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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 24 Recap

Xu Youyi wanted to give a blank note to the villagers participating in the meeting and promised to find a way to pay back the money in the future. Zhao Yuxi was the first to stand up and demand an IOU. Zhao Meifeng and others sarcastically ridiculed him. He repeatedly explained that he was joking with Xu Youxi. Sun Guangming invited the villagers to the barn for tea, hoping that they would support the village plan at the meeting.

Zhao Yuxi went home dejected, and Gui Lan had been waiting for a long time, and scolded him with a face and face. Zhao Yuxi had to come to Liu Fugui to complain. Liu Fugui reminded him to learn from Feng Jinbao and to support Sun Guangming publicly. Liu Fugui also confided to him the pain of losing love. Zhao Yuxi was surprised when he learned that Liu Fugui had a crush on Xichun, Liu Fugui admitted. She fell in love with Xichun at first sight, but she often went to Li Jian’an’s home to cook and clean up the house. Liu Fugui felt that she was broken in love, and Osmanthus gritted her teeth when she heard their conversation.

Feng Jinbao came to Sun Guangming overnight to express his views and fully supported his decision to merge with the village. Xu’s only jokes that Feng Jinbao is getting more and more flattering. Zhao Yuxi followed him to Sun Guangming. Feng Jinbao saw it and quickly found an excuse to leave. Zhao Yuxi expressed his determination to Sun Guangming and promised to support him without hesitation. Xu Youyi debunked Zhao Yuxi’s rebellion.

Sun Guangming asked Zhao Yuxi to persuade Zhao’s family to agree. In the village, Zhao Yuxi begged Sun Guangming to persuade Guilan not to divorce him. Sun Guangming encouraged him to work hard and try to get Guilan to change his view of him.

Zhao Yushan summoned Lao Zhao’s family to the old house for a meeting. He resolutely opposed the merger and called on the Lao Zhao family to oppose Sun Guangming. Both Zhao Liying and Zhao Meifeng thought this was a good thing, but Zhao Yushan just didn’t let go. Zhao Liying told Sun Guangming the news for the first time. Sun Guangming came to Zhao Yushan in person. Before he finished speaking, Zhao Yushan made a clear statement and resolutely opposed the merger of the village, and kept silent about the reason.

Xichun comes to help Li Jian’an wash clothes, cook, and clean up the house every three to five. Li Jianan is worried about other people’s gossip, but Xichun disagrees. Sun Guangming was puzzled. I don’t know why Zhao Yushan resolutely opposed the merger of Haiqing Village. Sun Guangming had to go to Haiqing Village to find out the situation. Aunt Mei felt it was a good thing to merge the village, but she would not step into Houshigou Village. Step, Sun Guangming couldn’t ask why, but felt that there was a problem between Aunt Mei and Zhao Yushan, because there was no clue.

On his way back to Houshigou Village, Sun Guangming happened to meet Mayor Zhao, who asked Sun Guangming to ask his grandmother. The grandmother had long guessed that Zhao Yushan would oppose the merger. She told Sun Guangming about the love and hatred between Zhao Yushan and Aunt Mei forty years ago.

They were once lovers, and they even got married. We are all ready, but unfortunately we encountered a severe drought that has not happened in a hundred years. Zhao Yushan was the director of Houshigou Village at that time. In order to get the crops in Houshigou Village to be adequately irrigated, he intercepted the water leading to Haiqing Village, causing the sea There was no harvest in Qingcun, leaving only a large tea garden. Aunt Mei and Zhao Yushan have since become enemies.

Sun Guangming decided to go to Haiqing Village to persuade Aunt Mei again, but Aunt Mei resolutely refused to forgive Zhao Yushan. She took out a pot of Tou Bud tea made by herself 40 years ago. It was the first pot of tea she made.

The dowry was brought to Houshigou Village, and Aunt Mei asked Sun Guangming to give the tea to Zhao Yushan, so that he could taste the taste. When Sun Guangming came back to the village, he came to Zhao Yushan and made him a cup of tea. Zhao Yushan took a sip of tea. He felt that the tea was exactly the same as forty years ago. He was so excited that he couldn’t speak, Zhao Yuxi. He had to taste it too, he found it hard to swallow.

When Zhao Yushan learned that Aunt Mei agreed to merge with the village, he sent Zhao Yuxi to inform the old Zhao family to support Sun Guangming. Zhao Yushan quietly came to Haiqing Village and saw Aunt Mei working in the tea garden from a distance. His heart was mixed. Sun Guangming and Li Jian’an discussed to advance the speed of merging the village as soon as possible, and decided to hold a village meeting the day after tomorrow. Li Jianan asked Liu Haitang to call on the villagers to oppose Sun Guangming in the group. Liu Haitang decided to support Sun Guangming.

Li Jianping also felt that Sun Guangming was reliable and advised Li Jianan not to confront Sun Guangming. Li Jianan was angry and wanted to do it himself. The village meeting was held as scheduled. The villagers came to the village committee early. Zhao Yushan and Li Jian’an were late. Sun Guangming asked the villagers to speak freely. Zhao Yuxi was the first to stand up. He supported Sun Guangming on behalf of the old Zhao family.

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