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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 7 Recap

The steamer vomited high, overlooking a dry gully. With a tenacious will, Qin Chuan stumbled forward with the wounded on his back. It was hard to withstand the heat wave burning, and then he lost consciousness and fell into a coma. When Qin Chuan woke up again, she was already at Saina’s house. Fortunately, the proprietress was sent to the Xifeng Township Health Station in time, and she was finally out of danger.

After Sun Haiyang learned of the incident, he immediately contacted the local police to help catch the wolf. Considering that Wei Jiang was in danger, Qin Chuan decided to rush to Wusongshan first, regardless of safety, and Senna asked to go with him. At the same time, Batu arrived at the meeting place ahead of schedule, and was bewitched by the drug Harrier, who mistakenly thought that Huafanzi had a rebellious attitude, secretly attracted the six sons, bought the fox, and tried to harm him like a “brother”.

Before long, the brothers came to the door one after another, and the drug Harrier put on the mask of the kind old brother, but at this time Hua Fanzi and others had already been wary of him, even though the appearance was calm, they actually had their own minds. On the contrary, Wei Jiang didn’t need to worry too much, he was always the same from beginning to end.

The drug Harrier wanted to kill Wei Jiang, but was blocked by the six. Because of this, he shot him to death with a trick. After seeing this, Hua Fanzi finally confirmed the real cause of her husband’s death, took the shotgun and aimed it at the poison harrier, and questioned him about the process of killing Samu five years ago. However, the drug Harrier knew that he could no longer conceal it, and simply made up a set of rhetoric, lied that Samu planned to monopolize the channel and do it alone, so he had to kill him to protect the brothers.

Because the Narcos Harrier’s acting skills were so realistic, he almost deceived everyone, even Hua Fanzi had a moment of suspicion, misbelieving that Samu was ruthless and unrighteous to him, and was about to abandon his wife and daughter. Wei Jiang hesitated when seeing Hua Fanzi. He immediately pointed out that the key for him and Zhao Cheng to chase Wusongshan five years ago was to follow the marks along the road to find them. The person who left the mark was the drug Harrier, and he wanted to borrow it. The police got rid of the other brothers and swallowed the money.

Unexpectedly, people are not as good as the sky. Due to the bad weather, the police were unable to rush to the mountain to support them. As a result, Wei Jiang and Zhao Cheng were surrounded by wolves. Seeing that the plan failed, the drug harrier shot Samu while taking advantage of the chaos. Wei Jiang fell off a cliff after Zhao Cheng was shot, and escaped a catastrophe. Hearing this, the fox suddenly realized that he drew his gun at the poison harrier.

However, the poison harrier still didn’t change his face, insisting that he finish the meal before making a break. The poison harrier took out the photos of her cock and Hua Fanzi’s daughter, and at the same time handed Aunt Fu’s silver bracelet to the fox. He kept saying that he was helping to take care of the relatives, but in fact, it was tantamount to threatening them with the lives of their family members and forcing them not to resist.

Even the cruel wolves always have fatal weaknesses, and it happens that the poison harrier took advantage of this to smoothly control the already chaotic scene. However, Wei Jiang didn’t give the drug harrier any chance to breathe. He directly exposed the fact that Aunt Fu was brutally murdered, and took out the dagger left by the knife to tell a story about a past unknown to outsiders.

Three brothers opened a restaurant back then, and the best dish was roasted whole lamb. As the restaurant became more and more prosperous, the three brothers made a lot of money by using the storefront as a cover to hide themselves. The boss asked people to build three daggers, which was regarded as a testimony to the friendship between each other, but he did not expect that the youngest boy would secretly collude with wolves to kill people and seize goods, and even annihilate the relatives of the eldest brother and the second brother.

Facing the siege of Huafanzi and the fox, as well as Wei Jiang’s obvious accusation, the drug Harrier was speechless, so he decided to take them deep into the secret road to clear his suspicion. As a result, the poison harrier and others had just left on their front feet, and the six who had been killed suddenly came back to life. He prepared an iron plate in front of his chest in advance to save his life at the critical moment.

At the same time, several police cars drove from the town to Wusongshan Road. Because the higher-level departments responded quickly, they immediately combined the investigation of the two murders and poaching cases, and then mobilized the police to bring them back together. Regardless of the danger of the small road, Sun Haiyang insisted on rushing around. He had been waiting for this moment for five years. Now he is only one step away, so no mistakes are allowed.

Qin Chuan asked Senna to wait outside while he slipped into the wolf den at the foot of the mountain. Six sons hid at the door holding a bag of money, and saw Qin Chuan walk into the secret road with their own eyes. They were relieved, so they blocked the exit with a wooden cabinet.

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