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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 37 Recap

Hearing that Chen Duxiu was seriously ill, Bao Huiseng was very anxious. The doctor said that Chen Duxiu’s current situation was also helpless, and he had notified the family to prepare for the funeral. Chen Duxiu was seriously ill and called Pan Lanzhen to bring the book. Pan Lanzhen said that she had remembered what Chen Duxiu had told him, so he was relieved.

Bao Huiseng hurried to visit Chen Duxiu, but Chen Duxiu was not sober. Pan Huizhen said that Chen Duxiu talked about him many times when he was sober. When Chen Duxiu was sober, he asked the funeral to be simple, and if it was possible to bring his coffin and mother’s coffin back to his hometown in the future, Bao Huiseng decided to stay with them and take care of Chen Duxiu’s funeral. With their company, Chen Duxiu quietly Passed away.

After the Soviet-German war, Sheng Shicai’s intention to fall to Chiang Kai-shek became more and more obvious. The central government decided to withdraw the comrades from Xinjiang. The traffic to Yan’an was blocked by the Kuomintang, and everyone had to withdraw to the Soviet Union first. Chen Tanqiu decided to leave in the last batch. Mao Zemin thought he should leave in the first batch, but Chen Tanqiu insisted on evacuation last. Zhou Fohai returned home full of alcohol.

Yang Shuhui thought he was going out and fooling around again and was very sad. Zhou Fohai coaxed her to say that those outside were just acting on occasion, and also told her about the current situation. Zhou Fohai’s judgment was all wrong. In order to find a way out, he contacted Dai Li, hoping to catch Chiang Kai-shek through them. No matter how the situation changes, he has a way out and can sit back and relax.

Chen Tanqiu worried that Sheng Shicai would not agree with them to evacuate Xinjiang. He was just a white-eyed wolf who was not fed enough. His wife, Wang Yunxue, worried that Sheng Shicai would arrest them and submit a name to Chiang Kai-shek.

Chen Tanqiu was worried that he would be taken away, so he quickly left a notebook to explain the matter, and let Wang Yunxue take care of himself and his children. Immediately afterwards, Chen Tanqiu, Mao Zemin and others were invited away by Sheng Shicai, and detained everyone the next day, creating an appalling Xinjiang incident.

Guizhou. Wang Huiwu also organized a women’s literacy class. Li Xinyi received a letter from Li Xintian, and he contacted Li Da. Li Da returned to her hometown from Guilin. Zhaofang then knew that Li Xinyi’s father was Li Da, and quickly stated that he would keep the secret. When the Party Central Committee received the news that Sheng Shicai and others were under house arrest, Chen Tanqiu and others quickly managed to prepare for rescue. Sheng Shicai apparently believed that the Soviet Union would be defeated before relying on Chiang Kai-shek.

Chen Tanqiu and Mao Zemin were tortured, and Sheng Shicai was still acting, and even set up a table to invite them to dinner. Sheng Shicai persuaded them to leave the Communist Party and follow him, but Chen Tanqiu and Mao Zemin satirized him not to be Chiang Kai-shek’s running dogs. Chiang Kai-shek concocted a book “The Destiny of China” to slander the Communist Party. Mao Zedong was worried that he would attack suddenly and decided to fight back against the book.

After the Communist International was disbanded, the Kuomintang once again set off an anti-Communist upsurge. Mao Zedong decided to voice a reactionary civil war, mobilize people from all walks of life to stop the civil war, and win the support of international public opinion. The environment in Chongqing is even more sinister. Where Dong Biwu presides over the work alone, the burden on his shoulders is not light.

Dong Biwu met with Ren Gong, hoping that he would contact journalists and embassy personnel from various countries to expose Chiang Kai-shek’s reactionary conspiracy to all walks of life. Ren Gong agreed. To smash the KMT’s third anti-communist climax, Dong Bi’s martial arts are indispensable.

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