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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 32 Recap

Through various clues, Elder Jing Ge has already inferred the identity of the eldest son Xiao Jinli. As for the specific situation, Princess Xiping needs to truthfully inform him. Now that Qin Luan secretly finds the old man and wants to make a fuss about the child, Princess Xiping is in a mess, so she can only tell Elder Jing Ge the truth and ask him for help.

It turned out that before Xiao Heng went to the southwest, Mrs. Chen Ying was expected to have such a catastrophe, so she simply drank the oxytocin, gave birth to her son and died. The family slave of Chen Mansion came to visit with her child. Princess Xiping regarded her as an innocent child. In addition, she had a very good relationship with Mrs. Chen Ying, and she secretly adopted her, pretending to have given birth to twins.

After a long journey for many days, everyone finally arrived outside Chang’an. Jing Yi mixed into the group of women in the brothel and successfully passed Zhou Han into the city. As for Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu, they hid under the food container in Guangtai Building. Although there was some trouble during the period, Fortunately, doubts were avoided. At this time Boguzhai was properly arranged in Chang’an City, waiting for the inside and outside to meet and welcome the rebels into the city.

Even though Xiao Jinyu told General Leng to lock up the news in advance, and no military report returned it, after all, a tragedy could not be avoided, especially when he witnessed the fire in the Xue Mansion and the death of his teacher, and he was immediately saddened. While Chu Chu was investigating the cause of Xue Rucheng’s death, Xiao Jinyu and Jing Yi and others visited Xue Mansion and discovered a problem on a pillar. Just as they were about to infer the source of the fire, they suddenly thought of something and the words stopped abruptly.

At this time, Chu Chu hurriedly said that the deceased was not Xue Rucheng. It was obvious that it was the corpse of a man who was about two ten years old, and the cause of death was strangled to death, and then he was thrown into the fire to create a false impression. The housekeeper Xue had a fierce reaction when he heard the words, and accidentally dropped the token of the Military Dispatch Department Shangshu. Chu Chu found a few snake-killing plants in the yard, which were only planted by people in the southwest.

Because of what Chu Chu said, Xiao Jinyu suddenly realized that in order to prove Xue Rucheng’s true purpose, he went to the Sanfa Department to search for the dossier overnight, only to see the documents presented by the Ministry of War. From this, he learned that Xue Rucheng had already learned about the military situation in the southwest, so he sat down He is the identity of the son of the first emperor.

The reason why Xue Rucheng wrote down the documents in advance and stayed in the Ministry of War was nothing more than to prepare with both hands, because the uprising and seizing the camp are of great importance, and Zhao Jie must have agreed with him that the ten days from the day of seizing the camp will be counted as that is. The latest day the Express Military News arrived in Beijing happened to be today. If Zhao Jiesheng can rebel in the name of King Chang, if Zhao Jie’s defeat can cause turmoil in the DPRK, he can fight for himself and escape time.

Just as Xiao Jinyu expected, Xue Rucheng has planted available people to make plans. He first used the dancing girl to kill Yan Ming, and used Yan Ming’s cause of death to stir up public opinion about King Chang’s alive, and then use the power of King Chang to raise troops. However, Xue Rucheng killed so many people, but he did not expect Xiao Jinyu to find out the case of private coining of copper coins. After all, he planned to fully disperse the counterfeit coins among the people, leading to the loss of the prestige of the current court, thereby regaining the hearts of the people and using them for himself.

The wise Qianxi finally lost. Because of Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu’s intervention, Xue Rucheng’s plan was hindered. He wanted to seize the military power in the Southwest in the name of King Chang. Unfortunately, Xiao Jinyu took the lead in the Southwest. And now Xue Rucheng flees in feign death, also to implement the next step. He hijacked Xu Rugui with bitter tricks, and secretly secreted Xiao Heng’s suicide note, in order to coerce Qin Luan into colluding with him.

At the same time, Qin Luan learned that Xiao Jinyu and others had entered the city, and immediately confessed to Sun Deming to arrange the next action. In the harem, Dr. Zhang was found hanging himself in the house, and things became more complicated. Despite having traced the main messenger behind the scenes, Xiao Jinyu was still at a loss, and even blamed herself as a prison officer of the Three Laws. Not only did she fail to keep the Datang stable, she missed opportunities time and time again.

Chu Chu saw the heartache, and took the initiative to hug Xiao Jinyu, claiming that he was worthy of praise for the people in Southwest China. This bravery is worthy of praise, and it makes Chu Chu admire and gratify. She is willing to stay by Xiao Jinyu forever and share weal and woe. With the encouragement of Chu Chu, Xiao Jinyu finally made much the same, and the decision was bound to bring Xue Rucheng to justice.

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