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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 23 Recap

Feng Jinbao and Li Jianan came back one after the other, and the meeting continued. Li Jianan asked Feng Jinbao for his hungry opinions. Feng Jinbao suddenly changed his mind to support Li Jianan. Zhao Yuxi suddenly became angry and asked to dismiss Li Jianan. Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped him, explaining this time. The theme of the meeting was to merge Haiqing Village into Houshigou Village, and everyone present was dumbfounded.

Li Jianan felt that it was uneconomical. In addition to tea gardens, Haiqing Village was mountainous, and the merger did not pay off. Guilan and Liu Haitang also felt that Haiqing Village was a big burden, and most of the villagers were elderly. Sun Guangming analyzed the advantages of Haiqing Village in detail. Regarding development prospects, Feng Jinbao also disagrees with the merger. Yimin suggested that the meeting should be temporarily adjourned. There are more important things to report to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming had to give up.

Yimin individually reported to Sun Guangming the glorious history of Houshigou Village, and also presented various pennants and honors. Finally, Yimin took out the documents of the star village selection and persuaded Sun Guangming to fight for Houshigou Village with the heaviest gold content. Honor can bring a lot of preferential policies to the village. Sun Guangming didn’t want to rush for quick success, and felt that just let it go. The Yimin had to tell the truth, and the cadres of the two village committees did not agree to carry the burden of Shanghai Green Village.

Xu Youyi couldn’t bear to see Sun Guangming isolated and persuaded him to give up the idea of ​​acquiring Haiqing Village, but Sun Guangming was determined. That night, Sun Guangming was experimenting with the improvement of pancakes, and Xu was the only one who was not interested, so he went back to the house to sleep. When Zhao Meifeng saw the news in the group, she also felt that Sun Guangming was doing thankless things, but Feng Jinbao believed that Sun Guangming was seeking capital for promotion.

Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi spread rumors in the village, insisting that the centenarian in Haiqing Village is Sun Guangming’s old mother, so he will buy Haiqing Village, and the villagers have a lot of discussions. When Liu Fugui saw Xichun go to buy medicine, he followed him and persuaded her not to help Li Jian’an clean up the house, so as not to cause criticism from the villagers. Xichun ridiculed him, and he and Cuihua lived together. Chu and Liu Fugui repeatedly explained that they were innocent, and took the opportunity to express their intentions to Xichun, and Xichun avoided him.

Sun Guangming made pancakes with a variety of flavors. He specially called Liu Haitang and Xu Youyou to taste. Xu Youyou thought it was delicious. Sun Guangming named the pancake “Colorful Pancake”. Liu Haitang also offered many feasible suggestions. Sun Guangming asked her to seek advice from her grandmother. Yimin came to Sun Guangming to report to his work overnight, and told the villagers’ various discussions. Yimin suggested calling a village meeting to ask everyone’s opinions. Sun Guangming thought it was feasible. He sent Xu Youyi to ask the villagers from house to house. idea.

Sun Guangming and Xu Youyi went to work in the village separately. Xu Youyou recorded the villagers’ opinions in detail. Sun Guangming first came to discuss with Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang. Li Jian’an still opposed the acquisition of Haiqing Village, and Sun Guangming came to Zhao Yuxi. After Zhao Yuxi insisted on dismissing Li Jian’an, he would support Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming was speechless. Then Sun Guangming came to Guilan and Guilan supported him.

Xu Yiyi was busy all day and concluded that one-third of the people supported Sun Guangming, one-third opposed, and one-third held a wait-and-see attitude. Sun Guangming decided to hold a village meeting in the barn at 2pm. Xu The only notice was broadcast on the big loudspeaker in the village. The villagers did not come to attend. Sun Guangming personally prepared small snacks to entertain the villagers who came to the meeting, and asked Xu Youyou to broadcast it again, but the villagers still refused to come. Xu Youyou arbitrarily It was decided to give 100 yuan to each villager who participated in the meeting, and the villagers brought their family with them for the money.

The barn was full of seats. They tasted the snacks made by Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming complained that Xu Youyi should not make a promise without authorization, worrying that it would not end. Sun Guangming used the slides to tell about the cultural heritage and tea-making history of Haiqing Village. As long as the tourism industry in Haiqing Village is vigorously developed, the vegetable and pancake industry in Houshigou Village can be promoted.

Sun Guangming also introduced Haiqing Village. Regarding the situation of the longevity elderly, the villagers listened to Sun Guangming’s account and unanimously agreed to acquire Haiqing Village. Xu Youyi admitted that she decided to give each participant 100 yuan without authorization, but she couldn’t spend that much money, and the villagers strongly protested.

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