on the ropes, Leng Yue and Jing Yi can take the opportunity to escape, and Xue Rucheng will definitely order Zhou Han to use the empty backyard at this time to sneak in from the side door to the Hengxiang Pavilion, when Chu Chu will pretend to be Tang Xuanzong waited there.

The moment Xue Rucheng saw Chu Chu, he was shocked. Xiao Jinyu asked him to replace Chu Chu as Xue Rucheng’s hostage. In fact, he set up a mechanism in the door. After calculating the range and angle, he waited for Xue Rucheng to step into the range to ensure a Hit well. Xiao Jinyu couldn’t give up his master and disciple’s many years of affection, so she asked him if he ever had a sincere heart. However, Xue Rucheng used it from beginning to end, and finally disappointed Xiao Jinyu, severely attacked the killer, and witnessed Xue Rucheng’s death on the spot.

After the big wedding that day, Chang’an City once again resumed its prosperous state, and no more gloom. Tang Xuanzong thought of the merits of the Xiao family in eradicating the traitors, so he planned to reward them one by one, and allowed Chu Chu, the princess of An County, to regain his identity, and allowed him to follow Xiao Jinyu to investigate the suspected prison and punish the evil.

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