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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 13 Recap

Xiao Mo stopped Wu Di, took advantage of it, and then kissed Wu Di on the cheek in a flash. Wu Di was stunned and hesitated to say good night. After reacting, Wu Di smiled happily while holding his kissed face. Wu Di kept smirking at the fake flowers. Du Wei shook his head, thinking that Wu Di was stupid in the exam. That night, Xiao Mo’s mouth was always raised, and he felt happy when he thought of the kiss and the moments of getting along with Wu Di. The next day, Xiao Mo prepared breakfast for Wu Di, and Wu Di took the breakfast back with a sweet face.

Before the flight, Xiao Mo urged everyone as usual. Hua Hin added that there will be an elderly tour group on this flight today. They must be taken care of in many ways to make them feel more comfortable. Wu Di’s mother has a cooperative project here, so they have to move here for a period of time. Wu Di and Du Wei go to the rented house to clean up first.

It just so happened that Wu Di’s mother, Ms. Ling, got on the plane that Xiao Mo was flying. She had an urgent call to make. Even if Hua Hin reminded her several times, Ms. Ling said that the call was urgent. Hua Hin continued to politely tell her to turn off the phone, and Wu’s father took the phone from Ms Ling and turned it off.

As soon as the plane took off, they discovered that there was a problem with the pressurization, and the two captains applied to the control for a lower altitude. Xiao Mo remembered that before he set off, he knew that the turbocharging system was faulty and repairs would be delayed. As a result, Xiao Mo and the others decided to come back for repairs.

The cabin temperature became higher, and an old man suffered from heart disease and felt unwell. Hua Hin reported the situation to the two captains, and Xiao Mo suggested putting down the oxygen mask. But the other captain said that the oxygen mask should be put down before the pressure exceeds the critical value. One is to take responsibility, and the other is to fear panic, but Xiao defaulted that these are nothing compared to the safety of passengers. In the end, Both captains agreed to put down the oxygen masks.

During the descent of the plane, Ms. Ling unfastened her seat belt and looked for earrings without authorization. Hua Hin hurried over to remind her that her shoulder was hit by the airflow. After the plane landed, Ms. Ling was determined to be held accountable and demanded compensation from the airline. Hua Hin said that she was injured without wearing a seat belt, and the airline did not need to compensate, but was compensated by third-party insurance. Ms. Ling was dissatisfied, Xiao Mo, who heard the sound, explained the matter, but Ms. Ling recorded it with her mobile phone. Ms. Ling said that their attitude was very bad and she had to complain to the airline.

Wu Di went to pick up the plane. Ms. Ling said that this was the worst flight she had ever taken. When she returned home, she complained to the deputy captain of Wu Di and felt that it was not feasible for Wu Di to be a pilot here. Father Wu said that his mother had prepared a graduation gift for her. Wu Di also knew that his mother had a tofu heart, and did not take her words to heart. The next day, Ms. Ling uploaded the video to the Internet. The incident was known to everyone. Wu Di also learned that his mother had complained to Xiao Mo and couldn’t help but worry about Xiao Mo. Xia Yu hurriedly went to Xia Hang and asked Xiao Mo how to deal with the complaint. Unexpectedly, Xia Hang would transfer the matter to Xia Yu to handle it.

Wu Di and others began to learn about the simulator. She was distracted in class, and Ren Yuan asked her what she was thinking. Wu Di asked Xiao Mo what he thought of the incident two days ago. Xia Hang, Luo Dong, and Yu Jie all believed that rules were rules. Xiao Mo put down the oxygen mask before reaching the critical value, which in itself violated the rules. Afterwards, Wu Di called his father, thinking it was his mother who uploaded the video to the Internet, she immediately went to see Xiao Mo. Wu Di explained that the person who complained to him that day was his mother. Xiao Mo was so shocked that he almost sprayed water, but he also said that he would do whatever the company did.

Wu Di went to Xia Yu, hoping that he could help him to find out how the company handled Xiao Mo. Xia Yu was a little sad after the accident. He didn’t expect Wu Di to beg himself for the first time because he thought it was Xiao Mo.

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