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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 35 Recap

Leng Yue came to the gate of Leng’s Mansion late at night. Jing Yi knew that Leng Yue went home and took a look. He took out the key given by General Leng to open the gate of Leng’s Mansion. Leng Yue saw the scene at home and missed his parents. He also understood that his grandfather had not returned for many years. The reason for the cold house. Leng Yue thanked Jing Yi for what she had done for herself, and kissed Jing Yi quietly, which surprised Jing Yi.

Chu Chu was inspired, so he decided to marry Xiao Jinyu. After all, when the king of Anjun married the princess, relatives of the emperor and the ministers of the imperial court would come to congratulate him, thus eliciting Xue Rucheng. However, Xiao Jinyu did not agree. He didn’t want Chu Chu to be in danger anymore, especially when it came to life events.

Seeing Xiao Jinyu’s safety in her heart, Chu Chu was moved, and she became more determined, regardless of good or bad luck afterwards. After all, the two have made an oath, and they will only have to work with each other to grow old in this life. In the end, under Chu Chu’s various persuasion, Xiao Jinyu had to agree, at least this was the only feasible method.

Considering that the royal Xu marriage must pay attention to the right person, it is true that Tang Xuanzong will definitely oppose this marriage due to her identity, so she decided to give up and continue to work as a marriage partner. Although Chu Chu was a little bit reluctant, the purpose of the exam was to eradicate evil, and now there is this opportunity. Instead of asking two people to sacrifice, it is better to bear it alone and protect Xiao Jinyu.

At first, when Tang Xuanzong learned that Xiao Jinyu asked for a marriage, he was immediately furious, but when he heard of Chuchu’s benevolent and righteous style, and she was still loyal, he readily agreed and chased after her husband Xiao Heng. Now that Xiao Jinyu’s good deeds are approaching, Leng Yue and Jing Yi’s relationship is gradually heating up. Just as the two were strolling on the street, they suddenly saw a man shouting long live King Chang in public. Then he fell to the ground without waking up, and his clothes appeared on his back. There are two lines of ink.

Fortunately, Xiao Jinyu guessed in advance that someone would pretend to be a ghost in a crowded area in Chang’an, so he let them stand by and wait for a while, and she made a new discovery. Xue Rucheng sent someone to throw Xu Rugui on the street at the back door of the Sanfasi Division. Xiao Jinyu checked the rut at the door and found that through the details of the distiller’s grains, it was concluded that it should be the carriage of the wine shop in the city.

Xu Rugui, who hadn’t seen him for many days, seemed to be suffering from a serious illness at this moment, and his whole body was trembling and unconscious. Chu Chu was afraid that Xu Rugui’s injury would get worse, and took the initiative to help him check the wound, while Xiao Jinyu took advantage of him to be sober and raised several questions one after another. Jing Yi solved the miracle doubts in front of the onlookers. Xue Rucheng knew that the dead man had been exposed, but he had already made arrangements and waited to catch turtles in the urn.

According to Xu Rugui’s description, there are only sporadic memories, vaguely remembering that he was locked up in the distiller’s grains, and he was forced to swallow the bitter medicine in addition to the daily feeding of steamed buns and white water. Xu Rugui vaguely remembered that before leaving, he was suddenly fed pills by the group of people, except that there was no more food.

Xiao Jinyu couldn’t understand why Xue Rucheng didn’t kill Xu Rugui. This matter became a key doubt. It happened that Wu Jiang followed Zhou Han and discovered that he actually took people to the Xiao family’s ancestral hall to step on. It seemed that there was some conspiracy. Leng Yue speculated that Xu Rugui was suffering from a small amount of ricinus bean poisoning through his performance. It stands to reason that his current symptoms of poisoning are at most headaches and fever like wind and cold, but not dead.

Xiao Jinyu guessed that Xue Rucheng’s purpose in sending Xu Rugui here was to kill himself, and the method should be related to the balls in Xu Rugui’s womb. When Chu Chu heard Leng Yue’s description, he felt a little strange. In addition, Xiao Jinyu determined that Xu Rugui had swallowed a problem with the pills, so he decided to personally cut out the undigested pills with a knife, and promised to guarantee Xu Rugui’s life. Leng Yue is willing to assist Chu Chu by the side, while Xiao Jinyu and Jing Yi in the study infer the place where the rebellious party gathers.

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