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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 33 Recap

The imperial physician Zhang Shu suddenly hanged himself. Han Ji searched for clues at the scene of the crime. He found that the pulse case on the table recorded the pregnancy of Princess Xiping. All signs showed that the princess was only pregnant with one child, but he lied to the outside world. Two sons. Xiao Jinyu brought Chu Chu over to investigate the cause of Zhang Shu’s death, only to ran into Han Ji. Just as Han Ji ordered someone to apprehend Chu Chu, it was fortunate that Xiao Jinyu appeared to stop him in time.

Xiao Jinyu produced a certificate that could prove that Chu Chu was made by the three methods. Because of this certificate, Han Ji was not qualified to take Chu Chu away. When Han Ji left in anger, Chu Chu couldn’t help asking about the source of the voucher, so he learned that Xiao Jinyu had applied to Tang Xuanzong for a blank voucher signed jointly by the officials and the Sanfa Department, as long as he filled in it before he took the exam. The information of the hiring person will be effective immediately.

Because she was worried that Chu Chu would misunderstand what she meant, Xiao Jinyu took the initiative to explain this to her, and hoped that Chu Chu could stay by her side forever. Chu Chu pretended to be arrogant, but in the end he couldn’t play with Xiao Jinyu and was teased by the other party. The two got along very sweetly and warmly.

Regarding Zhang Shu’s matter, Tang Xuanzong personally interrogated Princess Xiping, and Jing Ge and others were also in the audience. Han Ji presented evidence one by one in front of everyone. First, he brought the nurses and maids from the old princess’s house, and then told that Princess Xiping had adopted the orphan of Chen Ying. In order to conceal this, he sent all these people who knew their secrets out of the house.

Now in Han Ji’s view, the reason why Princess Xiping is not afraid of her servant’s external voices is to privately detain her relatives, including the nursing mother and maid. After many years, the two wanted to be cordial, and saw the two sons of the Princess Mansion grow up, so they wanted to redeem their relatives with Princess Xiping, but they were rejected and almost killed.

Even though Han Ji was convincing, Princess Xiping firmly denied that even if Han Ji inferred that she threatened Zhang Shu and forced the other party to hang on her own, she only found it ridiculous. Tang Xuanzong was convinced that he wanted Princess Xiping to plead guilty, but Xiao Jinyu suddenly visited and confessed his intentions, and pointed out that the case presented by Han Ji must be forged by others.

After Xiao Jinyu elaborated on her point of view, she proposed to re-examine the pulse case. It turned out that the paper used for the pulse case was old, but the handwriting was brand new. Moreover, the ink used was an imperial product from the palace three years ago, and it was by no means easy for ordinary imperial physicians. Because Xiao Jinyu had simulated the case with Chu Chu and concluded that Zhang Shu was fainted before he hanged himself. As for why the two doctors would see Zhang Shu kicking the stool to hang himself, it was completely bewildered by the murderer’s blindfold.

In order to show the process of the crime more intuitively, Xiao Jinyu specially arranged a room as a suicide scene, including the furnishings and the truth. Everyone went over to watch. They didn’t expect to see the puppet hanging under the beam of the room automatically kicking off the stool when they opened the door, but it was realized through Xiao Jinyu’s explanation.

It turned out that after covering Zhang Shu, the murderer specially hung a hemp rope on the beam of the room and made Zhang Shu suicide. Then he stood on the foot of the deceased with a stool, blocked the surface of the stool with the feet of the deceased, and supported it on the floor. A writing brush just keeps the stool from falling down. When Han Ji came with the imperial physician and opened the door, he would naturally touch the thin rod of the brush, causing the stool to follow the brush to the end, creating an illusion that made everyone mistakenly believe it was true.

The murderer took so painstakingly to arrange this game. It seemed perfect, but it was really flawed. That was, he couldn’t leave the front door, but jumped through the window and escaped. However, when the murderer ran away in a hurry, he didn’t notice that his inner shirt was scratched by the window spurs, leaving a thread behind.

Under Xiao Jinyu’s pressure, Sun Mingde dared not reveal his shirt to prove his innocence, and panicked to ask Qin Luan to help him intercede. However, Qin Luan knew that the plan was revealed, and he broke Sun Mingde’s neck on the spot, claiming that it was to eradicate internal troubles and protect Tang Xuanzong’s safety. However, Xiao Jinyu had enough evidence to accuse Qin Luan of being the mastermind behind the scenes. Xiao Jinyu reported to the Southwest group what he had gained. He found his father Xiao Heng and the evidence he had left, and immediately notified his subordinates to bring evidence of the relics to Tang Xuanzong.

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