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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 34 Recap

In the face of Shengwei, Chu Chu was neither humble nor overbearing, and personally presented the waist card carried by the eunuch’s deceased, which was actually from the servant of the palace and was under the control of Qin Luan. Qin Luan was panicked when he saw this, and wanted to continue to argue, but before he could speak, Xiao Jinyu was so speechless. Tang Xuanzong saw what was right and wrong, and ordered people to take Qin Luan into jail on the spot, and held Han Ji accountable, and removed him from the position of censorship in the Criminal Department. He was demoted to two levels and went home to think behind closed doors for half a month.

After this, Han Ji repented. Knowing that he was blinded by the traitor and turned into a criminal officer, he finally apologized to Xiao Jinyu, and the two reconciled silently. Since Qin Luan’s case is a long time lapse and the implications are extensive, and Xiao Heng is also involved in this case, considering the relationship between him and Xiao Jinyu, Tang Xuanzong let Jing Ge be responsible for the investigation, and the three law divisions coordinated. However, Qin Luan was arrested and reacted indifferently, let Xiao Jinyu guess that there was a future move, and asked Jing Ge to be more careful.

Now that the unjust case is overturned, Princess Xiping is a worry. Moreover, this is the last wish of the husband. Chu Chu also took the initiative to return the stone pendant. The combination of the two stones was his token of love for the princess. Xiao Jinyu learned through Chu Chu that he was the son of Chen Ying, but he still regarded Princess Xiping as a mother. He thanked for the kindness of nurturing over the years and hoped to continue serving Princess Xiping in Xiao Mansion.

Even though the plan has changed, Xue Rucheng still has a countermeasure. On the contrary, Qin Luan entered the Dali Temple Prison as if he were going home, dancing all the way, humming and coming to Elder Jing Ge. No matter how old Jingge interrogated, Qin Luan remained unhurried, and even wanted to win over Jingge, threatening that the Emperor of Tang had no power, just like running water, that he could change at any time.

Xiao Jinyu looked at Qin Luan from behind the wall of the interrogation room, and found that he was always observing the missing engravings and calculating the time, which was enough to show that the other party had been properly prepared in advance. If he could not return to the palace at the agreed time, I am afraid that the palace would change. According to Xiao Jinyu’s method, Jing Ge Lao and Jing Yi deliberately staged a “King of the King” drama in front of Qin Luan, and as expected they got key clues from him.

After Elder Jingge and others left, Xiao Jinyu personally came to Dali Temple Prison. Seeing that Qin Luan was still complacent, he shattered his plan with a few words. Compared with Qin Luan’s cunning and cunning, Jing Ge was even more resourceful. He had anticipated that it would be useless to Qin Luan during the chaos, so he simply tried his best to force Qin Luan to find his own way.

Despite this, Qin Luan was still imagining the palace change, thinking that even if Xiao Jinyu had the ability to reach the sky, it would never be possible for Xiao Jinyu to mobilize his troops within two quarters of an hour. However, Xiao Jinyu had prepared both for precautions. The first was to gamble that Qin Luan lived in the palace and was not familiar with the route from the Imperial Medical Office to Dali Temple. The second was to conclude that Qin Luan was not familiar with Dali Temple. The interrogation room of the prison.

The place where he is currently located is actually the court in the palace, which means that it takes less than half an hour to reach the Jiangshan Temple from here, and there are already good soldiers in ambush around, just waiting for the rebels to appear. After Qin Luan learned the truth, his emotions became very agitated, then he raised his head and laughed before hitting the wall and died.

All Qin Luan’s party feathers had been captured. Tang Xuanzong escaped from the dead, and couldn’t help feeling that he was sheltered by his third brother. At the same time, he praised the little eunuch Jin Bao for lurking around Qin Luan for a long time, so he could spy on Qin Luan’s wolf ambition. However, not long after Qin Luan’s death, Zhou Han suddenly disappeared, and even the Shence Army was missing a large number of people. Obviously, he switched to Xue Rucheng’s family.

Knowing that Zhou Han is adding wings to Xue Rucheng, Xiao Jinyu still waited for the opportunity and even informed Wu Jiang to secretly escort Zhou Han out of the city, only to become a favorable offensive in the future. At the same time, Xue Rucheng incited everyone in the name of King Chang. Jing Yi found out that Li Zhang’s mother was once an embroidered mother of King Chang’s residence, and Zhao Jie’s father was a guard at King Chang’s residence. As for the others, they all died in the coup d’etat, so they followed. Xue Rucheng rebelled.

In those days, King Chang left the palace because of smallpox. Before leaving, he was diagnosed and treated by the imperial physician Zhang Shu. So why Zhang Shu was suddenly murdered is obviously related to the secret of King Chang. As for the “King Chang” Xue Rucheng who is now trying to force the palace to rebel, his real identity is Xuetang, the slave of the palace.

It is precisely because Xue Rucheng has planned for many years, seeing that he is only one step away from the throne, even if it is to get chestnuts from the fire, he has to achieve his goal. Due to the inability to cooperate with Qin Luanli and outsiders, coupled with limited manpower, unable to accurately obtain the information around Tang Xuanzong, we can only look for some suitable opportunities, such as a small-scale banquet that can gather the emperor and clan loyal officials.

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