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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 1 Recap

After finishing her eight-year medical career in early summer, she followed the United Medical Station of the General Hospital of the Southeast Theater to be a resident in the small town of Isaiah. During her break, she went to a restaurant on the street to eat, and happened to meet someone who had just finished the course of Hunter School. Liang Muze, the captain of the Southeast Theater Special Brigade, was holding his breath during the game with his teammates.

Liang Muze was careless and sprinkled water on Xia Chu’s body when he looked up. Chu Xia looked angrily to Liang Muze for theory, but Liang Muze felt that Xia Chu was a little hypocritical, and the two were facing each other. At that time, Liang Muze received a call and learned that there was an urgent task, so he hurriedly left with everyone. At the beginning of Xia, she also received a call from the hospital and learned that the Germain Bridge was hit by a terrorist attack. Many injured people came to the hospital and asked her to rush back to save people.

Xia Chu rushed back to the hospital, but found that there were four tattooed people wearing white lab coats trying to take a patient away. Xia Chu had some doubts about the identity of the four, so he stopped them and called his superiors to confirm. When the police arrived, the four gangsters disguised as doctors saw that they were exposed, so they took out their guns and got up with the police. The rest of the gangsters also appeared and took control of the hospital. Liang Muze and his mission also changed. Their first task was to rush to the hospital. , Cooperate with the police to rescue the hostages in the hospital within 15 minutes.

There was a gangster in the hospital who was shot. The gangster’s leader called a doctor to see. The doctor accidentally touched the gangster’s wound. The gangster’s leader was so angry that he wanted to kill the doctor. Xia Chu came forward and told him not to kill again. Save the gangster who was shot. Early Xia simply checked the injury for the gangster and asked for the equipment and medicine he needed. Soon, early Xia treated the gangster’s wound and stopped the bleeding. Here, Liang Muze sneaked into the hospital with someone, and installed a bomb in the empty room on the second floor to prepare for a surprise attack.

With an explosion, the special forces raided from upstairs and fought with the gangsters. Early Xia saw the gangster raising a gun to hit someone. He hurriedly ran into the gangster. Another gangster shot Xia Chu, Liang Muze’s teammate Tian Yong. He stepped forward to block the bullet for Xia Chu. After the gangster was subdued, Liang Muze hurriedly called the doctor to save the man. Xia Chu was still scared. After recovering, he quickly checked the injuries for Tian Yong and went into the operating room with his teacher, Dr. Zhang, to rescue Tian. Yong, Tian Yong was rescued after an emergency operation.

In the evening, Xia Chu wanted to talk to him about Tian Yong’s situation after seeing Liang Muze, but Liang Muze blamed Xia Chu, saying that if it were not for her, Tian Yong would not be shot, and he also blamed Xia Chu for stopping the bleeding of the gangster, saying that she whether she was. As a soldier or a doctor, both are unprofessionals. Early Xia saw Liang Muze slander his profession and was very angry. He pulled Liang Muze to apologize, but Liang Muze took off Xia Chu’s coat and tied her to a pillar and left. At the beginning of Xia, Liang Muze was so angry that he complained directly to Liang Muze.

After Liang Muze returned to China, he was punished by his superior veteran Dong. The veteran asked Liang Muze to handle Tian Yong’s hospitalization and went home to reflect on it. Liang Muze went to the restaurant to eat after leaving the army. However, they ran into Xia Chu again. They wished, but there was no other place in the restaurant. The two had to sit at a table holding back their anger. They choked on the diners next to them while eating.

They joined hands to rescue the diners. After eating, early Xia picked up a stray cat at the entrance of the restaurant. When she returned home, she found that the door was unlocked. She thought someone had broken in, but found that it was Liang Muze again. Liang Muze said it was her home. It turned out that this house was lent to Xia Chu by Aunt Mu Min, and Liang Muze was Mu Min’s son. The mothers of the two were interested in bringing the two together, but they did not expect that the two would have married a long time ago. Reluctantly, Liang Muze and Xia Chu could only agree on a few requirements, and let Xia Chu move out within a week, which made Xia Chu jump angrily.

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