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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 20 Recap

The grandmother’s recount made everyone moved. Li Jian’an hurriedly stepped up to ease the atmosphere. He wanted to be the head of Houshigou Village since he was a child and do a big business in the village so that the villagers can live a good life. Sun Guangming was moved by his words and suggested that the party members should work in the village for three days starting from tomorrow. Everyone responded unanimously. Sun Guangming divided them into sanitary areas in advance.

Sun Guangming specially arranged for Li Jian’an to clean the area near the Zhao family’s old house. Li Jian’an had concerns, and Sun Guangming encouraged to lay down his burden and work hard. Early the next morning, all the party members in the village began to take action. The grandpa’s grandmother Dang Yizhuang cleaned under the big locust tree, and Li Jian’an cleaned to the door of Zhao’s old house. He happened to see Xichun coming out and asked her about Zhao Xinlong’s condition. Chun answered truthfully, and asked about Li Jian’an’s life.

Zhao Yuxi saw Li Jian’an cleaning at the door of Zhao Yushan’s house, and hurried over to say a cool joke. The joke that Li Jian’an bowed his head to the old Zhao family and gave in, and Li Jian’an sneered at him. Zhao Yuxi touched a gray nose and came directly to Liu Fugui to complain. Liu Fugui asked him to stand up and learn from Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming saw them both from a distance, and left quietly without saying anything.

Sun Guangming’s approach increased the cohesion of party members in the village. He saw an open space outside the barn and called on each party member to plant ten vegetables on the open space so that tourists could eat organic vegetables. Sun Guangming named the Gu Cang Homestay “Food Garden”. On the day it was listed, the villagers watched the excitement. Liu Fugui took the initiative to help him and Xu Youyi take pictures. Zhao Yuxi took the opportunity to go in and visit, but Sun Guangming did not stop it.

Zhao Yuxi secretly came to Sun Guangming’s room and took pictures of the clothes in the closet. Then he went home and took 3000 yuan from Guilan’s box. Zhao Yuxi went to the city and bought the same clothes and shoes, please Sun Guangming recommended him to the town as the village director, and Sun Guangming was amused by his appearance.

Li Jianan saw Zhao Yuxi from a distance and mistook him for Sun Guangming. When he came closer, he found that Zhao Yuxi was wearing exactly the same clothes as Sun Guangming. Zhao Yuxi repeatedly claimed that Sun Guangming gave him this dress. Training him, Li Jianan believed it was true, went home to complain to Liu Haitang, Liu Haitang felt that Zhao Yuxi was in vain.

At this moment, Teacher Wang came to Li Jianan to file a complaint. Zhao Liying went to school to help her daughter praise and fight. The teacher and students complained that Li Jianan could not provoke Zhao Liying, so she asked Teacher Wang to report to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming came to Zhao Liying to find out about the situation, only to know that her husband had left a large foreign debt. Because the family was poor, the male classmates always bullied and praised.

Zhao Liying had no alternative but to come forward and ask for justice for the praise. Sun Guangming gave all the money to him. Zhao Liying, she politely declined, and kindly invited Sun Guangming to stay for dinner.

Zhao Liying meticulously prepared a few special dishes and invited Sun Guangming to drink the wine made with her exclusive secret recipe. Sun Guangming found that the grain wine she brewed was very mellow, and Zhao Liying’s cooking skills were also very good. Sun Guangming advised Zhao Liying not to give up on her own, but to understand. With courtesy, justice and shame, Zhao Liying vowed on the spot that she would never give her money for any reason. Sun Guangming again took out the money in her pocket and invited her to help at the barn bed and breakfast. Zhao Liying fully agreed, and Sun Guangming took the opportunity to seduce Zhao Liying and open the bed and breakfast.

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