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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 15 Recap

After eating, Father Wu persuaded her daughter not to care about her mother. After all, Ling Li had a lot of work pressure and menopause, so she had to understand and tolerate Ms. Ling more. Wu’s father sent his wife to a meeting. It is estimated that Wu Di would not have thought that the company her mother will invest in this time is Midsummer Airlines.

Based on the investigation of investment targets, Ling Li’s appearance on the plane was also intentional, and wanted to examine the ability of Midsummer Airlines to deal with emergencies. Father Wu thought it was funny, she could explain this to Wu Di, but Ling Li felt that there was no need to tell her about his official business.

As the early representative of MEG, Ling Li met with Midsummer Airlines’ Operations Director Liu Quan, Flight Director Lin Liang, and Deputy General Manager Gao Kai. Xia Yu, as Gao Kai’s assistant, showed Lingli the advantages of Midsummer Airlines. After the meeting, Ling Li stated that he had complained to a co-pilot with Midsummer Airlines, but the other party has not apologized to her until now. Vice President Lei discussed with Xia Hang on this matter. This matter involves the interests of all shareholders. Xia Hang decided to think about it. Xia Yu also wondered why his father cared about Xiao Mo so much.

Xia Hang stepped back and said that Xiao Mo could apologize, but he had to volunteer. Xia Yu knew that Xiao Mo had a stubborn temper, and it was almost impossible for him to take the initiative to apologize. Luo Dong told him one thing, in addition to being a MEG representative in the early stage, Ling Li was also Wu Di’s mother. Xia Yu went to the top of the building and said a few words to Xiao Mo. He did not persuade Xiao Mo to apologize, but hoped that he could weigh the pros and cons between the company’s interests and professionalism, but in the final analysis, the decision is still in Xiao Mo’s hands. . Wu Di came out of the simulation hall and met Xiao Mo. Professor Xiao Mo gave her some ways to learn the simulator, and then asked her to cheer.

In the subsequent flight simulator with Ren Yuan, Wu Di performed well. Later, Xiao Mo apologized to Wu Di’s mother, Ms. Ling, for what happened last time, and he bowed deeply. This scene was seen by Wu Di on the stairs. Ling Li shook hands with Xiao Mo and expressed acceptance of his apology. Xiao Mo sent a message to Wu Di and asked her where she was. Wu Di appeared behind him with her mobile phone. The image of the two hugging each other was beautiful, but it was extremely dazzling in Xia Yu’s eyes. He originally thought Xiao Mo would not apologize to Ling Li, his relationship with Ling Li would drop to a freezing point, and the possibility of being with Wu Di would naturally decrease, but Xiao Mo’s behavior was beyond his expectation.

Depressed Xia Yu went to the bar to drink, and Luo Dong stayed with him. Xiao Mo accompanied Wu Di on a date, and received news from Xiao Zhang halfway through that he was going to fly for him one day temporarily. Wu Di could understand and let him go with the flow. Wu Di took the crystal cup she saw when shopping on the street and came back to give her mother a gift. She pretended that it was given by Xiao Mo, in order to ease the relationship between her mother and Xiao Mo.

After confirming that his daughter was not in love with Xiao Mo, Ling Li accepted the crystal cup. Father Wu said that his family thanked Xiao Mo for dinner. When walking down the stairs with Mr. Smith, Ling Li discovered that Wu Di had contact with Xia Yu, and she paid special attention to Xia Yu since then.

After the meeting, Ling Li talked with Xia Yu and made no secret of his appreciation. They immediately arranged to have time to eat together these few days. Ling Li thought that Xiao Mo might be in a relationship with Wu Di and deliberately brought up the crystal cup in front of Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo didn’t know it. Wu Di went home and confessed to her mother’s mistakes, repeatedly saying that he did not fall in love with Xiao Mo.

In order to gain Wu Di’s favor, Xia Yu changed his pursuit mode. He started to study hard, which made Luo Dong a little surprised. Ling Li made an appointment with Xiao Mo’s mother and bluntly said that she would not agree with Wu Di and Xiao Mo together. Xiao’s mother did not expect her to say this, but out of the consideration of defending her son’s position, she also violated her heart and said that Wu Di could not meet her requirements for her future daughter-in-law.

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