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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 9 Recap

The school’s New Year’s Day party is calling for programs. Lu Miao’s class is very active in signing up, while Jiang Haoyue’s top class is very lonely. Few schoolmasters are willing to participate in this kind of activity that wastes time and delays learning. Therefore, the head teacher was helpless. You can only choose to vote for a host of the New Year’s Day party.

Lu Miao, Shi Che, Xie Ziye and others began to plan a robot dance show for the group. There were disputes and noise, but fortunately everything went smoothly. The hostess of the New Year’s Day party was decided to be a student of Su Daifei in the liberal arts class. After Lu Miao knew about this, he hurriedly wanted Qu Wei to surpass Jiang Haoyue in voting to become the male host, so he dragged others to promote the campus. Qu Wei had a good temper. Although he couldn’t stop Lu Miao’s crazy behavior, he was not impatient. Seeing Lu Miao Quwei trying to canvass for votes outside the window, Jiang Haoyue stuffed the note with “Quwei” written on him into the ballot box.

In order to be able to let Qu Wei replace Jiang Haoyue as the host of popular hope, Lu Miao sneaked into the class when there was no one. He wanted to give Qu Wei a fake ticket. He happened to be spotted by the dean. So, Lu and Qu were both caught “Please” arrived at the Academic Affairs Office, Qu Wei helped to defend that he really wanted to be the host. In the end, the dean of teaching decided that Jiang Haoyue would be the host of this New Year’s Day party. Under Lu Miao’s reverse assist, Jiang Haoyue reluctantly cooperated with Su Daifei as the host of the school’s New Year’s Day party. Lu Miao was not happy, but Shi Che was very satisfied.

In the first screening of the program, the basketball HIGH SHOW performance of the Lu Miao group was due to insufficient pre-rehearsal. The four-person cooperation cannot be said to be unmatched. It can only be said that there is no tacit understanding at all. After striving for his true feelings, he still entered the performance list smoothly.

Su Daifei took the opportunity of the host to discuss the program arrangement with Jiang Haoyue alone. This girl showed great proactiveness. Lu Miao saw all this and became so jealous that she began to avoid seeing Jiang Haoyue. When Lu Miao was rehearsing the program between classes, he saw Su Daifei showing to other girls the photo she had taken to Jiang Haoyue in person the previous day. He was so angry that she asked Su Daifei to delete the photo, but was rejected.

Su Daifei and Lu Miao ran into the rehearsal classroom. There was no way that the two groups could only share the same classroom at the same time. Lu Miao saw Su Daifei deliberately approaching Jiang Haoyue through the opportunity of collusion, and his mood was extremely bad. On the second day in the school supermarket, the enemies gathered again. Su Daifei deliberately said that Lu Miao had chosen the hair tie for Jiang Haoyue. Lu Miao was stimulated again and returned the hair tie to Jiang Haoyue and said a lot of anger. Everyone in Jiang Haoyue’s class began to discuss the relationship between the three.

Lu Miao ran to the riverside and shouted loudly after school. She was angry that she would be angry for a hair ring. Whom Jiang Haoyue got close to and what does it have to do with her, even if she was a childhood sweetheart? What if you look at each other for ten seconds? These are not worthy of being upset.

When the screen turned back to when I was a child, Xiao Jiang Haoyue was ready to go to school after recovering from illness. Lu Miao was very excited about this. Finally, an older brother could accompany her to and from school. The two children also discussed “Journey to the West”. Xiao Jiang Haoyue laughed at Lu Miao. One grade lower than himself and unable to understand “Journey to the West”, Lu Miao was very unconvinced about this and went home to make up for the TV series.

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