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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of Xia’s home, Liang Muze was ruthless. Although he hated moving, he was confident that he could always find a new place. Liang Muze suddenly received a message. After seeing the news, he immediately went home to Xia Chu. He said that there was a child who needed Xia Chu’s help for treatment. Xia Chu was drying clothes, but it is the doctor’s bounden duty to save the dead and heal the wounded. Xia Chu still followed Liang Muze.

That kid’s house. The child was Luo Xiaojun, the son of Liang Muze’s comrade-in-arms Luo Liang. After Luo Liang was gone, Liang Muze took good care of Luo Xiaojun and Luo Liang’s wife, Chen Mengzhen. Luo Xiaojun was bullied at school. When he was in a hurry, he hit his head against the wall and bruised his forehead. At the beginning of Xia he bandaged Luo Xiaojun’s wound, but Chen Mengzhen wanted to seek justice because his son was bullied. Liang Muze was a little worried. Chased it out. As soon as Liang Muze and Chen Mengzhen left, Luo Xiaojun looked at Xia Chu with a hostile expression, and asked what was the relationship between Xia Chu and Liang Muze.

Xia Chu said that he and Liang Muze officially met today, and Luo Xiaojun said that Liang Muze was his father. At the beginning of Xia, he discovered that Luo Xiaojun’s lips were purple, and asked him if he usually had chest tightness and dizziness. Luo Xiaojun said that his lips had always been like this. At this time, Liang Muze persuaded Chen Mengzhen to come back and taught Luo Xiaojun some self-defense techniques. Learn to resist when you encounter bullies.

Early Xia enlightened Chen Mengzhen for one night. Early the next morning, Liang Muze drove Xia Chu directly to the hospital. When he arrived in the locker room, Xia Chu realized that his military uniform was still at home. When the time came, early Xia had no choice but to bite the bullet and hide in the crowd. Finally, he did not let the teacher Zhang Yichi see. The colleague Xiao Xiao sprayed perfume and affected the patient.

Zhang Yichi asked everyone not to be stinky in the future and put away everything that had nothing to do with the round, Xiao Xiao Not convinced that Xia Chu did not wear a military uniform to work, Zhang Yichi ordered Xia Chu, and Xia Chu said innocently that he wore it. It turned out that Liang Muze went home and saw Xia Chu’s military uniform, so he went to the hospital to send Xia Chu clothes. , And went to see Tian Yong who was hospitalized.

When Liang Muze visited Tian Yong in the ward, Zhang Yichi brought the residents to the ward round, and asked Xia Chu to report on Tian Yong’s situation. Zhang Yichi said that Tian Yong was recovering very well, and introduced Liang Muze to Xia Chu. Liang Muze said that he and Xia Chu I know, I have seen it several times since returning to China. Xia Chu didn’t want to get involved with Liang Muze and tried to deny it, but Liang Muze felt that it didn’t matter.

He didn’t need to lie about this matter. Xia Chu was a little angry, just like she was worried. Rumors began to spread in the hospital, saying that early Xia was given the opportunity to go abroad because of Liang Muze. Early Xia was a little upset and found Zhang Yichi to talk to him. Zhang Yichi had anticipated this situation a long time ago and said that he had experienced it, and now the most important thing is The thing is to improve one’s own business level. Don’t pay attention to the rumors. If you want to wear the crown, you must bear the weight.

The task of T4 is to find matching human organs for the gold master. Now the task fails. The leader of T4 asks the gold owner to increase the price, but the gold owner refuses to agree. The leader of T4 tells the gold owner that the younger brother of the gold owner, the old ghost, has made a change. The high price required his life, so he ordered to be shot and killed. Then the master called his secret weapon, Zoran, and said that there was a mission for Zoran to go to China to perform the mission. Dong’an University in China has recently developed a new type of medical sedative. He wants to bring back the formula and the person in charge Xia Guangyuan, and Xia Guangyuan’s daughter is Xia Chu, and he wants to start with Zhuo Ran.

The domestic police found a dark web platform called the City of Desire, and found that the account of the behind-the-scenes was called terrorist pirates. The police set up a task force led by Rao Feng, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, and combined multiple departments to arrest terrorist pirates. For the arrest, Liang Muze’s commando team was in charge of the arrest mission.

In the evening, after early Xia got off work, my friend Migu called to greet him. He learned that early Xia was moving and said that his room could be divided into half of early summer at any time. Early Xia was a little moved and encouraged myself. After returning home at night, Xia Chu was Looking for a house, I suddenly received a call from Chen Mengzhen, saying that Luo Xiaojun had chest tightness.

Early Xia asked her to observe the situation first and come to the hospital for an examination tomorrow morning. At the same time, Liang Muze led the Thunder School team to cooperate with the police in the arrest mission, but when they arrived at the arrest location, they found that they were being played by the other party. They also knew that the other party was bad. Liang Muze reminded Rao Feng to act carefully behind.

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