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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 31 Recap

Everyone found two identical ledgers in Wu Chen’s barracks, so it was inferred that every time he purchases materials, he would have to make double copies. Since he can pay an extra amount of money, it must be deducted from the army salary, which means that the soldiers’ salary is the same. Fake copper coins from a private casting case.

Considering that this matter is of great importance, the rebellious party has already been recovered and the supplies have been seized. If the fake money is recovered from the soldiers, it will definitely affect the military’s morale. Therefore, Xiao Jinyu believes that at present, we should not make trouble and raise more real money as soon as possible. Secretly exchanged fake money.

Leng Yue and Chu Chu wanted to contribute, so they handed over all their belongings to General Leng. In spite of this, General Leng still tactfully refused, after all, no matter how difficult he is, he won’t be able to take the two children’s money. At the same time, Bo Guzhai received the news and ordered his buddies to prepare as soon as possible to welcome the rebels outside the city at any time.

The next morning, Jing Yi and others transferred several large boxes of copper coins to solve the urgent need. The reason was that Xiao Jinyu ordered officials at all levels in Qianzhou to take samples of 50,000 copper coins from the warehouses and send them to the army on the grounds that they wanted to screen for privately cast copper coins. , And then from the Jiedo Envoy to assist in the investigation. These officials did not dare to defy or even fear that they would be affected. They all performed careful inspections before the copper money was released from the treasury. After the imperial government allocated funds, they could be returned to various county offices.

However, now that the copper coin has been settled, there is something more difficult now. Xiao Jinyu reviewed the situation of Qianzhou conscription and suddenly discovered that the Qianzhou army has been harassed by mountain bandits in recent years. Not only has it always been defeated by mountain bandits, but also Have and will be taken away by the other party. Although Qianzhou has a long history of banditry and has been repeatedly suppressed, there is an important reason for Li Zhang’s intentional shelter.

Li Zhang first sent the rebels into the Qianzhou Army through conscription, waited until the training was completed, and then robbed them from the camp and mixed into the bandits. The army passed the Sanyi status, logically and continuously sneaked into the Jiedu Envoy, without knowing it.

In order to prevent the anti-army from entering Chang’an among the candidates, Xiao Jinyu and the others decided to find a way to stop it. At this time, Qin Luan had found a good reason to persuade Tang Xuanzong and sent his subordinates to guard the city gate to guard against disasters. Wu Jiang wanted to leave the city and was blocked by Zhou Han. The two quarreled with each other. In the end, Zhou Han was defeated and stared at Wu Jiang angrily.

Through this period of time, General Leng has clearly seen that his granddaughter already has someone he likes, and this person is the son of Jingge’s hometown. Although Leng Yue quickly denied it, she still couldn’t escape General Leng’s eyes with her shy appearance. That night, General Leng took the initiative to talk to Jing Yi. Although he was dissatisfied with the marriage between Xiao Jinli and Leng Yueci, he knew that there was a misunderstanding in the matter.

Although General Leng was at odds with Lao Jing Ge, he also admitted that Lao Jing Ge was affectionate and hated. General Leng stayed in the army to stabilize the military spirit, and did not follow them back to Chang’an. At this time, he solemnly entrusted Leng Yue to him, which is considered to have agreed to this good relationship. Jing Yi was shocked after hearing the words, and immediately got up and worshiped General Leng, promising that he would not seek merit or fame in this life, and only Leng Yue would be the only one who would carry him through his old age.

According to reliable information from Wu Jiang, everyone learned that Qin Luan specially ambushed assassins on the way to Beijing to prevent Xiao Jinyu from returning to Beijing. Leng Yue approached Luo Yan, the second master of the Zhenyuan Escort, and asked her to let her brothers accompany them in a big show. At that time, Luo Yan pretended to be Chu Chu, luring the enemy out and taking the opportunity to destroy each other in one fell swoop. As for Xiao Jinyu, they had already left Qianzhou.

After receiving a letter from Jing Yi from Qianzhou, Elder Jing Ge finally understood the story of the incident, and at the same time blamed himself for rashly misunderstanding General Leng, which almost caused a big mistake. But now the North Korean and Chinese officials are staring at the twins. Even Han Ji wants to make a rhetoric from Madam Chen. Elder Jing Ge took the initiative to ask Princess Xiping about this matter, and admitted that he had been commissioned by Xiao Heng and had been working for many years. Secretly protecting the princess mansion must be hoping to save her from worries.

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