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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 21 Recap

Sun Guangming encouraged Zhao Liying to open a homestay and promised to help her raise money. Zhao Liying naturally couldn’t ask for it. Because the wine made by Zeng’s home is too high, Sun Guangming was too strong to drink, and soon became drunk. He vomited and Zhao Liying hurriedly took him. Enter the house.

It was late at night, and Xu Youyi found that Sun Guangming was not in the room and hurriedly searched around. She suddenly saw news from the group, only to know that Sun Guangming was drunk at Zhao Liying’s house. Xu Youyi rushed over immediately, and she and Feng Jinbao took Sun Guangming together. Guangming went back.

Early the next morning, Sun Guangming woke up from wine, and Xu Youyi learned that he was going to loan Zhao Liying to build a homestay, desperately blocking Sun Guangming so as not to repeat her mistakes. Sun Guangming helped Zhao Liying apply for a poverty alleviation loan, and then led people to start construction of a homestay. Liu Fugui, Zhao Meifeng and others thought it was impossible. Seeing that the homestay was about to be completed, Zhao Liying invited everyone to attend the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow. Liu Fugui and Zhao Meifeng and others ridiculed her.

Sun Guangming named Zhao Liying’s homestay and also customized a plaque. Tomorrow is the opening day. Sun Guangming returned to the city overnight to retrieve the plaque. The name was “Liying’s Cabin”. Sun Guangming asked people to hang up the plaque early in the morning, and everyone in the village watched the excitement. Sun Guangming congratulated Zhao Liying on her prosperous business and brought her the first batch of guests.

Zhao Liying accompany the guests to greet the wine. One of the young men praised Zhao Liying’s wine and praised her as a “beautiful”. Zhao Liying was very happy and had a drink with the young man. Unexpectedly, the young man fainted and Zhao Liying hurriedly called The emergency call took him to the hospital, and Sun Guangming came afterwards and learned that the young man was only poisoned by alcohol and could be discharged tomorrow.

Sun Guangming accompany Zhao Liying back to the village, Zhao Yuxi, Zhao Meifeng, Liu Fugui and others talked coldly. Zhao Liying cried out in sorrow. Sun Guangming persuaded her to persuade her and encouraged her to face it hard. He also suggested that she lower the degree of food and wine by one. drop. Sun Guangming asked Yimin for the list of poor households in the village, and wanted to support them to open a homestay. Yimin advised Sun Guangming not to get too close with Zhao Liying, so as not to attract criticism. Sun Guangming didn’t care about it. I want to take the villagers to get rich together.

Sun Guangming helped Zhao Liying to make meticulous preparations, and finally lowered the degree of liquor. Zhao Liying’s house entry rate was full every day. The alcoholic boy came to Zhao Liying’s house to check in, but the guest room was full. The boy was very disappointed. He just wanted to leave. Zhao Liying called to stop him and tried to arrange for him to stay.

Sun Guangming visited the poor households in the village one by one, encouraged them to open homestays, and promised to support them fully. After Sun Guangming’s unremitting efforts, the poor households in the village opened 12 homestays one after another. Xu Youwei was worried that these homestays would affect the “food garden” Sun Guangming disagrees with his turnover.

Zhao Liying’s homestay opened for a month. She did a simple calculation and made a net profit of 8,000 yuan. Zhao Liying bought new clothes, bought new schoolbags and stationery for her daughter. She took her daughter’s praise to thank Sun Guangming for her support, Sun Guangming. Thank her for taking the first step and setting an example to the villagers. Xu Youwei was sad when she saw Zhao Liying and Sun Guangming chat in full swing.

Zhao Yuxi saw that all the homestays in the village were built. He was eager to try, and came to Liu Fugui to borrow one hundred thousand yuan to build a homestay in Zhao’s old house. Liu Fugui lied that all his family’s money was invested in a new tofu workshop and asked him to Go to Zhao Meifeng to borrow money. Zhao Yuxi came to Zhao Meifeng, Zhao Meifeng made various excuses, Feng Jinbao also helped out, and even made an idea for Zhao Yuxi to ask the old Zhao family for crowdfunding, Zhao Yuxi immediately opened the haircut.

Feng Jinbao discussed with Zhao Meifeng and wanted to find Sun Guangming to apply for a homestay. Zhao Yuxi convened Lao Zhao’s family for a meeting and asked them to raise 100,000 yuan. They threatened to open the second-largest homestay in the village. They enthusiastically signed up. Liu Haitang passed by and saw Lao Zhao’s family all raise money to open a homestay. , She also began to be tempted.

Liu Haitang went home to discuss with Li Jianping and wanted to build a homestay. Li Jianping supported her decision. After Liu Fugui was unwilling to be reconciled, he wanted to use his mansion to open a bed and breakfast. Osmanthus also found it feasible. Sun Guangming called Zhao Yuxi, Liu Fugui, Zhao Meifeng, and Liu Haitang to the village committee for a meeting and advised them not to open homestays. They strongly protested. Sun Guangming repeatedly explained that the local tourism resources are limited. If they swarmed to open homestays, not only would they do it.

It will cause repeated waste of resources and will also cause malicious competition. They are determined not to do it. Sun Guangming has built the twelve homestays of poor households into an orderly combination. He is confident that the retail homes will be completely destroyed. Zhao Meifeng, Liu Fuguihe Seeing that the situation was not good, Liu Haitang gave up one after another, and then went home separately. Only Zhao Yuxi was unwilling to give up.

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