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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 1 Recap

Qu Xiaotan returned to the room drunkly in a Chinese dress, ready to take a look at the two beauties we married today, but he did not expect to see two intimate scenes. Time goes back to a month ago. At the moment Dongyue is still the Dongyue, Mo Liancheng ascended the throne and proclaimed the emperor, Qu Xiaotan’s mother is the Dongyue in the world. When Qu Xiaotan was irritated by his son Yu’er, Mo Liancheng was fighting with the assassin. The two sides refused to give way to each other. Suddenly the team arrived and the assassin was killed when he fled in a hurry.

Yu’er refused to study, Qu Xiaotan could only look at him and sigh. Mo Liancheng returned to the mansion and praised Qu Xiaotan’s teachings. Qu Xiaotan was so angry that he wanted him to be a idiot. He also complained that men could work and earn money to be emperors, and women could only wash clothes, cook, and take children at home. . The two were arguing. Yu’er was already attracted by the things in the cabinet. It was too late for the two of them to react and was stunned by a powerful force.

Qu Xiaotan woke up again and saw Qu Jianglin, who was already dead, and he noticed that it was true. Qu Xiaotan let out an exclamation, Jing Xin hurried over and called her a princess. Qu Xiaotan was in shock, and quickly began to search for Mo Liancheng and Yu’er. Qu Jianglin said that Qu Xiaotan is the second princess of Dongyue Kingdom and has the opportunity to inherit Datong in the future. Qu Xiaotan’s older sister is called Qu Mei’er, and she believes that she can’t get rid of this new sister this time.

Qu Xiaotan found out after confirming that she had crossed again, this time she was still a male and female inverted physique. Qu Xiaotan hastily pretended to be Qu Tan’er, trying to extract more information from Qujiang Lingkou. Qu Jianglin is the emperor’s cousin, but Qu Xiaotan and Qu Meier are princesses, this generation is completely messed up. In this world, men are dependent on women, women’s self-cultivation is in harmony with the world, and men abide by the four virtues of their husbands and morals.

The queen has no heirs, so she wants to choose one from Qu Xiaotan and Qu Meier to inherit the Datong. Qu Xiaotan knew that Qu Jianglin was a man, and after driving him away, he quickly inquired about Mo Liancheng from Jingxin, and learned that he was going to enter the palace for drafting today, that is, to be elected to the emperor’s harem. Qu Xiaotan heard that he was very angry, and hurriedly entered the palace.

Mo Liancheng and the emperor seemed to have been in love for a long time, and this time the candidate was insulted by Young Master Su and hit back. Everywhere Qu Xiaotan entered the palace, people saw her, making her feel a little airy, Jing Xin helped her put on a sachet, which was bestowed by the emperor. Qu Xiaotan shouted that Chengcheng was quickly stopped by Jing Xin, and Qu Xiaotan decided to get in and find out the situation first.

Su Yuela said that the emperor kissed her and Qu Xiaotan to co-host the draft, and Qu Xiaotan suddenly realized. A few months ago, Mo Liancheng tried his best to hide his amnesia, but he was very uncomfortable with the harsh etiquette of this world. Mo Liancheng wanted to know why this happened.

Qu Xiaotan ran to Mo Liancheng and said he didn’t need to be selected, but Mo Liancheng didn’t seem to know her respectfully calling her a princess. Qu Xiaotan thought that there were too many people here, so he cheered him up, and Mo Liancheng left speechlessly. Qu Xiaotan decided to find a way to eliminate Mo Lian City first, and then look for a chance to connect. Qu Xiaotan tried his best to eliminate Mo Liancheng. Unexpectedly, Su Yuela’s younger brother Su Jingyuan didn’t want Mo Liancheng to be selected. He deliberately knocked over his teacup. Qu Xiaotan took the opportunity to find faults, and Su Yuela hurriedly pulled her.

Say that Mo Liancheng is the emperor, no matter what, he will be selected. Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng to help her change clothes. Seeing that Mo Liancheng still didn’t know her, she remembered that he might just be Mo Liancheng in this world, and wanted to use his wounds to confirm. After pulling open his clothes, Qu Xiaotan saw that Mo Liancheng had no scars on his chest, and was a little bit disappointed. I wish him an early run away after his mother’s life, leaving Mo Liancheng with a look of wonder.

Qu Xiaotan heard from Su Yuela that Xiuzi had to change her clothes before entering the palace, and hurriedly ran to take a peek, but she didn’t expect Mo Liancheng to spot it. At this moment, Mo Liancheng suddenly had a splitting headache, and later recognized Qu Xiaotan again. Qu Xiaotan kissed Mo Liancheng with excitement, and when the two felt unhappy, Mo Liancheng suddenly pushed her away, as if he didn’t know Qu Xiaotan again. Qu Xiaotan saw the legendary empress, but she didn’t expect her to look exactly like herself.

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