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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 7 Recap

During the school lunch, a girl named Defee sat at the table opposite Jiang Haoyue. Jiang Haoyue didn’t want her to sit opposite her, but the girl’s soles were broken, and she had no choice but to stop. At this time, Lu Miao, who had returned from a meal, was very angry when he saw a strange girl sitting opposite his old brother, and directly told the girl that this was his position, hoping she could leave. However, considering the embarrassment of the girl, Jiang Haoyue explained the situation to Lu Miao. The two brothers and sisters quarreled over this matter, making it very unhappy.

Seeing that Lu Miao was very concerned about this matter, Xie Ziye quipped and asked if she liked Jiang Haoyue. However, Lu Miao, who had never thought about it, denied it very directly. In the next few days, after Xie Ziye’s suggestion, Lu Miao gradually began to reflect on his relationship with Jiang Haoyue, and found that he seemed to be unable to stare at him for ten seconds.

One night when he was doing homework, Lu Miao asked Jiang Haoyue what kind of girl she liked. Jiang Haoyue looked at her and said very seriously that she likes a girl with big eyes and a good-looking smile. However, at this time, Lu Miao thought of sitting with him that day. The girl opposite thought that she was talking about someone, but she was very angry in an instant. Suddenly they tripped over and looked at each other while they were fighting. Lu Miao Xiaolu ran into each other and hurried home, realizing that he might really like this elder brother who grew up with his childhood sweetheart.

Lu Miao, subconsciously, in order to make Jiang Haoyue like it, planned to attract people’s attention through makeup. She secretly took the cosmetics from her mother’s room and asked Xie Ziye to help herself with makeup. Shi Che saw that Lu Miao, who was usually very simple, suddenly began to put on makeup. Something went wrong and there must be demons, so he tried every means to please Xie Ziye. He wanted to find out from her the reason why Lu Miao started putting on makeup recently. Xie Ziye asked with the skinship rules. After Shi Che answered several questions, through analysis of the answers, it was concluded that he should have fallen in love with a girl. After Xie Ziye’s suggestion, Shi Che realized that perhaps he really fell in love with Lu Miao.

On the other side, Lu Miao tried his best to practice makeup and went to the tailor shop to change school uniforms in order to be favored by his older brother. However, the older brother Xueba didn’t understand his little girl’s mind. After seeing a series of abnormal behaviors by her old sister in a few days, Jiang Haoyue finally realized that there was something wrong with her.

So I asked my friend Qu Wei, if a person suddenly starts to pay attention to dressing up for what? When Qu Wei heard this, he knew everything, and replied that if a girl does this, she must have someone she likes. After speculation, Qu Wei said that Jiang Haoyue’s friend was Lu Miao besides himself. Recently, Lu Miao played well with the boy named Shi Che in the class. He may have fallen in love with him. I heard that, Jiang Haoyue was very unhappy.

Jiang Haoyue criticized Lu Miao for changing her school uniform privately, but Lu Miao didn’t appreciate it. On the other side, Qu Wei and Xie Ziye met by chance. When faced with a very good senior, Xie Ziye suddenly got stuck and stammered. Jiang Haoyue was a little depressed when she saw Lu Miao wearing the hairpin given by Shi Che, so she went to the supermarket to choose hair accessories for her, and finally met the girl named De Fei, and De Fei asked him to help her pick the card.

Jiang Haoyue and Lu Miao had been having trouble because of the previous events. On this day, when they were going to school, they happened to meet the director of the Academic Affairs Office, Cha Yirong, Jiang Haoyue put her school uniform jacket on Lu Miao, who had shortened her school uniform. But Lu Miao took out a girl’s hair rope from his pocket. Jiang Haoyue lied that he picked it up on the road. Lu Miao took the opportunity to mention the ideal type of De Fei and Jiang Haoyue, realizing that her sister was jealous, Jiang Haoyue was happy in her heart, and said very seriously that she did like girls with big eyes, but Lu Miao’s eyes were also very big. Hearing this, Lu Miao was delighted.

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