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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 12 Recap

After Lu Miao went home, he took advantage of Jiang Haoyue’s constellation book while he was cooking to see how well he matched Jiang Haoyue’s constellation. The match between Sagittarius and Scorpio had been changed to 99% by Jiang Haoyue. After describing the specific content, I felt that the constellations of the two did not match.

Then I looked at the degree of matching between myself and Shi Che’s constellations. It turned out to be negative 98%. Looking at the specific content, they matched very well. Lu Miao doubted this book. The book is pirated. After arriving at school, Chen Guoguo got this constellation book and looked through it, and saw that Xie Ziye’s Virgo and Shi Che’s Aries matched 100%.

Shi Che speculated that Jiang Haoyue had to make the alteration on the constellation book, and if that was the case, he could only go straight to it. Faced with Shi Che’s doubts, Jiang Haoyue very frankly admitted that the content on the horoscope book was changed by herself and agreed to compete fairly with him. In order to take the initiative to gain Lu Miao’s favor as soon as possible, Shi Che prepared an advertisement for the Naruto Comics Exhibition and invited her to participate in this cosplay competition. Lu Miao himself liked the Naruto comics series very much and readily agreed to the invitation. Shi Che prepared cosplay costumes for the two of them. He prepared a mermaid costume for Lu Miao. He hoped that Cupid would shoot them with the arrow of love.

Seeing Shi Che’s determination to fight directly with him, Jiang Haoyue was not passive in everything. Facing Lu Miao’s invitation, he said that he had decided to participate in the municipal debate. Home, he wrote the preparations for the debate and signed up in the name of Shi Che. The next day, when Shi Che was complacent about his solo date with Lu Miao, he was suddenly informed by the school leader that he had been selected for the school debate competition. Together with Xie Ziye, he would represent the school to participate in the city on the day the comic was exhibited. Level competition. Shi Che was very angry, helpless, and aggrieved. He had no choice but to agree to participate in the debate.

After Qu Wei heard that the problem student Shi Che was selected into the school debate team, he immediately realized that this incident might have caused Jiang Haoyue. He suddenly began to sympathize with Shi Che. Although this person is much smarter, after all You can’t play Ba Jiang Haoyue with a black belly. The comic exhibition was also the day of the debate competition. Shi Che originally planned to escape the debate competition, but was forcibly taken away by his principal father on the way and sent to the arena. On the other side, Jiang Haoyue accompanied Lu Miao to the comic exhibition. Lu Miao Personally designed a suit for him.

When Shi Che participated in the debate contest, he was full of heart and soul, and he quickly went back to participate in the comics exhibition. So when he was the fourth debater to summarize his speeches, he quickly combined his life’s learning with practical experience. Nonsense, the result won the applause of the audience on the spot and became the best debater.

On the other side, Jiang Haoyue and Lu Miao wore comic costumes, participated in the comic exhibition competition, and successfully won the first place. After the debate, Shi Che, who rushed over, saw Lu Miao and Jiang Haoyue holding the first gold medal, and was very angry, and Jiang Haoyue gave him another one.

Lu Miao and her brother went to the beach to watch the stars at night. Jiang Haoyue told her that she likes to watch the stars, because whenever she looks up at the starry sky, she forgets many of the worries in real life. At this time, the fireworks on the shore bloomed, embellishing the starry sky. , Each with their own little thoughts, and enjoy the beautiful fireworks together.

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