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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 14 Recap

Wu Di asked who the person in charge was, and Xia Yu admitted frankly that it was him. He was at odds with Xiao Mo, something Wu Di had known for a long time. She was worried that Xia Yu would avenge her personal revenge. Xia Yu promised that she would never wrong Xiao Mo, but if Xiao Mo did something wrong, he would not spare him lightly.

After the report came out, Xia Yu determined that it was Xiao Mo’s responsibility. Brother Kai didn’t say anything, but pointedly said that he believed that Xia Yu would not live up to Xia Hang’s trust. On the plane, a little girl gave Ren Yuan a doll. In the evening, Ren Yuan had the thought of giving birth, but was rebelled by Hua Hin in a few sentences. They agreed that they would not have children for at least ten years.

Xiao’s mother came to live with Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo and Hua Hin went to pick her up, and met Wu Di’s mother when they took the elevator upstairs. Xiao Mo asked how her shoulders were. She looked high up, which made Xiao’s mother quite uncomfortable. Xiao Mo asked Hua Hin not to tell his mother about his complaint, but Xiao’s mother heard it, and Hua Hin had to tell Xiao’s mother about the ins and outs of the whole matter. Ms. Ling warned Wu Di that it is too dangerous to be a pilot. She disagrees with her daughter becoming a pilot again, but Wu Di said that being a pilot is her dream. When the mother and daughter were talking, there was a knock on the door, and Wu Di opened the door to see that it was Xiao Mo’s mother.

Wu Di sent a message to Xiao Mo that his mother was in his home, and asked him to come quickly. Xiao’s mother apologized to Ms. Ling for Xiao Mo, but Ms. Ling was very unkind. She said that she pointed out Xiao Mo’s work mistakes and it was for the benefit of all passengers. Wu Di couldn’t interrupt, but she was anxious, and the honest mother Xiao met the aggressive Ms. Ling, she seemed very passive. Later, Xiao Mo came and persuaded Xiao Mo with good words and words, and then he took Xiao’s mother away. After they left, Ms. Ling talked about Wu Di and told her to avoid contacting Xiao Mo. She thought it was Xiao Mo who asked Xiao’s mother to apologize to her, and she couldn’t help feeling that he was a mommy boy.

Wu Di wanted to explain to Xiao Mo, but Ms. Ling was getting angry and she couldn’t say anything. After bringing her mother back, Xiao Mo explained the matter, and Xiao mother also figured it out. Xiao’s mother took out Xiao Mo’s father’s photo. Xiao Mo saw a friend who took photos with his father very familiar. Wu Di went to Xia Yu about Xiao Mo, but she couldn’t say anything. The report of this accident is equivalent to no conclusion. Xia Yu asked everyone to discuss what to do. President Lei’s view is that in accordance with the rules and regulations, President Lin, who was a pilot, said he disagreed. He knew well that Xiao Mo’s approach was correct in that situation.

Xia Hang brought some melons to be distributed to these directors. He said that the two old men brought this melon to Xiao Mo. If Xiao Mo hadn’t put down the oxygen mask on the plane in time, it is estimated that the old man would have died. Xia Hang did this to let everyone understand that Midsummer Airlines shouldn’t just be a cold shell that only knows how to abide by the rules, and being responsible for every passenger is his original intention of establishing Midsummer Airlines.

As soon as Xia Hang returned to the office, he learned that all the directors had passed and Xiao Mo would not be punished. Xiao Mo just went to Xia Hang and said that he would take responsibility. He couldn’t help being a little surprised when he learned that he had not been punished.

Xiao Mo told Wu Di the good news. The scene of the two being together was seen by everyone. Only then did Xia Yu learn that Wu Di was already with Xiao Mo. His jealousy spread quickly like a vine, and when he simulated the flight with Wu Di , Fly in a mess, and see Ren Yuan very angry. Later Xia Hang and Xia Yu explained that he did not want to ruin the future of a young pilot because of a punishment. He was also very pleased that Xia Yu was able to treat this matter fairly.

I also figured out that the video was uploaded online. It was not uploaded by Wu Di’s mother. Wu Di went to apologize to her mother for this. Ms. Ling mentioned again that she was hiding herself from applying for the pilot. Wu Di was helpless. It had been a long time, but her mother was still holding on to it. The mother and daughter were unhappy because of the incident. It’s not that Wu’s father was caught in the middle. people.

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