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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 22 Recap

Zhao Yuxi stayed secretly to beg Sun Guangming and wanted to open a bed and breakfast in Zhao’s old house. Sun Guangming firmly disagreed. Zhao Yuxi was very disappointed and complained that Liu Fugui had a bad idea, but Liu Fugui thought that Sun Guangming was waiting for revenge.

Guilan found out that the family was missing 3,000 yuan and guessed that Zhao Yuxi secretly took it to buy clothes. Zhao Yuxi defended in every possible way. Guilan forced Zhao Yuxi to take off the clothes on her body. He was not allowed to imitate Sun Guangming anymore. He was a joke. The ridiculous monkey, Zhao Yuxi was scolded speechlessly.

Zhang Zihao chased Yue Lan. Every day he drove a sports car to pick up Yue Lan from get off work. The colleagues of the TV station talked a lot. Yue Lan warned him not to come again. Zhang Zihao was not tired when he learned that Yue Lan was going to Haiqing Village to shoot. On the birthdays of the two centenarians, begging to go with Yue Lan, Yue Lan reminded him to take this opportunity to learn more about the countryside before deciding which projects to invest in.

When Li Qinghe returned to Shigou Village, she came to see Zhao Xinlong for the first time. Zhao Xinlong shut herself in the room. He turned a deaf ear to Li Qinghe. Li Qinghe had to leave in disappointment. She brought ten cans of tea made by herself to Sun Guangming to taste. Guangming was full of praise for her craftsmanship. Li Qinghe gradually fell in love with tea making and wanted to treat this as a lifetime career. Sun Guangming fully supported her. Li Qinghe invited Sun Guangming to attend a birthday party for the centenarians in Haiqing Village. Sun Guangming readily agreed.

In the middle of the night, Zhao Xinlong came quietly to sweep the yard and sat down. Li Qinghe came to see him. Zhao Xinlong was scared and ran back to the house. Li Qinghe hurriedly followed up and proactively confessed to him. As a last resort, Li Qinghe didn’t want to divorce Zhao Xinlong, Zhao Xinlong burst into tears, and Zhao Yushan could hear clearly in the yard.

Sun Guangming took out Li Qinghe’s Haiqing tea for the guests to taste. A boss had a special liking for this tea. Sun Guangming gave him a detailed introduction to the origin of Haiqing tea. The boss wanted to bring some Haiqing tea to the customer. Sun Guangming He took out two cans and gave them to him, and promised to take him to visit Haiqing Village next time. Sun Guangming considered repeatedly and wanted to sell Haiqing tea together.

Sun Guangming brought Xu Weiyi to Haiqing Village for a birthday banquet early in the morning. From a distance, he saw Zhang Zihao and Yue Lan enjoying the beautiful scenery. The four of them returned to the village together, and Mayor Zhao also came to cheer. Sun Guangming cooks and cooks himself, and Yue Lan helps him. Sun Guangming casually talks about his relationship with Haiqing Village. Yue Lan found out that he had changed since he came to Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming, who used to be faulty, has disappeared. , Sun Guangming reminded her not to get along with Zhang Zihao, and Yue Lan sneered at him. Xu’s only joke, Zhang Zihao is a mangy dog ​​who follows Yue Lan all day.

The birthday banquet officially began. Aunt Mei congratulated the two centenarians, thanked everyone for coming to celebrate their birthday, and greeted everyone to taste Sun Guangming’s dishes. Mayor Zhao felt very uncomfortable, and he quietly left his seat. Sun Guangming found that Mayor Zhao was walking in the tea garden and hurried to follow him.

Mayor Zhao was very embarrassed. Haiqing Village has beautiful scenery, but only the old people are left in the village. He feels that he is very negligent. Sun Guangming proposed to return Haiqing Village to Haiqing Village. In Houshigou Village, and then brought Haiqing Village to get rich, Mayor Zhao naturally couldn’t ask for it. Sun Guangming wanted to go back to discuss with the cadres of the two committees of the village.

Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi called Feng Jinbao, and persuaded him to speak on behalf of the old Zhao family, so that he and Zhao Yuxi should cooperate with each other, and Feng Jinbao fully agreed. Sun Guangming convened a meeting of the two village committees. Zhao Yuxi came to attend uninvited. Sun Guangming agreed to stay. Li Jianan proposed to clear the over-occupied land first. Zhao Yuxi raised questions on the spot, and Feng Jinbao helped. Li Jianan secretly sent a message to call out Feng Jinbao and exposed him and Zhao Yuxi’s alliance with him. Li Jianan proposed that as long as Feng Jinbao was on his side, the three-meter homestead occupied by Feng Jinbao’s supermarket would not be held accountable.

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