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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 6 Recap

After practicing cycling, Shi Che has regarded Jiang Haoyue as her competitor to chase Lu Miao. Now Jiang Haoyue has already practiced cycling through extraordinary efforts. This incident has refreshed her good impression in Lu Miao’s heart, so she must have Regain a city on another matter. It just so happened that there was an event in Game City recently. The team that participated in the peak drummer game will be able to get a pair of AJ shoes. It is a godsend. An opportunity to get closer to Lu Miao came to him.

Shi Che informed Lu Miao of his intention to form a team to participate in the video game city competition to win these shoes, and invited her to participate as his partner. Lu Miao readily agreed. Lu Miao and Shi Che have been fighting hot recently. They were fined to stand in math class and did not forget to chat. This situation happened to be seen by Jiang Haoyue who was passing by, and then I think of meeting Shi and Lu at the gate of the video game city the day before. The situation is very uncomfortable in my heart. So I found Shi Che in private, hoping that he would not harm Lu Miao because he didn’t want to study, but Shi Che believed that Jiang Haoyue’s behavior was jealous of her relationship with Lu Miao.

Jiang Haoyue asked herself that he was indeed angry at the relatively close relationship between the two recently, but even more angry, as a top student, saw that his sister did not study well every day. There was a conflict with Lu Miao on the way home from school. Jiang Haoyue hoped that Lu Miao could retire and concentrate on studying. However, Lu Miao believed that he had already agreed to others. The two were not speculative, Lu Miao went to eat the 30% off Mala Tang by himself, while Jiang Haoyue secretly went to the video game city to practice the peak drummer game.

Jiang Haoyue gave full play to her advantages in science and mastered the rules of the drumming game. Lu Miao and Shi Che came to the video game city to practice. However, Lu Miao was not in the game. Although he hoped to improve the game performance and help Shi Che win a pair of shoes, he could not do better. At this time Jiang Haoyue also came, and actively asked to replace Lu Miao to play the game. Shi Che proposed a match between the two to see who wins and who loses. Jiang Haoyue won,

Shi Che had no choice but to team up with Jiang Haoyue to participate in the competition. The two were reluctant and did not speculate. One needed to quietly play the drums based on calculations, and the other needed to be performed completely based on the rhythm of the music. The practice methods conflicted, although Lu Miao thought To reconcile, but there is no way to start, a practice ends in unhappy.

Jiang Haoyue thinks that asking someone to change is worse than changing herself, so she changed her method and tried listening to songs to practice drumming. Seeing her brother practicing seriously, Lu Miao was overwhelmed with idiots and praised her handsome. On the other side, Shi Che was also changing his practice method, and the two took a step back and tried to find a way to neutralize. After a period of training, the results improved by leaps and bounds.

Before the game, Lu Miao invited the two to eat spicy spicy soup to boost their morale. In the end, the combination of Jiang and Shi successfully won the championship and got the pair of AJs. After this incident, the relationship between Jiang Haoyue and Shi Che has also improved, but the two of them have a better understanding of each other’s thoughts on Lu Miao.

When the screen turned back to when she was a child, Xiao Jiang Haoyue could not go downstairs to play sand with the children because of leg problems, and other friends were unwilling to join him. Faced with this situation, her younger sister Lu Miao filled a bucket with sand. Bringing them upstairs, the siblings happily built a castle with sand on the coffee table.

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