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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 4 Recap

Jiang Haoyue returned to school after the chemistry training camp, and happened to meet Lu Miao and Shi Che who had lost the competition. Although they failed the competition, in order to reward everyone, the three proposed to have a dinner together. The basketball club members and others participated together. Shi Che still showed his interest in Lu Miao in public, pretending to be spicy, and inquiring about the sibling relationship between Lu and Jiang. Jiang Haoyue realized that she had indeed met an opponent.

Qu Wei transferred to Jiang Haoyue’s class to take the monthly exam. As a result, he ranked first in this exam, Jiang Haoyue ranked second, and finally defeated a competitor. Qu Wei was very happy. With the careful joy of top students, he wanted Jiang Haoyue to give in to herself once, but Jiang Haoyue was still very indifferent to him.

Xie Ziye’s boys scoreboard was refreshed after this monthly test, and Qu Wei won the first place. The chemistry competition school trials began. Facing the only entry, Jiang Haoyue and Quwei became a competitor. Even the teacher was feeling that these two people really vividly interpret the so-called “How can you be born?” Qu Wei didn’t understand why Jiang Haoyue, who was originally better in physics, had to participate in the chemistry competition this time.

Lu Miao guided Jiang Haoyue with the psychological construction of being second to last in his grade and able to relax his mentality to welcome future studies and life, hoping that he would not have too much psychological burden. Looking at her stupid sister, Jiang Haoyue was very happy, showing no signs of anxiety. Lu Miao tried to find a way to improve his chemistry performance for his brother. He also called it “helping others is helping oneself.”

Father Jiang came to Father Lu to borrow money. Father Lu had a wife and daughter and had to take care of Jiang Haoyue. The family was not rich and had no spare money. However, it seemed that there was something in the hands of others. Father looked at the several hundred-yuan bills he handed over, thinking that he was fooling himself, and left angrily.

Qu Wei gave Jiang Haoyue the chemistry notes he had compiled, hoping that this competitor could show his true strength and compete with him. At the same time, almost all the teachers and students in the school are guessing about the success or failure of Jiang Haoyue and Qu Wei in the chemistry competition. Lu Miao is also one of them. Thinking of her luck in every gamble, she bet with Shi Che and bet Wei wins by herself. , So that the god of destiny will stand by the side of my brother. Unexpectedly, Jiang Haoyue heard half of the conversation between the two, and his sister was also on the side of the opponent, and he was very unhappy.

In order to help Jiang Haoyue, Shi Che sneaked into the office to steal the answer to the chemistry competition at night. He happened to be met by Xie Ziye, who came back to look for his mobile phone. Xie thought he had stolen the answer to the monthly test paper, but did not say anything. The two hurried away.

The next day, Jiang Haoyue tore up the answer sent by Shi Che, saying that some things are more important than winning or losing. Shi Che felt that this person was indeed a gentleman. At the same time, it was revealed that he had stolen the answer. Xie Ziye was also affected. The school thought that the two had stolen the answer to the monthly examination paper, so they did not make a loud statement. Shi and Xie were fined for writing. Review.

It rained heavily on the day of the chemistry trials. Jiang Haoyue would be uncomfortable when it rained due to leg problems, so she had to go to the examination room with fever and illness. However, with this strength, he still won. Faced with Qu Wei’s doubts, he finally confessed that he had changed his career to participate in the chemistry competition, only because of the higher prize money.

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